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Jon S. and Pete The Greek.

I don't want to go into why I'm handing over the site to these two fine folks. Just know that I personally think it will be in great hands with them at the helm.

I will say that I 100% trust them with the future of, and that in the last 10+ years that I've known them, they've been nothing but courteous, honest, and all around great with me.

I had multiple people contact me about this site, and in all honesty, I was about to sell the site and the board to a current member until Jon and Pete said they wanted it. So, free of charge, I tossed them the keys, and it's now in their hands.

In the upcoming weeks, the site may be down again while it gets moved to a hosting company they're more comfortable with, or while they make changes to the site.

I'll still be an Admin around here for awhile longer (or forever, if they wish) while the changes take place, but I expect I'll be less active since I won't "have" to check in every day to ensure there's no spam and everything is working alright.

If you have any questions, for myself, Jon, or Pete, please feel free to post them here.
It's been a great 13 years running this place (mostly). Thanks!
- Mike

well, i for one, welcome our new overlords.

That's great news!!!

Certainly the board is still in great hands!  Congrats!



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