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General Joe Talk / Hasbro Q&A 2010 Round 1 (from Around the Forums)
« on: January 15, 2010, 06:18:31 PM »

Q) G.I. JOE OPERATION H.I.S.S. - Will there be a Full year 13 Episode 3D Animation series?

A) Operation H.I.S.S. is the name of a web based/online animation series launching on www.GIJOE.COM early this year. We are planning between 5-10 episodes for 2010 and each are several minutes long.

Q) In the last Q&A, you stated that the Pursuit of Cobra would hit stores in "the back half" of 2010. Does that mean the products shown at Joecon last year as part of the Pursuit of Cobra theme have been delayed? Or is that product still considered "Rise of Cobra" product and will still ship in the first half of the year, with a full "rebranding" in the later half with product that hasn't yet been unveiled (and probably won't until Toy Fair)?

A) The Pursuit of Cobra (POC) themed items will be released in fall 2010 and will replace The Rise of Cobra. Much of the product shown at JoeCon in 2009 is being adapted to the POC theme and will launch in fall 2010 with a never before seen packaging line look. This new look will be revealed over the next few months. The Rise of Cobra figures and packaging will no longer be shipped in fall 2010.

Q) What happened to the 3rd wave of Mighty Muggs (Shipwreck, Serpentor, Zartan, Trooper) that YOU said in a previous Q&A were "due on shelves soon"?

A) Unfortunately, this wave has now been canceled.

YoJoe: We are thrilled with the mixing of Rise of Cobra and vintage themed items showing up in the line, especially with store exclusives. Will collectors continue to see A Real American Hero themed items/themes intermixed with the up coming Pursuit of Cobra line? With Toy Fair just a few weeks away, we know you can't tell us everything.

Hasbro: We think The Pursuit of Cobra line looks great and we hope you are pleased with it. We tried to keep G.I. Joe relevant for today but also intertwine a nod to the past. We think you'll like what you see at Toy Fair...

YoJoe: Are there any plans to have online exclusives like the Assault/Defense of Cobra Island sets or other future exclusives (like Resolute figures) on

Hasbro: We are looking into this - thanks.

YoJoe: There are rumors everywhere, in all corners of the fandom, that Pursuit of Cobra has been pushed back to mid or late 2010. If that is the case, will we still have new items on the shelves for this spring and summer?

Hasbro: We do have new some releases under the ROC line. These include exclusives and some new single figures.

1) The Official G.I.Joe Collectors Club newsletter unveiled the 2010 Now and Then figure sets. While we are thrilled, we can't help but notice that, while the Target Exclusive Rockslide/Snowjob set used new parts to keep the vintage figure as 100% accurate to the original as possible, the new two packs use the same, relatively new tooling from the 2004 Comic Pack figures. From our past experiences, these figures had difficulty standing or generally having their parts fit together as to hold a pose (for example, Snake Eyes using a Roadblock waist). Will these figures be changed to more accurately reflect their original vintage counterparts or are we going to receive what we saw in the press photos? Call us spoiled, but after the incredible execution on the Rockslide set, we're so excited to see vintage and new figures together.

When developing any Now and Then product, we always seek to find the most accurate tooling available for the vintage figures. We have not tooled anything new for any Now and Then vintage characters and have been able to use the same tools as the Classic GI Joe. We seek to maintain the highest quality and authenticity for all our products, especially those items that are vintage based. Unfortunately, we will not have any Now and Then packs released for 2010 at this point, but we are looking into them for the future.
2) For the 2010 Pursuit of Cobra line, rumors are floating around that the core characters will no longer be using the head sculpts/scans from the movie actors but rather go back to being original designs/sculpts. Can you comment on this potential change?

As we move into The Pursuit of Cobra theme we will have new non-actor head
3) Easy question * can you give us a hint, a teaser if you will, as to what we can expect from Toy Fair? Our imaginations are running wild and out of control for the new year.

The Pursuit of Cobra line and its new packaging look will be shown at Toy Fair.

Cool Toy Review
Cool Toy Review: While I do really enjoy the upcomming Snowjob from the POC line, I have to ask how many Snowjobs are too many? From my count, starting from the 25th anniversary line there have been 5 releases of him including exclusives. What about Frostbite, Blizzard, Iceberg, Lifeline, and especially Low-Light? Same thing goes for Scrap-Iron, I count 5 releases for him including exclusives. How about moving on to some of the missing Dreadnoks?

Hasbro: We try to keep new G.I. Joe fans familiar with popular characters. It's important to reintroduce these characters as they are core to the story and have significant meaning and heritage. We want to make sure G.I. Joe remains relevant for all ages of consumers. Although we have no plans for the missing Dreadnoks, we do have a new Storm Rider with a Doom Cycle vehicle. Look out for him later this year as part of the Pursuit of Cobra line.

Cool Toy Review: Are there any plans to release characters in regular clothes, like Destro/McCullen SDCC 2009 and Cobra Commander SDCC 2008 in the main line instead of as exclusives? These figures appeal to Joe fans and also to customizers, but these limited-release exclusives fetch crazy prices on the secondary market.

Hasbro: We have no plans to release these as mainline items. They were designed specifically for exclusives because we know collectors and customizers enjoy these types of figure.

Cool Toy Review: Also, any plans in releasing stands with labels like you do for Star Wars? I can't help but feel the figures without the stands are incomplete.

Hasbro: Our single figures do include stands but we have no plans to include labels or add to the vehicle segments.

Ontario / G.I. Joe Rip Attack Vehicles Wave 1 @ Wal~Mart
« on: January 12, 2010, 05:58:07 PM »
Fairview Mall Wal~Mart (Kitchener) had a case of these out this afternoon.  I believe the price was $16.97, but I may be off slightly.

Assortment Info:
2x Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle with Snake Eyes
2x Rip Attack Tiger Snake with Street-Viper

General Joe Talk / GI Joe Complete Series on DVD
« on: October 08, 2009, 05:14:59 PM » has the complete series up for pre-order.

125.99$ and Free shipping.  That seems like a very fair price to me.  I almost regret buying it from Shout! earlier.

Ontario / Rise Of Cobra Sales: Week of Oct 9th - 15th
« on: October 08, 2009, 02:50:23 PM »
25% Off

Ontario / Single Assortment Collection 1 Wave 3 @ TRU
« on: October 06, 2009, 10:37:32 AM »
I'm not sure if this is old news or not but I just found a single case of C1W3 at Kitchener Toys'R'Us.  Thankfully timed with a sale!

Collection 1 Wave 3 Case
Duke (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit)
Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)
Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (Chief Experimental Doctor)
Para-Viper (Cobra Paratrooper)
Ripcord (Reactive Impact Armor)
Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault)

General Joe Talk / G.I. Joe Resolute on DVD November 3rd
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:42:22 AM »
Thanks to a listing @ it looks like the Resolute series will be available November 3rd.

Ontario / Attack on the G.I. Joe PIT Headquarters @ TRU
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:24:32 AM »
Kitchener Toys'R'Us had about a half dozen of these exclusive sets out.  The $49.99 price tag was a bit hard to swallow however.

Ontario / Rise Of Cobra Sales: Week of Sept 18th - 24th
« on: September 18, 2009, 05:23:35 PM »
This isn't in the Flyer so I'm not sure if it's chain wide or not but Zellers in the Cambridge Mall have the following sales on this week:

Echo Class Vehicle (Night Raven): $39.99
Movie Combat Heroes: $4.99
Action Battlers: $9.99

Movie Combat Heroes: $5.99
Ultimate Duke: $49.99 (I can't recall)

If anyone is aware of any other sales out there this week please let us know!

General Joe Talk / G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra on DVD/Blu-Ray - November 3
« on: September 18, 2009, 07:30:28 AM »
The movie is now available for Pre-Order from Amazon, and likely other online stores very shortly.
They have the release date set at November 3.

Ontario / ROC: Combat Heroes Figures Wave 2 @ Wal~Mart
« on: September 10, 2009, 09:05:16 AM »
Found Wave 2 this morning at Cambridge Wal~Mart.  I only grabbed one of each so there should still be a complete set available.

The new sets are:
Storm Shadow vs. Breaker
Scarlett vs. Cobra Viper
Duke (Accelerator Suit) vs. Air-Viper
Snake Eyes (Arctic) vs. Ice-Viper

Ontario / Bravo Vehicles Wave 2 2009 @ Zellers / / TRU
« on: August 28, 2009, 11:59:49 AM »
I know I saw this mentioned somewhere in another thread, but I can't seem to find it.  Anyways, I found (and bought) a single Ice Dagger with Frostbite at Bridgeport Plaza Zellers (Kitchener) this morning.

Case Assortment:
1x Ice Dagger with Frostbite
1x Cobra Gunship with Firefly (Wave 1 Repack)

I was looking at some images of the Wal~Mart exclusives battle station and noticed the print on the back of the packaging.

Note the "Hasbro Canada" and the presence of some French.  Is this proof these are coming to Canadian stores?  I for one certainly hope so.  It'd be great to be able to get this things without any hassle.

Edit:  On second thought...maybe not.  I looked at the Wal~Mart exclusive Transformers I picked up recently and they have almost everything in both languages, which this picture does not show.  Also, the Hasbro Canada bit is on all American packaging as well.

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