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Montreal Toy Con, Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Hi everyone!

Just giving you a headsup that the next greatest toy show in Montreal will be on October 25th 2015, at the Marriot's Courtyard, from 10am to 4pm.

As for every year, admission is only 5bucks, and kids under 5 yrs get in for free.

To anyone who has never been at this show, it's a fun show to attend and a great place to find toys and collectibles. There's over 50 dealer tables, but don't be fooled by this number, because there are dealers that are specialized in several action figure lines, too many for me to name. It's an event by collectors, for collectors, and also a great family event, lots of toys to find for your loved ones, and it's all organized by the very awesome people at Toys On Fire.

I insist on the fact that they are awesome, because I've been to several shows out in the Montreal area, and it's rare to still pay a 5buck admission for a 1 day experience that is as near as cool as the Montreal Toy Con. Unlike for any other event in the greater Montreal area, they've come to show that it's still possible to maintain a humble formula that works, as well as sparing the extravagent admission fees that come with bigger conventions.

So if you have nothing special planned on that day, and you do love action figures and toys in general, it's worth to check it out (hey it's once a year right? ).

Thank you for the news
Interresting I dont buy that much on ebay anymore the currency rate is very bad and now I prefer to buy local ;)


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