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Prince de Lu:

As I did with Darklon, here's my joecon Sergeant Major custom.

just save 100$ again. joecon Annihilator is almost finished

that is excellent. love it.

Prince de Lu:

Maybe i'm the only one but back in '87 I was a huge fan of the BF2000 figures. I just finished a custom Dodger and I wanted to complete the roster with the rest of the team.

so here's from left to right

Blocker, Blaster, Deejay, Maverick, Knockdown (as a woman) and Avalanche.

With major modifications to come.

Prince de Lu:


I like how Dodger turned out and the helmet too. Well done sir. Can't wait to see the rest, especially Blocker and Maverick. The rest will surely surprise me as always  :D


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