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Finally, HQ!

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Found a unit which required some TLC at one of the Chinook and Hobby stores in Calgary.

It needs some work, but with a bit of help from the Mike, and others, I'll have it back up and running.

Congrats! From what I can see you might only be the small guns, the surveillance camera and the landing platform.

The only missing items were one of the searchlights, and one of the trays.  I put it on my comic-boxes, and there wasn't enough room for the helipad.

A bunch of broken tabs including both cameras, one of the machine guns, and 3 of the stockade walls (Wall C-beside the Vamp bay, and both of the "front" walls beside the door.)

A bunch of the decals could stand to be upgraded too (and swapped with Canadian ones, eh ;) )

Bro I know how you feel,...I got mine from jodi at hucity toys for christmas complete man, I love it. If you need a Dragonfly I have one brand new with no stickers on it. i want to keep my original one with all the Canadian stickers and such on it

Mike will be a great help as well as:   Jodi

and HAL

As well bro as you know if you've been here a while there are tons of awesome dudes, just like LJ that are here to help!


My Link to to my excitement of the HQ, before I had to wrap it up for Christmas!


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