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Finally got a Dr. Venom.  I wish it was a loose one though.

Now all I have to do is wait until my Kwinns come in from SJ, and my modern era (carded) Snake Eyes, Kwinn and Venom will be reunited.

What is this figure...? is it a custo...? Vintage...? Sdcc...?


--- Quote from: g.ijoecollecter3400 on August 18, 2013, 02:14:36 PM ---What is this figure...? is it a custo...? Vintage...? Sdcc...?

--- End quote ---
Its a GIJOE club exclusive. It was made along with 4" figures from the classic Adventure team, and accompanying vehicles. They are in the 25th anniversary style.

They made Monev, aka Dr Venom, from the early Marvel comics, Adventure Team Commander, Land Adventurer, Air Adventurer and Sea Adventurer based on the '70s 12in Joes. The vehicles were all redecos of existing ones, a 25th FANG became the AT helicopter, in a fetching bright yellow colour scheme, there was an AT ground vehicle and a redeco Mantis sub (IIRC) for the Sea Adventurer.

AH_HA!!!  Just as i suspected !!

Because i have seen g.i joe on a adventure team ish card, in the 4'' scale on ebay....

And all those figures and vehicles you named or on my 25th ann. checklist...

How much $$$ am i looking @ to get em all....?


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