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For Sale or Trade / Marvel Universe and Carded Joe Army Builders
« on: September 29, 2012, 03:47:06 PM »
I'm thinning out my collection and am getting rid of a few things.

There's a huge lot of Marvel Universe figures as well as carded lots of 25th GI Joe army builders in addition to a few other things.

For Sale or Trade / 2000-2002 collector's edition complete collection
« on: January 15, 2012, 01:21:33 PM »
I'm currently debating if I should part with my 2000-2002 complete collection which is all sealed MOC on US cards. I've got the collection loose as well and that I'm happy to keep. The only thing missing is the man o'war submarine.

Just wondering if there's any interest. Preferably, I would like to sell it all together, but if there's enough interest for for most of the pieces I'd consider breaking it apart.

Here's what I got:

Two Packs

General Tomahawk & Dial Tone
Law & Dusty
Cobra Commander & Chameleon
Firefly & Undertow (peg hole)
Firefly & Undertow variant (peg)
Snake Eyes Vs.Storm Shadow

Big Ben & Whiteout
Duke & Sidetrack
Major Bludd & Rock Viper

Wave 3:
Cobra Commander & Laser Viper
Wet Suit & Wetdown
Crossfire & Double Blast
Destro & Fast Blast Viper
Destro & Fast Blast Viper variant Destro Filecard
Low Light & Sure Fire

Wave 4:
Big Brawler & Tripwire
Gung Ho & Leatherneck
Zartan & Shadow Viper

Wave 5 (online exclusive):
Serpentor & Shock Viper
Shipwreck & Sidetrack
Tomax & Xamot
Lifeline & Sideswipe

I also have 2 sealed cases of wave 5 which contain 3 complete sets each.

Locust w/ Wild Bill
H.I.S.S. III w/ Rip-It
Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper
AWE Striker w/ Pathfinder
Desert Striker w/ Flint
Headquarters w/ Rock n Roll
NLC w/ Cutter
Night Rhino w/ Dusty

These have been stored away in a smoke free and pet free home.

Off Topic / Target buys Zellers leases for $1.8B
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:50:58 PM »
Thought I'd share the news. There have been rumours for years, but today it's finally official.
Target has purchased Zellers from HBC. You can read the article here:

What's everyone's thoughts?

Off Topic / EBAY help w/ money orders
« on: August 10, 2006, 08:34:19 PM »
Hey guys,
I don?t sell too often on ebay and am usually the buyer. However, now I?m selling some stuff and normally accept paypal as the only form of payment. There is an individual from the states who wants to pay with a money order. I?m not sure if I should accept. Is there anything I should know like type of money order, fraud, etc. I know my bank places holds on international cheques and MO?s for 15 business days. Do I wait for it to clear before shipping? What if the buyer claims the MO is stolen/lost?

Any help/info is appreciated. Thanks.

For Sale or Trade / Some rare stuff up for auction
« on: August 09, 2006, 09:33:33 PM »
I've got to make some space and need some $$$. Please check out my auctions. I've got some rare stuff up.
4 SMS HISS tanks
Blue con Hydrofoil
ARAH wave 5
some other non joe related items. ... fungkyQ5fc

Off Topic / Need some major help with ebay please
« on: September 22, 2005, 04:33:19 PM »
I'm selling some old toys on ebay, but the I have a major problem. Most of the bidders are from Europe (which is not the problem) and it's at well over 100US (problem) with a couple days remaining. Is there any way I can have the parcel shipped including something like insurance, delivery confirmation or some signature. I don't want to get screwed over and have the winner say they never received it then have paypal take the money back. Also, many of them are requesting it. However at the same time, I'm not sure the bidders want to pay like $50 for a parcel that measures 27x10x8 cm and is only 500g.

I checked at and these are the options:
International Small Packet (Surface)
Base Price: $6.85
Delivery Confirmation : N/A
Signature : N/A
Insurance : $0.00 (Max Coverage of $100.00 is included)
        Total: $6.85
International Small Packet (Air)    
Base Price: $13.40
Delivery Confirmation : N/A
Signature : N/A
 Insurance : $0.00 (Max Coverage of $100.00 is included)
        Total: $13.40
PuroLetter (for documents only)  (2 to 3 business days)      
Base Price: $44.95
Fuel Surcharge: $3.03
Delivery Confirmation : Included
Signature : Included
Insurance : N/A
       Total: $47.98
The item will have to fit inside the convenience PuroLetter package

Xpresspost International Prepaid Envelopes (for documents only)  (4 business days, guaranteed)      
Base Price: $37.75
Fuel Surcharge: $2.55
Delivery Confirmation : Included
Signature : Included
Insurance : N/A
        Total: $40.30
The item will have to fit inside the prepaid envelope

Honestly, I have to say the Canadapost sucks. There is only a max coverage of 100CAN and I can't even insure or add any sort of confirmation that I know the winner will receive it. I was going to just ship it airmail, but I didn't expect the auction to get so high.

Any sort of help would be appreciated. Thanks

Items Wanted / In need of Vader voice changer mask
« on: May 15, 2005, 10:16:38 PM »
If any of my fellow canucks outside of Quebec can do me a huge favour and help me obtain the following:

Darth Vader Voice changer mask: ... ctId=47881

Because of the French laws here in Quebec the item is not available/sold here. You can click on the above and see why. That's means I can't buy it here or even have it shipped here from I even checked some of the TRUs here to make sure. Once in a while some stuff does slip its way here, but not this time.

It's on sale for $24.97 down from $39.99 (from May 14-27). It's also the same price at the brick and mortar stores. So if anyone can swing by their local TRU and pick this up for me I'd be really appreciative.

I can pay via paypal (cost + shipping), a few bucks for your time or with some joes. A last resort would to get it from some friends south of the border, but with the sale it would be cheaper for me.


General Joe Talk / Box Art up at MC
« on: April 20, 2005, 01:11:46 PM »
The box art is up at MC. They went for a new look in comparison to the previous sets and in all honestly, the box art is freaking amazing. ... boxweb.jpg

Great job to those at MC.

For Sale or Trade / Convention Exclusives and other stuff for sale
« on: September 08, 2004, 09:34:51 PM »
I've got the following items from this year's convention for sale:
Tiger Ray Hydrofoil - $76.00US
Zanzibar & Thrasher - $50.00US
Zartan/Hawk set - $60.00US

The above are for my fellow canucks only. So you don't have to deal with customs, the higher shipping costs from MC or if you?re not a member of the club. I opened the box for the Tiger Ray to make sure all the parts are there (and they are :) )

I also have the following for sale:
Inferno Bats x9 complete w/o filecard w/o stand  - $3.00US each
Overkill (bat pack) x15 complete w/ filecard w/o figure stand - $2.00US each or 3 for $5.00US

BJ Firefly complete - $2.00US
BJ Snake Eyes complete - $2.00US
BJ Wet-Suit complete - $2.00US
BJ Roadblock complete - $1.00US
Or all 4 for $6.00US

2000 Major Bludd x10 complete w/o filecard - $2.00US each ( I will also include a re-cast undertow head for each figure for an instant army builder )

Mirage v2 x6 & Mirage v3 x3 - $10.00US for all 9 (great for customizing a quick army)

sgt. airborne vs. tele-viper MOC - $14.00US
viper & alley viper (wave 7.5) MOC - $14.00US

Shipping is not included

Please help me help you.
Thanks for taking a look and your interest.


For Sale or Trade / Armybuilders, parts, accessories for trade
« on: April 07, 2004, 08:05:39 PM »
I've got some great armybuilders, figure parts and a ton of accessories for trade. Call it Spring cleaning I suppose. I'd prefer to trade.

Here?s what I am in need of:
Mail away Agent Faces
Shang Tsung (dragonwing version) also looking for dragonwing
Star Brigade Duke (v6)
Gung-Ho v2 legs x3
Gung-Ho mega marine
Tomax legs
Xamot legs
I?ll add more to the list after I go check what else I need.

Here?s what I have to trade:
Viper v1 w/ gun and some wear to symbol
Desert Scorpion complete
Ice Viper complete w/ damage to 1 sai tip
Ice Viper w/ helmet
Snow Serpent v2 complete but broken tip to attach hose on backpack
Secto Viper comes with star brigade destro helmet, which fits perfectly
Inferno bats x9 complete w/o filecard
Overkill x6 batpack complete
Wild weasel
Major Bludd x5
Mirage v2 x4
Mission disc Firefly sealed

Figure parts
I?m willing to trade the whole shabang. Included with destro v6, gen. Tomahawk v2, and big bear.

Original helmets x2 w/ 1 visor
Cobra Commander laser pistol
Airborne rifle, helmet, backpack
Destro bp

Blowtorch flamethrower and backpack
Spirit rifle and bp
Thunder monocular
Ripcord parachute harness

Footloose gun (broken strap)
Ripper rifle, backpack and frame
Torch bp

AVAC parachute, one strap has a tear
Zandar rifle and bp
Monkeywrench harpoon gun

Cobra Commander bp
Jinx bp
Sea Slug gun

Annihilator handle and gun that attach to bp

Altitiude bp w/ parachute

Sci-Fi bp

Gen. Flagg gun (broken tip)

Accessory pack 1
Helmets x3 ? brown
Binocular headset - Steeler's ? gray
Communications headset - Breaker's ? gray
Ammo backpack - Zap's/Short-Fuze's ? tan
Communications backpack - Breaker's- tan
Laser backpack - Flash's ? tan
M-16 rifle - Grunt's ? gray
XMLR-1A laser rifle - Flash's ? gray
Uzi gun - Snake Eyes'/Steeler's ? gray

Accessory pack 2
2 helmets ? green
helmet - Airborne's ? green
Marine jungle backpack - Gung Ho's ? brown
Mine Detector backpack with three mines - Tripwire's ? brown
Dragunov (SVD) sniper rifle - Cobra's - dark blue
Rocket launcher - Major Bludd's - dark blue
High density laser guns - Destro's - dark blue

Accessory pack 3
Helmet - Duke's ? gray
Helmet - Blowtorch's ? gray
Helmet - Ripcord's ? gray
Flamethrower backpack - Blowtorch's ? tan
Tracker backpack - Spirit's ? tan
Heavy machine gunner backpack with ammo box - Roadblock's ? tan
Visor - New design ? green
High-density laser rifle - Baroness' ? red
Sub-machine gun - Firefly's ? red
RAR pistol - Scrap-Iron's ? red
SLR WILI - Recondo's ? tan
Ingram MAC-11 - Mutt's ? green
Flamethrower - Blowtorch's ? green
Auto arrow launcher - Spirit's ? tan
Binoculars - Duke's ? green
Monocular - Thunder's ? green
Harpoon rifle - Torpedo's ? green
Rifle - Ripcord's ? green
Pistol - Zartan's ? green

Accessory pack 4
Missile backpack - Major Bludd's ? red
Handgun - Major Bludd's - light blue
Submachine gun - Firefly's ? white
RAR pistol - Scrap Iron's ? white
Laser pistol - Cobra Commander's - light blue
1 Dragunov (SVD) sniper rifle - Cobra's - light blue

Accessory pack 5
1 stand
Viper rifle

Also, I'm willing to trade all the accessories in a lot. Thanks for looking.

Introductions / Nothing Special
« on: February 17, 2004, 10:34:33 AM »
Madman here,
Most of you know me from JoeCustoms. If you don't, you'll get to know me. I have finally arrived to join my fellow Canuckians.  :D

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