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POC in Saskatchewan

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Seeing restocks of Wave 3 figures, and some Wave 2 at Walmarts. Only Awe strikers and Ice cutters at same.  No more Wave 1, or Wave 4 ( yet).
If you are looking for Shock Troopers or the new Snake Eyes, you might need to time it right, as they are not common currently.
Zellers are better for Wave 2 items like Recondo or Jungle Vipers.

 My local TRU has a LARGE amount of POC figures on the pegs. Wave 3 Snake-eyes, desert Storm Shadow, Missile Duke, Jungle Vipers, Jungle Bats, Beach Head, Alley Vipers, Cobra Commanders, Blowtorch, Cobra Troopers, and General Hawk- about a 1/2 dozen of each figure on the pegs.


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