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What's worse? Crocodiles or zombies?

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Jon S.:

Of course, having both attack at once is the worst!

Also, there's a Defense Mech, a Buzz Boar and a Firebat in there too for no reason. Enjoy!

Dude.... Crocodile Zombies!

Crocodile Zombies?...  Game over man!  ;D

grunt 4 mvp:
Crazylegs is done for. Or if he survives perhaps he'll earn his nickname with an insane prosthesis....
Someone's gonna have to put poor Red Dog down. He's bit for sure.....
Big Lob is a coward...
Who's in the Mech?

Jon S.:
If you look closely, Crazylegs has his gun in the mouth of the croc. Does he shoot the croc before its jaws clamp down on him? Or will he be eaten alive?

Red Dog isn't bit yet, but it's close! (another ambiguous case)

Big Lob was a last minute addition to the photo, hence his lack of involvement. I felt like Tunnel Rat and Law & Order should be there too but wasn't sure how they'd fit in so I left 'em out.

Night Force Steeler in the Defense Mech. '83 swivel arm Cobra Commander in the Buzz Boar.


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