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a little help please


 So I've not yet been able to attend a joecon yet. I reallllllllly want to for 2014 and i plan on going all out to make it. i am a die hard fan..  lol I'm just not sure of the specifics location price etc...  ill walk there if i have to.  but if anyone can give me the low down so i can be prepared it would greatly be appreciated!  8)

atm there is no information on CanaJoeCon 2014.


--- Quote from: Sundance on December 28, 2013, 04:09:15 PM ---atm there is no information on CanaJoeCon 2014.

--- End quote ---

Ditto. We're pretty much all in the dark right now. All of us. If I may ask, where in the US of A are you located in, Flintfan?

Just FYI, the Canadian Gi joe Convention was always held up to now in Hamilton (Ontario), and lately, in Toronto (Ontario).

Hey thanx for the input guys. And to latinjoe: I'm located in the deep south. baton rouge Louisiana ... lol (gung ho's my round) ...honestly i keep forgetting this is a canadian fan site.  Honestly that doesn't change my aforementioned post. from hisstank to this is by far my fav site. keep on keepin on guys.


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