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KRE-O GI Joe and Cobra


After a long wait, I got them so I can now make a little review:

From the Cobra side:

Best replica from the '80s: Cobra Commander! His face could have been grey, but no. It's Chrome!! Even better than our good old Cobra Commander.

Best surprise: Firefly. Very good idea to give him a bike. The fig looks very good and he has a lot of details on him to reproduce the original Firefly. 

Best accessories: While the grenade that comes with the trooper is a cool idea, I will have to go with all the accessories that come with Red Ninja: Bow, sword, 2 stars! The dynamite that come with Firefly is also pretty cool.

The one you must have: Firefly. In fact, you must buy the Checkpoint Alpha. That's a no-brainer!

Most boring: Blue Trooper from Cobra Armored Assault tank. A regular Cobra Soldier would have been a better idea. That fig add nothing more.

Now from the GI Joe side:

Best replica from the '80s: While Stalker has a very well done camo and he has a very cute berret, I will have to go with Quick kick! He comes with the Fudgee Chocolate bar. I mean, that's a nice wink to the vintage TV show.

Best surprise: AT Commander. That piece of hair is really great. Strange at first, but still a really nice idea. Scarlett has also a great piece of hair (rubber), but it can't compare to the one of the AT Commander.

Best accessories: Torpedo. He has so much: Backpack, removable googles, fins x 2, gun, knife. Did I say removable googles? Just for those, I'm sold!!

The one you must have: Again, Torpedo. I have him in my o-ring collection. But not my favourite fig. In the KRE-O universe, that's a must have. He has great (and plenty) accessories. You can't go wrong. In fact, I bought multiple. I can now see a EELS from this mold. So, that is a great news.

Most boring: Snake Eyes... Yes, you read it write! Where is Timber!!! I mean, you can't make a SE v2 without Timber  ??? His visor is cool, but nothing extraordinary.

That's it for now.

I can't wait for wave 2 to hit Canada!!


Joe Nerd:
I'm with ya totally! So anxious for Wave 2!!


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