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My DEADPOOL movie review

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On friday I had the chance to go see it. Believe me, I tried not to go see it because I did not want to endorse a sadistical character who I remember appeared back then on X-Force. Anyway, I was completely wrong.

I saw the movie, and it was Great. It was a better movie to me, than the Force Awakens felt like. It is a genuinely good movie. Something that feels fresh and had me laughing from beginning to end.

Beware parents of kids and teens alike: DO not, and I insist, do not let them go see this movie, for yours and their own good. It is NOT appropriate for them, it never was (even in the comic books, he was a character that I always felt didn't have an appropriate place in traditionnal comic books, hence my predisposition against him at first, but these are the movies, so it's different). This is really the most important thing I had to say, and the fact that the movie completely took me by surprise. It really satisfied expectations where I didn't have them at all. Enjoy!

It's awesome. He's an antihero on a mission of vengeance, of course he's not going to be nice.

Pete The Greek:
I will wait until the movie is released for rental.  I was never a fan of this character to begin with. 

Crimson Canuck:
Gotta wait a couple of weeks for this to get here :( Can't wait.

Crimson Canuck:
So, we decided to go visit relatives in Alberta and decided to go see this. Loved it, laughed so hard in some spots I had tears and cheered when he did stuff that most movies have the main character hold off on. I'll go again when it hits my home town.
Curious to see that the theatre we went to had it rated 14A, I thought it was rated R. Anyhoo, I don't see a problem with 16 and up going to this, 14-15 year olds, I think it depends on their maturity level so parental discretion should be advised there. Personally, I was reading novels, graphic novels/comics and watching movies at 14 that were just as violent, if not more, and as sexually suggestive, if not more. So if you're a parent and you're wondering if your kid should or shouldn't see it, then go see it, think about what you saw or did when you were your kids age and make your judgement from that.

If you liked this then go play the DeadPool game. Or go play the DeadPool game and then see this movie. Oh, and make sure to stay and watch the little blurp after the credits.


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