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I was fortunate enough to meet Jon S and have a excellent time talking to him about Joes and Transformers.  While all that was going on he bought my ROCC from me.  When I told him that my son would not miss that vehicle he gave me a stack of comics to give to my son in appreciation.  He is an Excellent person to talk to and he is straight forward with his communications.  I'm honoured that I am able to start his Feedback thread here.


grunt 4 mvp:
Really cool guy. True fan of Joe. Easy and honest to deal with.
Hope I get to know him better & deal again in future.

grunt 4 mvp:
Dealt so nice we swapped up twice!
Deal with confidence.

Once again, great Canucker!  Glad I could help out.

Jon S. is a Very Trust Worthy Canucklehead! Fast Payment and Great Communication!


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