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I got my preorder Zartan and Cobra Infantry from EB Games this week.  Man they are both big steps up in quality and sculpt from wave 1 of Classified.

Also saw 2 Retro Cobra Fangs at my local Walmart today (Barrhaven).  I'm not a big fan of the new Fang, and the figure is terrible.

Found Zartan, infantry, Redeco Roadblock and Scarlett at my local Walmart (Barrhaven).

Took the Infantry, but Roadblock/Scarlett weren't in the system.  Guess that comes from the new individual SKU system Walmart is using.

Scored another Baroness/Coil at my local TRU today.  Must have found some stock.  Lucky me.

Flint and Lady Jaye are starting to ship from EB Games so I imagine they will be on shelves when everything opens up again.

Walmart retro carded lady jay in Milton. 6 of them on the peg at $34.99.

akpayne: has Tomax, Xamot, Stalker and Dusty available for pre-order @ $35.99 each.  They had Zarana but she is currently sold out and unavailable.


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