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Hi - apologies if this is a daft question, but how hard are the trading cards to obtain ?  I only have a few of them now, but I like to complete the set....they are pretty cool.  I saw a complete set on-line for maybe $30 and was not sure if that was a good / bad deal.  Can anyone give their thoughts?


A lot of us have many extra cards.  Post what you are missing and I'm sure we can send some to you for free. 

Emags, since I believe you're heading to the Can joe con this year, you might want to take your chances finding them at the convention. These past years, the convention always had cards for free, maybe not an entire set, but you can easily get started and post afterwards which ones you need.

I'm still looking for card #6 myself.  ;)

i've got #3 and #4 spare...


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