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General Joe Talk / 1994 Premium Offers from Hasbro Canada
« on: April 06, 2013, 10:46:03 PM »
Hey guys. After spotting an insert in JoeNorth's post of a SF movie figure on YoJoe, I was curious about the offer and found the insert in the archives. It's a really amazing little piece of Joe history I never knew about but it raises a lot of questions to me that I am hoping someone here remembers the answers to. Did any of you guys get lucky enough to partake in the warehouse clearance sale?

Also, if you did can you answer some questions?

a) who are Villain, Superhero and Detonator

b) did the figures come loose, bagged, bubbled, with or without filecards (and were they bilingual if they did?)

c) was the APC the later era "cuda" or an original style?

I am also interested if any of you have some of these packaged MIB or filecards that are not in YJ. I don't work there or anything but I love this stuff and would love to see some Canadian variants on there (there are huge gaps in that part of the site).

If you don't know what I am talking about, check out this insert and weep:

Items Wanted / Can You Help Kronz Complete These Figures?
« on: August 19, 2009, 12:27:30 AM »
I have a bunch of guys who are missing at least one piece to near completion, wanna make a few bucks? All reasonable offers will be considered.

As long as the color matches the original I don't mind later remakes of guns, gloss/non-gloss soft/hard variants don't bother me as long as they look good. I don't want accessory pack versions but since so many repaints and remakes over the last 12 years have used vintage molds, I will be happy with them so long as they match color. Also for the Battle Corps dudes I don't care at all about the missile launchers and battle stands unless the launcher is really cool (read: almost never).

I have Paypal and can do M.O. to anyone in USA or Canada. I don't have much to trade now so I am not looking to do that unless by some fluke I have something you need, feel free to try me!

Here goes:

1984 Spirit: Gun, skirt, backpack (I am also looking for a really nice version of the figure if you have one to spare, mine's been played to death since he was one of my favorites)

1985 Airtight: breather hose
1985 Footloose: M-16
1986 Serpentor: left arm, cape
1987 Fast Draw: all accessories
1988 Hydro Viper: pet, mask, hoses, backpack, knife
1988 Iron Grenadier: all accessories
1989 Countdown: all accessories
1989 Scoop: backpack, helmet, mic, pistol, hose
1989 NF Shockwave: all accessories
1989 NF Repeater: all accessories
1989 Astro Viper: hoses, attachable gun x2
1989 Rock and Roll: two ammo belts
1989 Snake Eyes: sub-machine gun, sword, backpack, middle segment of staff
1989 Tripwire: two gray mines
1990 Night Creeper: all accessories
1992 Headman: gold gun (same as DEF Mutt)
1992 Mail-Away Major Altitude: helmet
1992 Ninja Vipers: two matching swords (Jinx's or re-colored OK)
1993 Alley Vipers (black & yellow): backpack (same as 1989 version btw)
1993 Bulletproof: mic
1993: Keel Haul: big blue Eco Warriors blaster gun
1993 Cobra Commander: silver Rock Viper gun
1993 Outback (non Eco): all accessories
1993 M. Bison: silver Road Pig pads
1993 Snowstorm: knife
1993 Backblast: black Eco Warriors blaster
1993 Mega Marines Gung Ho: black H-K, machete
1993 Star Brigade Destro: helmet, two missiles
1993 Star Brigade Roadblock: blue helmet (I have the visor already but would take a nicer one), gold H-K, gold machete
1994 Night Creeper Leader (gold only): swords x 2, arm pad (Road Pig style)
1994 Shipwreck: missile launcher and two missiles
1994 Astro Viper: head, Rock Viper rifle in neon orange
1994 Sci-fi: backpack, one hook, missiles
1994 Duke: rocket launcher, rockets
1994 Cobra Blackstar: missiles
1994 Alley Viper (neon orange): shield
1997 Alley Viper (Rage driver): all accessories other than face visor
1997 Gung Ho: grenade launcher
1997 Blizzard: Baroness rifle, Uzi
1997 Snow Job: skies, poles
1997 Hawk: black backpack, helmet
1997 Iceberg: black Iceberg rifle
1997 Scarlett: crossbow
1997 Rock and Roll: machine gun and bipod, helmet
1997 Breaker: Flash's lazer gun, helmet, visor
1997 Destro: non-functioning launcher and discs
1997 Snake Eyes (three pack version): Baroness rifle
1997 Snake Eyes (S&S): explosives pack
1997 Short Fuze: mortar, bazooka
1997 Storm Shadow: bow, short sword
1998 Volga: Lady Jay's speargun and camcorder (I think that's what it is)
2000 Rock Viper: knife

Thanks for reading this far!

Ontario / Loblaw's Superstore - ROC figures $7.49
« on: August 09, 2009, 10:26:20 PM »
Superstore wasn't flooring any ROC figures until this week but they've loaded up with tons of Asst #1 figs and they're $7.49 all week as per their flyer.

Off Topic / 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime at TRU
« on: July 17, 2009, 05:47:47 PM »
At my TRU (London, ON) they had dozens of the 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime reissues marked down to $50 from $80. I imagine that is happening at other Canadian TRU with the big Transformers display.

Is it wrong of me to wait it out further, or is this as cheap as it will get? I have been eyeballing it ever since it was released in Canada and even though I don't collect Transformers I always loved the G1 OP toy. So, should I just grin and bear it at $50 or do you think they'll go for less in time? Wal-marts still have them at $70, and don't seem to have sold hardly any of them here in London.

General Joe Talk / New Seven Packs Up For Pre-order!
« on: July 08, 2009, 05:23:26 PM »
Got a tip on Yojoe that Smalljoes has added the new long-awaited 7-packs to the preorder section of their site! I didn't hesitate, these are far more exciting than movie toys, and I am pretty excited about those too.

General Joe Talk / Shipping Joes to USA via Canada Post...
« on: April 07, 2009, 01:46:03 PM »
OK so I am pretty frustrated with Canada Post right now. Since there is hardly any Joe product to buy in my area aside from five packs, I have amassed six Cobra sets. That leaves me with over a dozen figures to find homes for. So I put them on ebay knowing at the very least people will want Baroness. Since I am keeping all my Vipers and just one each of the rest I have a considerable amount of selling to do.

Anyway. So I have got single loose Joes from the states and it's usually marked with very inexpensive shipping, I think just under $2 for a small bubble envelope with one Joe in it. That's reasonable. So when I went to sell single Joes I figured I need to adjust for Canadian currency, postal rates and taxes so I put $4 for one figure and extras for $2.75. Now to Americans apparently that rate seems outrageously expensive and a clear sign I am trying to take profit out of the shipping rate. However when I went to ship one Baroness in small bubble mailer with two file cards and her accessories I was asked to pay nearly $6 to Seattle from London ON and that was the ground option.

Last week I shipped a box with four complete figures in figure bubbles in a small box it cost me nearly ten dollars. I thought THAT was expensive. Now I know I can't sell extra low-value figures on eBay.

Am I doing something wrong?

Ontario / London TRU
« on: March 12, 2009, 09:18:25 PM »
Just got back from the London TRU and they had a whole case of the wave with Croc Master, Wraith, Mutt, TF Duke and so on. I grabbed the Wraith but left all the rest. This is only the second case of these I've seen at regular retail (ie not a comic shop or online).

They also had plenty of the new Mighty Muggs at 16.99 (yikes!) and they had plenty of Joe and Cobra five packs, wave 1 vehicles (of course), DVD sets 1,2 & VvV as well as a peg for 12.99 comic packs which is now empty as I grabbed the last two they had.

This is a huge increase in Joe product, they pretty much hadn't restocked at all since Christmas as of earlier this month.

General Joe Talk / Greatest Battles DVD Set
« on: January 29, 2009, 12:58:22 AM »
Just caught wind of the next DVD box set, and if you thought the first five were frustrating, just get a look at this...thing:

I have a distinct feeling we in Canada are going to see this at retail instead of the missing three pieces of the MASS Device series. Pretty disheartening that Hasbro is wasting time before the movie on something like this.

The DVD isn't apparently anything to do with the Sunbow or Dic cartoons, strictly 00s stuff, as far as I am aware.

On the other hand, I guess it's an ok starter kit for a kid, and that's cool I guess. Right?

Items Wanted / Looking for a handful of 25th figures
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:30:29 PM »
Hey guys, I am getting pretty close to having all the main anniversary figures I need, but since I got in late there are a number of figures I can't get here in Canada very easily. I open and pose/play with them so loose is fine by me as long as file cards are included.

High priority:

Short Fuze (most wanted)
Grand Slam (without vehicle)
Doc (either version, as long as it's complete)
Cobra Enemy (black face mask, Cobra The Enemy display stand)
Cobra Officer (grey webgear)
[s:3n810whn]Grunt (TRU)[/s:3n810whn]
Baroness (black outfit)
Shipwreck (blue pants, any variant ok)

Lower priority:

Stinger Driver
Snow Job[/s:3n810whn]
Lady Jaye (hat version)


Desert element from carded Tripwire
tread for MASS device
extra guns, helmets, knives and webgear, I'll buy them off you if you have any to spare

I can get a lot of these held in captivity in box sets, but would rather avoid that if I could because I seriously don't need more Destro, Duke or Storm Shadow figures. Right now I don't have much to trade, actually all I have to trade is a MOC American Storm Shadow Cobra Ninja (cartoon) and a MOC Canadian Eels. Mainly I would like to buy them from any private collector in Canada. Loose is fine by me as long as the figure is in good shape and has all its goodies.

Thanks in advance.

edit: splurged and ordered some stuff online to help the cause :)

Ontario / Wave 1 2009
« on: January 15, 2009, 11:04:07 AM »
Heroes in London has this wave, or rather, had it. All that is left are a few Fireflys, one Cobra Trooper with a paint defect on his face and a couple Cobra Torches. Also they had the IG/Viper comic pack which may just be the most pointless comic pack yet. I grabbed the Torch because I am too lazy and impatient to get the "proper" Dreadnok comic pack (not that I've ever seen a copy in Canada). The Cobra Trooper was a sell for me until I noticed paint missing from his face mask. Considering I have at least three Fireflys already I left him, he didn't even look as good as the TRU version.

Maybe we can use this thread to post spotting of this wave? I have seen it called Wave 9 2008 on YoJoe but elsewhere on the site they have it as Wave 1 2009.

Price for the new wave is 11.99 each on the ones in stock. Lots of earlier waves are represented in bits and pieces, and I don't think anything is cheaper than 9.99/single and 15.99/comic pack.

General Joe Talk / Ripcord
« on: December 26, 2008, 05:03:31 PM »
Do you think the reason we didn't get Ripcord is because he is going to be played by Marlon Wayans in the movie?


Introductions / Ahoy
« on: December 12, 2008, 08:18:00 AM »
Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself.  I am Jon and I am an expat American living in Ontario. As such, my Joe collecting tactics have had to adjust!

I grew up on Joes. One of my very earliest memories is being annoyed that Zap couldn't be posed the way he was on his card. This was 1982, I was three(!) I also clearly remember getting Flash and thinking he was the coolest toy ever. I can't recall just how early it was, but my toy box had several (ruined) straight-arms in it at one point. Most of them were given military burial in my Mom's back yard when I was between eight and eleven. I never let straight-arms mingle with swivels because they hold guns like idiots. I think I may have OCD from a very young age :D

When I got "too old" for Joes in grade five (89-90) I felt ashamed to still be so into them and managed to divert my interests into other areas. The last vehicles I got as a kid were the Hiss 2 and that miserable piece of shit Fang 2. Come 1993 or so I made friends in high school who shared my nostalgia for Joes and we all began collecting again. Those were dark days for Joe. When the best figures coming out were movie tie-ins (M Bison is one of my favorite Joes), you know things are weak. I bought every figure I could, even up through the days of Lobotomax. Then the line shifted format to some Nazi-looking things and I was confused. TRU restored my faith briefly with great character remolds...but the extreme low quality depressed me. I gave up toy collectiing after the 2000 season or so.

Now I am hooked again thanks to the master sculptors at Hasbro. And here I am, looking for friends to share my obsession with. I've got about thirty of the 25th figures and have a fever to get them all. Wish me luck!

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