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Usernames: O-T / Pete the Greek
« on: January 14, 2004, 11:04:07 PM »
I've  traded  With  Pete  Before.  Great  guy to  deal  with.

Usernames: O-T / Spillspleen
« on: January 14, 2004, 03:53:46 PM »
Spillspeen is an awesome trader!

I have traded  with  spiller   a  few times   and  all I have is good  words  for  him.   Great  person to deal  with .

Go ahead and  try  for yourself.

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / my want list
« on: January 13, 2004, 09:43:10 PM »

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / my want list
« on: January 13, 2004, 04:00:27 PM »
Alrighty .. looking forward  to it.

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / A floor to sleep on??? ---please
« on: January 12, 2004, 10:05:58 PM »
PM'd  you  about  it .

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / my want list
« on: January 12, 2004, 04:17:18 PM »
My  list  were pretty long   so  i broke em down into two posts

I need the following figure accessories

Aero Viper Helmet
Alley Viper V1 1x face shield, 1x bp
Astro-Viper V1 2x laser
BAT V1 11x hand, 6x claw, 3x flamethrower, 6 x gun, bp x2
Cobra Blackstar 2x missile
Cobra Officer 1x gun
Cobra Trooper Need Right straight arm 2x gun
Crimson Guard 5x rifle, 1x bp, 2x right arm
Doc MIndbender white pistol
EELs v1 5x breathers, 1x gun, 2x lower jet
EEls v2 tail fin x1
Eels V3 guns (minus flame thrower ), missiles, launcher knife
Flak Viper V1 need bp, 2x missiles
Frag Viper 1x fat hose 6 x grenades
Gyro-Viper Helmet x1
Heat Viper 91 shells, 1x bazooka, 7 sight hose 4 bp  

(  yes  i do need 91 shells)

Heat Viper v2 2x missile, missile launcher, knife
Headhunter V1 missile launcher, missile, gun, backpack
HYdro viper 2x gun, 2x knife , 1 bp
Ice Viper sai x2
Incinerator 2x Orange orbs , 1x catapult, 1x catapult launcher
Iron Grenadier 2x sword, 2x uzi , 2x red gun
Lamprey V2 sub machine gun , 2x bi pod, 1x scope rifle
Major BLudd V3 large gun, small gun, missile launcher knife
Metal Head V2 Missile launcher, missilex2, small gun
night creeper V1 1x bp
Night Creeper V2 , small knife x1
Night VIper light/scope x2
nullifier visor x1
Range Viper gun x1, missile launcher x1, missile x1
Red Ninja Axe x1
SAW Viper 2x bi pod, 2x ammo belt, 1x gun
Sea Slug gun x1
Scalpel lil saw for wrist
Skycreeper gun
Slice V2 staff, big knife, axe, 2x double blade knife
Sludge Viper 2x water cannon , 1x gun , 1x bp
Snow Serpent V1 4x waist pack 3x missle launcher 7 x bi pod, 4x gun
, snow shoes x3
Snow serpent v2 bp x1 snow board x1 launcher x1
Storm Shadow nunchucks
Targat 1x bp, 3x grey gun, 1x gold gun
Techno-Viper wrench x2, hammer x1, bp x1, cutter x1
Tele-Viper Camera, x1,
Toxo-Viper 3x bp, 6x gun
Viper V3 Hand gun
Worms 1x antenna 2x helmet

now for the joes accessories heheh sorry its a long list!!

Ace V2 sub-machine gun, helmet,
Action Pilot green handgun, rifle, helmet , mask, parachute
Ambush v2 helmet , T-rat gun, airborne V2 gun, machette, blaster gun, knife, hand gun
Big Ben V1 bi-pod
Bullit-proof mic
Bushido V2 axe, long + short sword, sickle, knife, forks x2
Clutch V3 sub machine gun, machette
Duke V7 clear Visor
Dusty V2 bi-pod
Gen Flagg gun
Keel haul v1 gun
Law V2 hand gun, machine gun
Life Line v2 back pack
Muskrat v2 board machette
Mutt & Junkyard gun, missile launcher , missile
Outback gun with strap
Ozone V3 shotgun
Payload V4 all accessories
Payload V5 grey sun machine gun
Red Dog handgun
Rock & Roll V1 bi-pod
Rock & Roll V4 big gun
Sgt Slaughter baton
Shipwreck V2 mask, flippers x2
Skymate bow
Sneak Peak mic
Star Duster Gun
Wet Suit V4 gun, 3x missile, sled w/ orange tab, helmet
Windmill hand gun

almost done now its tiime for vehicle parts

AWE Striker ariel x2
Bivuoac canteen x1 , machette
cobra wolf 2x small wheels, 1x ski
stun flags x2
cobra maggot radar diash x2
cobra parracite launcherx2 5x projectiles
Cobra MSV steering weel, gun, gun support, black gas can x2
Cobra Detonator back gun,
Cobra moray searchlight lense
Falcon Glider right aileron
Fang V1 rollbar
Ferret hose, right and left fender flashing
GI JOe HQ V1 1x gun
Night strom missile x6, main gun (missiles pending)
MMS computer stand
MOrtar defence unit gun , explosives box
Outpost defender Airbornes gun, cobra trooper gun
Python Stun engine cover x1
Python asp 1x blast shield
Raider canopy
RC Crossfire missile x4, front gun x2, main gun, searchlight, turret knuckle
USS Flagg mast cap
Wolverine tow line

Oh but wait there's MORE !!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I need these complete figures . c-7 or better

Agent Scarlett V2
Alley Viper V3
Back Blast V2
Big Brawler TF ( Brown Hair) (pending)
Big Brawler V3 (pending)
Black Out
Blowtorch V2
Bullet Proof V2
Charbroil V2 ( NF)
Cobra Coils
Cobra Ninja Viper
Deep Six V4
Destro V9
Dial Tone V2
Dusty V7
Dusty V8
Firefly V3
Firefly V4
Firefly V5
Firefly V6
Firefly V7
Flint V4
Flint V6
Flint V8
Frostbite V7
GI Joe
GI Joe Reservist
Grunt V4
Grunt V5
Gung Ho V4
Gung HO V5
Gung HO V9
Leatherneck V2
Light foot V2
Low Light V4
Low Light V5
Major Altitude V2
Neo Viper V2
Neo Viper Commander
Night Creeper Leader V2
Ninja Viper
Nunchuk V2
Overkill V2
Ozone V2
Ozone V4
Payload V3
Psyche-Out V2
Repeater V2
Ripper V2
Rock & Roll V5
Rock & Roll V6
Sgt Stalker V2
Ship wreak V4
Shockwave V2
Shock Viper V1
Short Fuse V2
Side Track V2
Snake Eyes V11
Snake Eyes V13
Snow Serpent V4
Snow Serpent V5
Snow Storm V1
Spirit V3
Stalker V5
Stalker V6
Storm Shadow V8
Sure Fire V1
Undertow V3
Wet Suit V2
Wet Suit V6
Wild Bill V3
Wild Bill V4
Wild Bill V5
Xamot and Tomax V2
Zartan Clear

also  and  new  figures   from  wave 7  and up

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / My haves list, all for trade and what not
« on: January 12, 2004, 04:15:14 PM »
G.I. Joe Marvel Comics
#138 x3 ( still sealed with card)

Yearbook #4
Tales of G.I.Joe
#5 x2

Incomplete Figures
Ozone V2 c-7.5
Seamroller C-8

Complete Figures

Flint 2003
Recondo 2002

Body Parts
Footloose crotch
Croc Master L/arm ( no paint wear stiff joint)
legs from 1987 drk Blue with white boots custom fodder
Grand Slam Head (Very slight fade on left eyebrow)
Grand Slam Torso ( back good, front has paint wear)
1982 Cobra Trooper L/leg Slight chip in nee pad, light toe wear) (hold)
1982 Cobra Trooper back (hold)
Nitro Viper Head good head, needs a lil cleanig
Airtight Head
Spirit Head ( needs wash good paint)
Spirit Legs ( good shape trade as pair)
Spirit Arms and chest sunfaded ( good for customs only)
Zartan V1 Chest+ both arms great shape (trade as set get head for free) (hold)
Zartan V1 Outer Left Thigh
Heat Viper V1 Back.. (Slight Paint wear No Peg)

File Cards

US Cards
Astro-Viper ( written on)
Zartan V2
Metal Head V1
Techno-Viper V1
Cobra Moray V2
Sci-Fi V4


Lampreys V2 (sonic)


1982 GI.Joe Am radio With Headphones

Vehicle Parts

Barracuda belly gun,
yellow container lid.
Blue Upper shell ( bad stickers )

Trouble Bubble Steering bar

Bivouac shovel
Mortar stand
Nortar Barrel ( no cap)
Mortar Bi pod

Sky Hawk V1 Canopy ( slight stess mark)
engines x1

Cobra NIght Landing Machine gun accessory

Tactacle Battle Platform

1x Gun hatch cover

Zartans Swamp Skier
Main Green body seat
back Green leg bars

FANG V1 Bomb with stickers
1x missile ( cracked at pin mounts)

1991 Gi Joe HQ Large missile x1
gattling missile
launcher (complete)
Brown walk level
1st green level
green tower gun
left Fold out part
Right Fold out part
back brown fold down part
Center base
Orange Front door
Jail cell bars + door
(Hold) Orange computer ( for left side)
Brown Front slide part
3x green pins

Mobile Command Center
Top Brown center part w/ seat
Brown fold out door ( M-4765-1)

Phantom X-19 Guided missile W/Wing

Snow Cat Rear Hatch ( missing one cross piece)
Painted Shell ( free for a customizer)

Flak Cannon Seat
Main body
Turret ring ( no feet)

Coastal Defender missile x4

Missile defence missile x2 (hold)

Forward Observer scope (hold)

Bomb Disposal Bomb x1
Right Tank Tread
Left Tank Tread

Cobra Condor Z-25 Front Shell (yellowing)
Rear Shell (ditto)
(both on hold)

Thunder Machine Left Rear Wheel Armor

Cobra Pogo. Silver "leg wire"

SLAM Missile x1

Armadillo Mini Tank upper shell
2x wheels
1x turret
lower shell

Pulverizer shell

Stun 3x wheels w/hubs ( no caps)
Right pod
main chasis ( cracked )

Figure  Acc.
*new* freefall helmet
*new* Freefall mask
*new* Sgt Savage Brown Helmet w/ sgt stipes
*new* Sci-fi V1 bp (unbroken)
Toxo-Viper Bp ( no cans)
Beach Head V2 Hand gun x3 , double gun
Deep Six V2 gun
Duke (93) missile launcher x2
Mirage V1 Bio Armor, Missile Launcher x3, Gun x2
Scoop Camera
Maverick Gun
Outback V1 Web belt, Bp x2
Snow Job Gun
Alley Viper V2 Missile x2
Budo Bp x3
Hit & Run duffle ( no strap, guts)
Scrap Iron Missile x1, leg connector
Snake-Eyes ( Ninja Force) Nunchuks, Knife
Wet Suit V1 Flash Light ( no strap)
Night Creeper Leader Sword x2, Crossbow
Blast Off Missile launcher
Cobra Commander Red Missile launcher
Col Courage Missile, Machine gun ( t-rats), machine gun ( like airborne v2)
Astro-Viper bp x2 ( no hose pegs)
Targat v2 gun ( like rock viper)
HEAT Viper V2 gun ( like rock viper Painted)
Armor Tech Destro uzi
Cross Country V2 MIssile x2
Vega Knife ( dojo part)
Night Creeper Leader V2 Blocker, Sword, knife
Hardball bp
Stretcher Bp ( no antenna)
DR. Mindbender V1 Generator
Spearhead V1 bp x2
Duke V1 bp
Torpedo V1 bp
Low Light V3 bp
Repeater V1 bp x2
Barbeque V3 gun w/ Backpack
capt Grid Iron Rocket gun x2
Cobra Moray gun x3
Topside bp
Big Boa punching bag x2
Rock and Roll V2 shotgun
Gung-Ho V1 bp
Hawk V2 bp
Zarana bp
Big Ben ( 2000) bp
Bazooka V2 machine gun ( ambush style) x2
Gen Tomahawk Gun x2 ( w/ scope)
Tunnel Rat Bp x2 ( no flashlights)
Dojo knife thingy
Heavy Duty ( 02) bp
Sneak Peek Periscope complete
Lt. Falcon bp
Rampart shoulder Cannon ( no strap)
Roadblock V3 Helmet x2
Wet Suit V3 Helmet
Big Brawler Machine gun ( big ben )
Fast Draw missile
Storm Shadow V3 sword
Count Down V1 Helmet
Blanka MIssile x1, gun
Stalker v2 mask
Voltar bp x3
Side Track bp
Jinx bp
Dodger ( deepsix style) gun x2
Cobra Moray flippers x2
Shipwreck V2 gun ( hit & run style)
Heavy Duty V1 bp
Blizard V1 Bp ( no handles)
Agent Scarlett sword

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