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--- Quote from: "ARROW" ---Seeing POC 1 still on the pegs here, restocks of some wave 2 vehicles like HISS tanks etc.....previous vehicles are NOT selling here. Christmas season will tell.
Of note: POC COBRA Commander figures are showing up on pegs here-- seen 3 in one store, 2 in another--so these are definitely NOT hard to find ( for a chase figure certainly).

Also of interest: ROC has disappeared at discount at TRU. only a lonely Baroness figure on the pegs at my area TRU, and some Rip Attack vehicles, did not see any of the previously plentiful Stingray sets.

Large stockpile of True Heroes ( Chap Mei) sets at TRU, a LOT of different military sets, Chinook copters, riverboats, F-22s, as well as Little Bird sets, and Fire-Police items, and seeing some Fantasy ( sword&sorcery) sets. These items are taking up one whole side of a row section, which used to share space with Joes--so the True Heroes brand is getting a big push at this time.

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I have yet to see wave 2 at anywhere in Winnipeg's region besides the one at the one McPhilips Wal-mart or comic shops (and that was just one set). As for the True Heroes stuff I can't fathom why they're getting such a big push, no one I know has ever bought their stuff. Good ideas but average product.

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I have and the vehicles are awesome. You don't buy True Hereos for the figures as they are pure junk, but the vehicles are a different story.

A bought the Black Hawk from them and I LOVE that thing. I think it's the best 3 3/4 scale helicopter I've ever owned.

If you ever see this one sale, buy one. At first you might be "meh" but after a couple of days it will grow on you. ... Id=3433758

The True Heroes sets are nice looking--I have my eye on several of the vehicles for possible future purchases. They are nicely detailed, colourful toys--but as said, the figures are junk.

One tip: the Chinook copter set ( and the very hard-to-find up here V-22 Osprey set) can fit a classic VAMP inside it.
Rolls right into and fits inside the cargo hold. That is a HUGE plus for that set.
Sets like the Black Hawk can be tricked out with stickers from after-market suppliers for the GIJOE hobby--like COBRA-decals, for example.

True Hereos is pushing the Medieval Theme now as they have a Castle that looks fantastic! (possible Destro Castle playset?  ) 

Wave 2 POC figures showing nice and strong now at local Walmarts. My step-son found  me a Recondo last night--only one on the shelf--so he's short-packed in the cases here.
Walmart is deep into their X-mas stock now, as a lot of vehicles are put on the shelves, and a good amount of figures. Reported a lot of Jungle-Vipers and Alley-Vipers on the pegs.
Wave 3 could hit just before X-mas.......or early January-- likely as LCS's  or Walmart--doubtful that TRU here will see ANY POC for a while yet--as Joes are practically gone from TRU shelves.

Joes are a MINOR toy-line here though--the big pushes are for Transformers, Star Wars and Iron Man, in that order.
TRU had a good amount of recent Iron Man figures, including Ultimate Iron Man, Mandarin, comic Whiplash, modern armour etc.

Wave 3 found today, in both larger and smaller retailers on the snowy Prairie lands...


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