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Merry Christmas All!

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I haven't seen too much movement here lately and with the lack of Joe available I don't expect an upswing. I am still checking here though!

 I just wanted to shout a out an early merry Christmas to everyone! Have a safe and wonderful time with family and friends.

 Hope 2017 brings something to get me hunting again (toy hunting that is)....I've never been real hunting...except or the ladies....and that was before I met my wife..... ;) ... now I'm just rambling... oh look blizzard in the forcast for Christmas and Boxing day! Joy!!

Later  :)


Crimson Canuck:
Merry Christmas all! I'm still hunting for a few '82/'83 originals, organizing my joe rooms, working on a few customs and piecing together my custom Flagg. Hope your holidays are joyful.

merry christmas from the UK!

Merry Christmas all, and here's to a GI Joe new year!!

I'm late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I hope you all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas/ Holiday gathering with your friends and family and wish you lots of warmth and happiness. Cheers from Montreal Quebec Canada to all!


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