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Hey gang, I know you've all been waiting anxiously for confirmation of this years Canadian Joe Con, unfortunately all I have for you at this time is some bad news. As much as it pains all of the staff here to say this, there will not be a Canadian Joe Con this year. The cost to rent a hall, every hall looked at, increased quite a bit since last year. GI Joe releases were scaled back last year, making the fodder we need for our convention sets too hard (or expensive) to come by. Even if multiple figures in quantities over a hundred became available today, there just isn’t the painting time or volunteers needed to pull a set off by June 29th, the date the con was originally planned for.

Sorry to anyone that took time off work or started making plans for the con. No one is more disappointed by this announcement than us. Hopefully everyone loves the movie and the enthusiasm for GI Joe carries on into next year for the Canadian Joe Con’s return, which, as of right this moment, WILL return in 2014.

There are a few other issues pertaining to this years CJC, but the bulk of it is posted above. A small gathering, much like the original "Joe Meet", may happen, we will post more if that idea becomes a reality.
- Mike

This is terrible news, :(

Hasbro ought to bankroll y'all instead of the losers south of the border. You guys are 10 times better than them fools.

This is horrible news.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go but I was looking forward to the idea none-the-less and
even trying to come up with ideas for another Declassified panel etc.

grunt 4 mvp:
Oh man....     :'(

Thanks for all your hard work in the past, and I hope we'll have another Con next year.
Even a meet without exclusives would be nice, though.  I'd go!


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