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50th Anniversary updates by Nighthawk


I really like the new Lady Jaye but I wish they gave her a holster and no hat.  I also took the idea from the G.I.Joe Battleground card art for Lady Jaye and modified her javelin thrower so that it had removable javelins.

For Flint, I painted his leg straps, gave him the wrist mounted shotgun shells, switched his head and modified his webgear and a 25th Recondo backpack so that it would fit on him.

Lady Jaye

Throwing her javelin:

Her javelin thrower:


One of my easiest ones.  When I got the DATD set, I knew I didn't need 2 Flints and since the SDCC one was my default Flint, then this one was extra.  I put a Sgt. Stone head on and the vest and just like that, I have an updated Sgt. Stone.

Beachhead.  Here's a list of everything I did:

1. Cut backpack peg shorter by a little so that the backpack peg doesn't bottom out when putting it in his back.  Now the backpack is a lot more secure.  Used the rubber bands to hold it more securely to backpack

2. Gave him the ROC Target Rescue pack Snake Eyes' belt

3. Gave him a magazine for his pouch and gave him his vintage style rifle (I know, it looks dated, but wanted to be as close to the vintage one as I could)

4. Gave him Cobra Trooper's black kneepads

5. Gave him extra pistol and silencer from Cobra Trooper

One of the things I loved about the vintage Heat Viper was how all the parts connected to him.  I decided that I liked that feature enough that I was gonna mod my 50th one.  Found a peg, drilled a hole and put it in his head.  Now his bazooka hose plugs into the side of his head.  I didn't bother painting the peg cause I will be posing him with the hose on his head anyways.

Also added a black hose that goes from bazooka to backpack.  Didn't bother to modify his webgear cause it wouldn't make sense for the hose to go there I think.

As mentioned, I didn't bother painting the peg as I will not display him with the hose unattached.  If I painted it, the paint would just rub off anyways.

I know we're sick of Blowtorch's.  He's one of my favourite Joes but I just hate how the modern one can't hold his weapon.  I did it once with the POC one but from that knowledge, I figured out the proper places to cut his arm so that it can bend more where it is needed without ruining the look too much.

Again, modified the stock so it can retract to help him hold the flamethrower.  Because of where I cut the arm, I was able to use his actual hands without switching to Snow Job hands, which is what I did on a previous one. 

He's a figure I thought was totally unneccesary but I do like his darker red better on this one so he's now my default one. 

Stock retracted:

Stock extended:

Shows how he looks after I cut the material away on his upper arms.

Just minor changes, but I really like this Blowtorch now.  I don't know why, but I really liked the 50th star logo too.

I touched up some of the paint on his hair and painted the Marine logo on his cap.  Gave him ROC Benchpress' backpack and the ROC Leatherneck's grey pistol to match his rifle.

I really wish the Wolf came with 2 Ice Vipers.  I'm not willing to pay an arm and a leg for a second Ice Viper, so I just made an officer to sit in the back.

It's just a Snow Serpent with some random belt and Duke style bandolier and a modified collar.  Head is Para Viper and helmet and goggles is from Alley Viper.

I don't show the legs in the pictures cause I don't have a Snow Serpent Officer.  Want to get a set of those legs so the boots would be grey instead of blue. 

Didn't realize until someone pointed it out, but the 50th Leatherneck's US flag is missing the stars.

Gave him a backpack, painted the 'stars' portion of the US flag onto him and painted his logo on his cap.  I also gave him POC Leatherneck's pistol to match the rifle.

So, knowing that I did the flag backwards annoys me just as much as Hasbro not finishing off the flag.  So, I went and did my best to remove the paint I applied without ruining the crappy paint Hasbro used and then redid the stars portion.


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