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Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / canuck me offer
« on: June 19, 2011, 05:03:19 PM »
By far the best deal this year was the comic. Because it gave us that awesome offer to have our own face on a canuck figure!

Since the offer is not valid in canada, some people may have missed the deal. But I opened a postal box in Zimbabwe to get it. This should help justify the shipping and handling cost. I don't mind telling everybody my trick now that the offer is over, but could'nt take the chance of not being one of the 10000 first guys to use it. Sorry guys.

Now I just have to wait 48 weeks! Of course, with the postal strike and the shipping to zimbabwe then back here, it might be delayed a bit (no more than 75 years or so, I'm sure, nothing big).

After that, I hope they get my figure in the canuckhead comic! Although if all 10000 of us end up in there, it might be a crowded comic. May be a where's Waldo type of comic. Find yourself in the comic, somewhere!

Too cool! Can't wait!  (so I won't)

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / getting a lift from Montreal region
« on: August 02, 2010, 09:10:12 AM »

Anybody from the Montreal region is planning to go, and could give a guy a lift?

My previous lift canceled, and now it's too late to reserve a space on the bus. But I still want to go to the convention.

Of course, I'll pay my share of the gas.


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