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Nighthawk's modern updates on Spy Troops/VvV/DTC figures

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I decided to split up my customs section into different threads based on what the custom figure is. This thread is for my modern updates to the figures released in the Spy Troops, Venom vs Valor and DTC era.

Sgt. Hacker:
I managed to score a Sgt Hacker in a trade so I decided to modernize him.  Since his Spy Troops disguise is Firefly, I found it fitting to use a Firefly base.  Didn't like the small feet so I swapped them out.  I cut up some parts from the original and added it to his arms as well as that thing on his right thigh. 

The card art shows a grappling hook on his belt so I added that too.  Not a total 100% translation but I got the main parts that I wanted to transfer over, such as the knife on his webgear and the carabiner on his belt.  Hope you guys like it.

Close up of his leg piece:

Just for fun, his spy troops gear.  Don't plan on ever using it again though...haha.

I used a Firefly base for him and added some parts from the original.  He's not a faithful reproduction.  I took some liberties here and I added the Firefly backpack cause he needs some place to put all his Hi-Tech gear.  His chest harness is from Sgt. Weir from Star Wars comic pack with some original Hi-Tech parts glued on.

Mjr. Barrage:
I had a friend modify the arms onto the Roadblock body and paint the skin on the neck for me since I don't have any paint and the glue I have isn't that strong.  All I did was make the vest fit as it's too small for the Roadblock body, so this is basically his custom that I asked him to make for me.  I didn't get the legs painted cause I wanted minimal paint as I do with all my customs to avoid paint wear.

Med Alert:
Many might not know who he is.  Here's the original:  YOJOE.COM | Med Alert

I thought BBQ body would be perfect.  I had a friend paint the white and red parts for me and I did the rest.  I was going to mod the original's arm computer thing like I did for Hard Drive, but my friend did such a great job painting the detail on his left arm that it would be a shame to cut it off so I left it.

Depth Charge:
He is listed as an UDT specialist.  For me, that's too limited.  I wanted him to have some land use as well.  We see enough of his face to see that he is blonde so that's why I used the DTC Lowlight head.  Here he is updated and fit for modern warfare. :)

In full underwater gear:

Closeup of head with mask on:

In land gear:

The skin tone mismatch is not that bad in person, but the camera flash really makes it look a lot worse than it actually is.  I just put Spirit in the pictures just for fun.

Barrel Roll:

Black Out:

I know the necks don't necessarily match color with the heads, but I don't want to bother painting and have the paint chip off later.
I had to modify the belt to fit Black Out.  I put it on backwards so he wouldn't have two holsters on one side.

Red Spot:

Hard Drive:

Close up of his wrist piece

Dr. Link Talbot:
When I first saw the figure, I was thinking that a white shirt and red track pants doesn't scream Navy Seal.  However, I liked the character and when the Resolute Stalker came out, I couldn't resist.  I think he looks more ready to kick ass now.


You can get a clear picture of the belt that I modified onto him here.

You can see the ROC Rollbar behind him here.  I was originally gonna just put the head on him and call it a day.

The era that introduced these characters had its issues, but the headsculpts for the most part fit in realy well with the 25th style figures. Barrel Roll remains one of the best heads from that era. I think reusing those heads with similarly coloured new bodies improves every one of these figures.

Well done.

I've used a few of those myself.

You get a timbit.

Heck, so does Scramble for summing up my thoughts on using those heads so well.  ;)

The club subscription figures are a bit too expensive for me, so I've gone and made a few of them for myself.  Here's my take on Surefire.  I based the head on the new club subscription one as opposed to his original release.


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