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Vintage vehicle parts/weapons/figures wantlist



I am looking for the following vintage (no repo or acc pack items)  weapons and vehicle parts. As well as complete figures.  I will also buy vintage weapon lots.  If you have anything  can you pm with price and pics

vehicle parts

triple t engine cover
darklon evader missle
apc gun turret
dragonfly helicopter just need main vehicle with unbroken landing gear and rotars
air skiff  just main vehicle with unbroken hand pegs

Weapons/figure parts

82/83 stalker waist
83 destroy gun
83 gung ho gun
84 blowtorch green torch
84 firefly  green talkie  backpack with cover
    mutt gun
    zartan  backpack with mask,  theigh pads,  gun
85 crimson guard backpack gun
     eel  backpack with attachment,  mask hose, gun
     shipwreck hook and string
     snowserpent gun
86  bats  all hand attachments
      dial tone backpack
87   outback  gun with strap, flashlight
      ice viper sais
88  roadblock  crossbow
     tiger force duke helmet
     any night force
89 annilater backpack
    any night force


84  ripcord  complete
     mutt  complete
85 tele viper  complete
86 zarana  figure only
    strato viper
    special missions claymore
87 ice viper figure only
88 spearhead figure only
    tiger force  dusty complete
                     tripwire complete
                      lifeline complete
                     flint complete
    any night force
89 sgt slaughter  marauders figures
                      sgt slaughter
     any night force



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