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Member count will be going down

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Pete The Greek:
I finally decided to take a look at the members that have signed up here in the past.  For some reason, plenty of spammers have signed up lately.  They will be gone just like a baseball at the end of Edwin Encarnacion's bat. 


Sounds good. I have all the Viagra I need already.

Pete The Greek:
A lot of these spammers have .ru (Russian) emails.  Makes it a lot easier to ban and delete these accounts.

Seem to have had a lot of spammers registering and posting lately. Maybe it's worth considering closing new memberships?

Pete The Greek:
If that option exists, I will gladly use it.  I am so sick and tired of deleting these Russian spam accounts.

Canada has and always will kick your ass in ice hockey, Russians.  Deal with it.


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