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Jeez it has been almost 10 years since the last CanJoeCon


It's hard to believe that it is nearly a decade since the last show. 

It is funny to see the state of conventions today by comparison.  I mean Bitcoin/Joecon both folded up.  Hasbro made a lame attempt at an in house show, and now Covid has out the screws to most shows in general.

I hear rumours of a new "official" Botcon returning once the pandemic has subsided, but who knows.  I think outside of the big boys (SDCC, NYCC, etc) local shows are the future. 

I just don't see the numbers being there long term for brand specific cons much longer.  Yes Star Wars, Star Trek, and to some degree Transformers, are big enough properties to warrant shows.  However I think general shows are more likely to survive going forward where you can draw a large group of varying interests.

Alas the days of a CanJoeCon are but fond memories now.

I always wanted to go to CanaJoeCon, just the once to meet you guys... *sad face emoji*

Meant to say, it's a shame the Canadian Con isn't around now with Marauder and all, it'd make it so much easier for them to do exclusives.

I was seriously considering making my own Joe Canuck and Valkyrie figures with Marauder figures last year at one point...

Yeah they could probably have done some great collaborations.

Also it is a shame since Joe seems to be on the uptick again.  Hopefully this time the media will be high quality and allow for a more sustain presence.

Also with 3D printing now a thing imagine what they could have made themselves!!


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