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Hey Guys!

I feel like I've been here for a good enough while without really knowing most of you so I found some time to display my long time old joe favorites and let the toys speak for me and my passion about it. My dios are still evolving and I tried to concentrate on characters rather than showing army building galleries ( but a soon to come project, promised ). I like a lot of the 80's Joes and do my very best on resisting the 25th line. I only purchased the DVD battlepacks and a Nemesis Enforcer which is one my favorite Cobra villains.

Also displayed is my STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS dioramas. Watch out for those old MEGO, ERTL & GALOOB Star Trek movies figures doing a Cameo appearance in there! You might catch a glimpse on some Buck Rogers in there too  :wink:

This gallery is public now so let me know what you think!


I think you might have a problem with your link, it is asking me to login...

EDIT: don't mind me, guess I lost the ability to read over the Christmas Holidays!

Yeah, that's normal. Guests have to type in the password to log in : yojoe

I know that martin-montreal was able to get in.

Let me know if it works.

Good lookin stuff. I love the TF gestalts. I picked up a bunch of the knock offs a while back, but I haven't really thought about how to display them.

Did you use an old fish tank as the display thing for the imperial shuttle? The idea of a used fishtank as a display area really intrigues me.

Thanks but that is no Fish tank my friend. It's really a custom made glass case that I had someone make for the Tyderium.

The whole box lifts and the mirrored base plate stays on the floor. A really heavy piece of equipment...It's really a challenge to open it without making a stormtrooper fall  >:( . Gotta hit the Gym and pump my arms so that they don't shake all the time when I manipulate the glass case, that's another New Year's resolution on my list! 


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