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Customs / The big guy: Backstop!
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:36:46 AM »
So Backstop's original filecard painted a different picture than what the figure proper did.
The figure was of average build, with a calm expression and a clean parted hairstyle.
The filecard, on the other hand, gave us a youth so mean and rough his parents had to move from Canada to the States because of how violently he played hockey. Who later got banned from boxing probably for the same reasons. Who went undefeated in amateur wrestling because others chickened out of even stepping on the mat with him.
I wanted my custom to reflect his filecard a bit better. So I went with some parts that made him look big and mean.

Head: MU Punisher
Body: ROC Heavy Duty
Helmet: Star Wars Cinema Scenes pilot guy
Knife and sheath: Raginspoon cast

At Scramble's suggestion I went with the CanJoeCon Backstop color scheme instead of the 1987 figure.

Quebec / Cobra Commander at Otakuthon
« on: August 15, 2010, 01:31:51 AM »
After finding myself coerced into attending not only Otakuthon, but yaoi panels too... I finally found one of the three things that made this con worthwhile (the first was the thing that's always worthwhile, my girlfriend, the second was the Ryan Sohmer/Lar De Souza Q&A panel).

Someone dressed in a kickass Cobra Commander costume. Chrome-face version, too! It was amazing.

Was it one of you guys? Or someone you know?
It was so awesome I had to give him an enthusiastic "HAIL COBRA" as I passed him by.
Wish I could've snapped a pic, but my girlfriend had the camera and I couldn't find the Commander after getting back to her.
Maybe he ran away after mistaking that "Heroes of the North" guy for Snake-Eyes.  :lol:

Quebec / Non-Chekhov Star Trek figures?
« on: July 03, 2010, 05:45:56 PM »
Since the line is heavily clearanced in most places, I'm wondering if anyone on the Island can still find some that aren't Chekhov (poor guy. Nobody wants to re-enact his search for Nuclear Wessels, I guess.)?

Specifically, I'm looking for that bald villain guy, Nero. Really need him for a custom project.
Anyone able to help me find him?

Customs / Customs by the truckload!
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:35:07 AM »
It just dawned on my that there are many of my ROC customs I haven't shared with this board yet.
I'm so neglectful.  :'(

So here's the big bunch.

Nitro-Viper: Because vehicle drivers need paint too! (mine's visor got stuck somewhere and got stretch marks all across the middle, so I had to paint over it all)

Duke: Added paint under the vest, because I want to take that jacket off him every now and again.

Tiger Snake driver: Unaccessorized Elite-Vipers are pretty bleh, so I used a HOH Firefly body, MARS Trooper vest and Para-Viper helmet to make this driver. (next to him is a WIP of my ROC Zartan)

Flint: Went with a British look for him since G.I.Joe is an international team in ROC, and he lead Action Force in Europe. 5-pack Sgt. Stone head, City Strike Duke body, ROC Hawk belts and Stalker's automatic shotgun.

Zartan: 5-pack Zartan head (with Regular Zartan head preserved in the backpack), Street-Viper body, Pilot Destro scarf.

Tunnel Rat: The "actual" ROC Tunnel Rat was just a 25th Anniversary Night Force Tunnel Rat, so I made my own. Shipwreck body, Hard Master head (modified with thicker eyebrows and a hand-sculpted bandanna), HOH Snake-Eyes webgear and explosives pouch, ROC Snow Job revolver and Resolute Duke rifle.

Stakeout: An original character I made back when I did ARAH customs, updated for ROC. Gung-Ho body and vest, Tri-Gate "Bruce Sato" head, Pilot Destro revolver, Terminator shotgun.

Repeater: Pretty common custom there. ROC Footloose body, Zartan Disguise head.

Frostbite: When someone showed off how Arctic Shipwreck's head on Snow Job's body looked like the Battle Corps version of Frostbite, I had to do one for myself. Buuuuut the TRU exclusives never show up in Quebec, so I had to make due with a regular Shipwreck head. Also replaced the revolver with a regular Joe pistol.

Glenda: Updated from my previous posting of her with some gloves donated by the Star Wars "Starkiller Hero".

Hiryu: Another of my original characters, martial arts specialist. Went with a Bruce Lee catsuit look for him, with the Game Of Death sneakers. Tri-Gate "Storm Shadow Unmasked" head, 2009 5-pack Snake-Eyes torso, Python Cobra Trooper upper arms, HOH Storm Shadow lower arms, Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow upper legs, Legions CC lower legs, Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow feet, MU Ronin nunchaku and I have no idea where the staff came from.

Lady Jaye: Flint needed his main squeeze, and ROC Dial-Tone was underwhelming. So I used her body with the head of the Joker Squad Girl Stormtrooper, and ROC Repeater's cap to make her.

Quarrel: Originally wanted to make her out of Agent [s:yxoqrbra]Mary Sue[/s:yxoqrbra] Helix, but then when City Strike Scarlett got cancelled/delayed I realized maybe that body would be needed for a Jinx custom. So I bought a Zellers half-off RA Scarlett and got to repainting. Head is from the "Starkiller Hero" figure, most accessories are from the bluecamo Scarlett and the pistol in the belt holster was picked at random.

She looks great riding the Jet Storm Cycle:

Let me know what you think, guys!

Customs / ROC: Grand Slam, Flash, Gung-Ho, Shipwreck
« on: December 29, 2009, 04:07:16 PM »
I love the new ROC Grand Slam, but the new Ace head just isn't a good fit for the accompanying helmet... plus, I had a head much more reminiscent of Grand Slam's own handy.

Surprisingly, unlike other Star Wars heads I've used for customs, this one I had to drill the socket in deeper to make fit.
Also gave him a flight pack more reminiscent of the old JUMP:

Grand Slam's leftover head didn't go to waste, though... his former clone no longer has to suffocate under a baclava now:

ROC/Resolute Gung-Ho was a scrawny little midget. Putting his head on SRO Sgt. Stone's remedied to that, and an SRO Grunt backpack completed the look:

Like I said when I did my ROC Torpedo, I really hate how Shipwreck got repurposed as a SEAL. Considering Torpedo and Wet-Suit were already there filling out that role and he filled an equally important role on Joe ships. When I got the Rescue Mission pack, inspiration struck me as to what to do with the Shipwreck head I had left over. Now he's more fit for standard naval duty as opposed to being a SEAL commando.

Rescue Mission Duke's body, Shippy's head, standard Joe pistol, Elite-Viper MP5K and Viper Commando's holstered belt.

Customs / Glenda, a Tunnel Rat that sees and the female PIT Commando
« on: November 29, 2009, 05:30:12 PM »
Just a couple of customs I haven't shown off here yet.


Straightforward headswap using Juno Eclipse's head. Side note, the large vest is awesome, and without it Scarlett's anorexic body would've made this figure not-worth-buying.

Tunnel Rat:

Just painted some eyes onto the ROC/Night Force Tunnel Rat. I also painted the hair exposed through his bandanna on the back of his head, but have no pics of that.

Female PIT Commando:
Based on the girl who is totally not Jinx who tested the Camoflage Suit in the film:

Put a use to both Agent Mary Sue's head and Butt-Ugly Face Scarlett's body.

Customs / Rise of Cobra Stalker
« on: November 28, 2009, 11:41:28 PM »
I've had this particular actor in mind for Stalker since before the movie even premiered.

When the Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Assault Ripcord figure was shown, I knew I'd found the perfect base.

He has had it with these monkey-fighting snakes in this Monday-to-Friday jungle.

Also with the more familiar piece of headgear:

All Across Canada / Wal-Mart battle stations
« on: November 23, 2009, 08:05:31 PM »
Have these come out in Canada yet?

Should we actually expect them?
Wal-Mart has thus far given us the two-packs and the 12" Ninjas with cycles... But I've not heard anything about the Battle Stations yet...

Quebec / The "When will you be at Toy Wars?" thread
« on: November 21, 2009, 02:59:17 AM »
You know, since Steve is such a great supplier of Joes and a lot of us do seem to visit every now and again, I figured why not?

If you plan to be at Toy Wars with some time to kill, why not share when you'll be there with the rest, so others who might have time can go there and we can have some collector get-together time? (or alternatively, avoid the more annoying members like yours truly  :wink:)

Personally planning to go today (Saturday the 21st) some time in the early afternoon.

Items Wanted / Looking for 25th Ninja-Ku thighs
« on: November 19, 2009, 03:03:02 AM »
I need the thighs (aka the upper legs) of the 25th Anniversary Ninja-Ku Leader Storm Shadow figures. Just the thighs, but I'll take a junker figure if it's cheap enough.

Also, kind of a long shot, but if anyone has the head of the Torpedo figure that came with that VAMP/Whirlwind set from 2004, I need that for a custom.

Customs / Rise Of Cobra-style Cobra De A?o and Torpedo
« on: November 01, 2009, 12:29:04 AM »
Both done for Custom Celebration IV over at JoeCustoms.

Torpedo is a simple headswap and minor repaint (the irises on the original figure were orange) of an ARC Heavy Gunner head onto ROC Shipwreck's body. Never liked how Hasbro insists on removing Shipwreck's unique functions by making him yet another SEAL, so turning him into Torpedo solved the problem.

Cobra De A?o is a bit more ambitious, using a "Pilot Destro" body with Jin Saotome-esque levels of dry brushing, although not done for weathering, but rather to tone down the bright red of the body, without going entirely black (my Rise Of Cobra Cobra army is already drowning in black enough as it is.  :P ). Kept the blue armoring... Contrasts a lot better with the body than yellow would have. Did give him a yellow ascot though, to tie him back to his original Brazil color scheme. Head is from a Star Wars droid called CZ-4, who had a great techy look while having organic aesthetics mixed in. It was a perfect fit for other ROC helmets like Cobra Commander's and the Neo-Viper's. And thanks to the deeper Star Wars neck balls, he manages not be long-necked like Pilot Destro was.

Quebec / Joes on sale, at Rossy of all places
« on: August 27, 2009, 10:49:29 PM »
For those who haven't checked their Publi-Sac, 25th Joes are on sale at Rossy.
Figures are 5.99$, vehicles are 12.99$ and Combat Heroes are 4.99$
It might be for ROC figures too but the images in the flyer show the 25th Anniversary toys.

Of course, you need to be lucky enough to happen upon a Rossy with Joes in stock.
I'm hitting the two in my area tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.

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