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General Joe Talk / Re: Channing Tatum hates GI Joe: ROC
« on: July 01, 2015, 10:29:52 AM »

Can you blame him?  Spoiled baby because he is now a successful actor? 

I think most of us agree that ROC was, at best, not good.  However was it as bad as he makes it seem?  Would you prefer more actors be this honest with a project?  How about being this honest when you are still in the project?  It's super easy to bash something you did years after you did it, when you are now a successful actor, but how about standing on your high horse when it actually puts you at risk?

Anyway, wonder if there has been ANY movement on movie #3......hahahaha

If #3  doesn't have a release date announced by the end of the year, then I think it will not come out at all.
I think Tatum is being very candid, and really trying to divest himself of what is widely seen as a "children's movie" so as to lift his stature to other higher-profile roles, where he will not be type-cast.  And sometimes the movie an actor works in is just.......stupid.

General Joe Talk / Re: Marauder John is now making action figures.
« on: June 26, 2015, 01:13:27 PM »
Here's some pics of what I got.
The figures do not even have all of the items on them, that they came with--and these were the BASIC sets.

General Joe Talk / Re: Marauder John is now making action figures.
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:27:52 AM »
I received my set on Tuesday. I have 20 figures in total and a boat load of parts.

The thing I LOVE about this set is on the weekend I like to drink a beer or two, watch a movie and fiddle. That is why I use to make so many customs.

With these I'll be busy for hours. Mixing and matching the sets is great fun.

I thought the pure black guy would be the most boring of the lot but that's not the case. His basic figure is cool but using the boil and pop you can remove his entire lower torso and basically switch pants on your guys. Moving the black pouches from the black guy onto other figure really makes them pop.

One of my white figures I mixed with black parts. I'll admit I was thinking "Stormtrooper" when I put that one together. Once he was done I used my glue gun to secure it all so nothing ever falls off. With hot glue if I really want to remove it later I can.

I'll be doing it again for the next wave, no doubt.

They each have something you can "reach for", in the sense of some kind of sweet spot that meets your own personal figures tastes.  That is very prescient thinking on the part of MGR because it's a product/marketing that is not common in toys these days.  The core of these toys is kitbashing, and getting hobbyists engaged with the product.  Brilliant.
The colour schemes are bold and they go a long ways towards individualizing a common buck--changing the head and vest just augments that.
And there's coming stickers sets to supply crests and insignias to individualize the figures even more.

As if I wasn't completely sold on these figure already, i sure as hell am now! ;)

General Joe Talk / Re: Marauder John is now making action figures.
« on: June 24, 2015, 09:04:36 PM »
Well, let's revive this dusty thread.

They've arrived.

I just got my set this afternoon, and these figures are everything that was promised, and then some.  The basic sets build figures that do NOT all look the same, but you can get extras that do allow them to all look the same if you want that.  They aren't generic, they aren't bland.  They are well-painted, detailed as all get out, and quite intricate. There's a LOT of tiny parts.  I got 7 figures, just the basic line-up--no stretch goal items.  In addition to those figures, I also got some unexpected extras--IDS stands for each, and some shot-guns and FAMAS rifles for the figures. I also got some of the "masked" skull heads--which were Kickstarter bonuses.  I did NOT fulfil a Kickstarter pledge for this, I came in afterwards and ordered via Fundaful--after I was unable to follow-through with my initial pledge. 
Marauder Gun Runners takes care of you.
There's excellent reviews on GeneralJoes and Hisstank covering these figures. I echo everything they've said.  Marauder delivered in this.  These figures live up to expectations and are exactly what I wanted.
I'm pleased as punch, and I'm going to go order some of the extras from the stretch goals once all the product goes like on the MGR site.

If you missed out up to this point, you can order come this weekend or by Monday. I don't know what the response will be, or how brisk......but this is the ground floor for everyone else.  Jump on if you like, because this is excellent product.

No new thinking.  Same old "blah" rehash, repaints, re-releases.
Nothing here was designed less than, what.......about 5 years ago?

Agree, but the two Skystrikers look good :-)
Oh, sure....there's nothing wrong with the sculpts on any of's all solid stuff.  But there's no new blood. No innovation = stagnation, and stagnation leads to the "deth of teh line".
It's what so frustrating to me as a collector/consumer of this's built on a lot of great product, a lot of good thinking.....but a few years back, someone decided to abandon any NEW thinking and just rest on what's already been done.

How long is that going to last for them?  I don't think it really paints us collectors in a very good light either, especially if we eagerly swallow whatever gets rolled out. Nostalgia might seem a blessing to some, but it can be a curse to the whole.
There's NO incentive for Hasbro to put any effort into this.....just dangle a 5 year old carrot in front of us and we'll obligingly bite.

I wish it were otherwise.

No new thinking.  Same old "blah" rehash, repaints, re-releases.
Nothing here was designed less than, what.......about 5 years ago?

I've more or less stepped away from GIJOE.  I've not bought a 4" figure in about a year now. The 50th stuff flat-lined my interest in the brand.
I'm more interested in the Marauder Task Force figures.....when they finally get here, that is.
But even then.......I'm lukewarm on the stuff. I'm not going to get rid of what I have, but I have had stronger and stronger thoughts about boxing up most of it and putting it away in storage.  That'd be about the first time in...........oh..........30 years that my interest has waned to that degree.
Hasbro is going to have reveal some genuinely NEW thinking...and not just more nostalgia....for me to rekindle my interest in the line.  I'm not expecting much.

Off Topic / Re: How to buy and sell?
« on: March 26, 2015, 12:28:13 PM »
Probably a good time for a primer thread on this, and there's a fair bit of ground to cover.
I'll take a stab at it and anyone else can join in with their two cents.

Let's start with the person: Willingness to buy or trade. Confidence in the buyer/seller is the factor facing a prospective sale/trade. If the newcomer doesn't really have a presence in the forums---chatting up people, sharing info and such......just being a real person............then there can be some understandable wariness. 
Let's be up front: rip-offs do happen.
There are people in the collecting community that go from forum to forum looking for marks to steal from, They use aliases, they fake mailing addresses and the defraud people. 
It happens.

BUT, that said, there's things one can do to build trust.

--Keep first transactions small.  Less than $20......something you won't be too irked to lose.  Save the hundred dollar+ orders for down the road.
--Do a series of buys or trades and build up a rep for being square with your end of it.  Even better, sweeten your end with little extras to cast a better light on you.  That can be a couple of extra accessories or an extra figure in a trade, or rounding up some dollars sent ( for the other guy's "trouble" in finding you an item you seek).
-Carry through with the deal--your commitment in this is your bond. Make good on it at all cost. 
--Be HONEST--communicate. If something goes wrong, let the other party know.
-Protect yourself.....get insurance on whatever you mail, get a tracking number. It protects BOTH parties.
--Ask (polite) questions. Ask for/look for references on someone you are going to deal with--it's fair and smart to do so. No-one's rep is so far above reproach that they can brush off such a request. It's part of doing business.
--Ask about retailers, or EBAY sellers too. There's no stupid questions--but remember, being polite helps.
--When you complete a deal or trade, announce it and leave feedback. This tells others that the parties involved are good eggs and straight-shooters.
If something goes wrong, be clear and upfront about it--your mistake or there's.

Also understand that screw-ups DO happen. Use your brain, consider the other side of it before burning someone at the stake. But if you've been genuinely wronged, make it clear that you are not happy. You MIGHT remained ripped-off, but sometimes the other party will make good.

-Payments can be by any number of methods: postal money orders, cash, cheques, wire transfers, email money transfers, paypal. That's between you and the other party, BUT.........always bear in mind that some methods have weaknesses and flaws moreso that others.
Paypal probably offers the best protection when used a certain way. Other methods depend.........DEMAND a level of trust and familiarity with one another that isn't there at the start. Use discretion.
-Trust........but verify. It's okay.
-Trust your instincts. Trust your gut.  If something feels wrong......walk.  If someone approaches you, and pressures you for a deal....and you don't like it, say so and move on.
NONE of this stuff we collect is so unique that more of it cannot be found somewhere else. You WILL get another shot at it if you pass on it the first time.  It's a hobby, it's meant to be fun.

Lastly, pace yourself. It's not a race either. The zeal for getting stuff is intoxicating, it's easy to go overboard. Take it slow, ENJOY IT, and have fun.

May all your trade/deals be good ones.

This isn't surprising to me, when you consider just how much stock actually appears at a TRU.  You take a look at the pegs at almost any store and it's maybe a case or two of any item, at most, on the pegs.
The brand used to dominate whole rows in the store, and now it is frequently 1/2 single or double row on a wall, with vehicles stacked single-file on the shelves underneath.

That is minimal ordering, and the clearest sign that interest in this brand is almost gone. 
Also bear in mind that those numbers can be for the orders placed IN CANADA. TRU USA could well have ordered 10 times that amount---because the consumer population there is that much greater.  But still, those numbers are sobering.

Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Duke

I'd have to second this roster. Add Timber in to Snake-Eyes, and give Duke a jet pack and a flag.  CC should have two heads: helmet and hood, add a COBRA flag and it'll be golden.

General Joe Talk / Re: Maybe GI Joe isn't completely dead!!!
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:06:16 PM »
Just having a dedicated brand manager for GIJOE is significant. I gather that the brand hasn't had a person in the role for a couple of years now, and that the design team had been shuttered.  The rumours I'm hearing is that there's a build-up not so much for the next movie--although that will be a big part of the plans--but that there will be a Black Series 6" ( 1/12th) scale figure line.  Talk of vehicles is good, IF they are all-new vehicles because that is where new designs tend to come into play.

General Joe Talk / Re: Downtime
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:02:08 PM »
I'm waiting for the Marauder Task Force figures to ship and if they prove to be as nice in-hand as they look, I'll be in kitbash heaven.
Until Hasbro gets novel with GIJOE again, or until (when) they do the Black series editions, then I'll get back into Joe again.

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