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Markham is expensive due to its small town appeal.  I bought my house there in new development during phase 1 or 5 so the prices were low.  I could not afford my house now if I was going to buy it today.

I love that TRU in Markville Mall the only other TRU that is good to shop at for Joes in the TRU at Victoria Park Ave and Lawrence Ave (Scarborough).  The other TRU in Scarborough Cedabrae Mall (Markham Rd and Lawrence Ave) is hit and miss.

General Joe Talk / Re: GI Joe Complete Series on DVD
« on: March 10, 2010, 10:02:52 PM »
I wanted to buy the complete set but my Costco was sold out so I end up buying the DVDs separately.  Now  have to wait until April 27 to get Season 2 on DVD  :(

General Joe Talk / Re: Why is Walmart not restocking GI Joes ?
« on: March 10, 2010, 04:01:14 PM »
Thanks for the update.  I was hoping for nicer news but I guess I must wait and just search the Internet as usual.

General Joe Talk / Why is Walmart not restocking GI Joes ?
« on: March 10, 2010, 03:01:04 PM »
Hello All,
I was at 3 different Walmart Supercenters today and they have not added any new stock in months.  Since they raised the price on the figures from $5 to $9.44 they have not brought in any new stock.  I noticed this in around 8 to 9 stores in the Toronto East side area, and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this as well in their stores?  Since some of you guys are getting the info about Zellers in advance, I was hoping someone had any news about Walmarts?

I visited the TRU in Markville Mall today and found the following hard to find figures:

Cobra Commander (with the chest holes filled in)
Snake Eyes Paris Pursuit with the grey Timber (variant)
GI Joe Pit Commando holding the Shield (variant)

I hope this helps! 

I was just at the Zellers at 50 THERMOS ROAD (Birchmount and Eglinton) and they had a Snake Trax w/Scrap Iron there.  the figures are moving fast, time for troop building.

Introductions / Hello All
« on: March 08, 2010, 10:40:05 PM »
My name is Bill and I'm glad to have found this site.  While searching google for other GI Joe fan sites, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this site and I had to join right away.  I love searching store to store looking for GI Joes.  My co-workers think I'm crazy going out on my lunch hour everyday searching for figures and deals.  That is where I get my tag line, "It's all about the hunt". Plus it gives me a reason to hit a Tim Hortons and get a coffee ;D,  I focus my searches in Scarborough and Markham and I hope to help out my fellow collectors by posting my findings.

Ontario / Collection 2: Wave 4 (aka Wave 5) seen at a TRU in Markham
« on: March 03, 2010, 09:15:02 PM »
I was at Markville Mall today and saw the following figures at the TRU store:

?“Desert Battle” Desert-Viper — (UPC #: 65356944825)  x2
?“City Strike” Duke — (UPC #: 65356944824)  x3
?“Jungle Assault” Ripcord — (UPC #: 65356944826)   x3
?“Arctic Threat” Storm Shadow — (UPC #: 65356944827)  x1

There were also other hard to find figures:

?Nano-Viper — (UPC #: 65356944701)  x1
?Red Fang Ninja — (UPC #: 65356944699)  x1

If you need these figures grab them quick.  At 9.99 CAD it is better value then the $15 US plus shipping that I paid to get these figures from the US.

Off Topic / Re: What does every body do for a living?
« on: February 27, 2010, 04:26:16 PM »
I'm a Systems Administrator for one of Canada's Big TV stations. 

Message Board News / Re: Ask Hasbro Your Questions!
« on: February 27, 2010, 04:01:00 PM »
What are the chances of a Canadian member of GI Joe made into an action figure for sale?

Since the US has many exclusives that are not available in Canada, how about a Canadian exclusive just for us to buy?

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