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Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?

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Well I think it is high time some discussion started up again on the board.  Don't know if anyone is still around, but here goes.


I haven't seen much in store from this line so I can't speak to it very much.  Figure wise I am not impressed.  They look good, but the quality is pretty bad.  At least based on the Cobra Pilot I opened.  It felt "gummy" and cheap like it would be something you would find in a dollar store.

The Fang is the only vehicle I picked up since I never found the AWE or HISS.  The box art is great, and it definitely feels like a "retro" throwback.  However I find the updates to the Fang completely unnecessary, and frankly detract from the vehicle.

I get that it was done to add a bit of heft/weight to the vehicle, but it comes across as unnecessary fiddling.  I'm sure the AWE and HISS are fine since they seem to be simple re-releases.


After a bit of an underwhelming start, the line is really coming on strong.  Excluding the stupid Cobra Island exclusives, I have been loving the newer releases.  Zartan and Cobra Infantry are outstanding.  Destro is amazing!  I can't wait for more reveals on April 9th during the Hasbro FanFest.

Not impressed with Retro since it's just modern era in throwback packaging. Retro looks crap.

I think the idea for retro was a good one, but the execution is what was/is lacking. 

I like the packaging, well the boxes.  I can appreciate the cards, but I don't particularly care for them. 

As I said I find the figures to feel cheap, probably from the plastics they used.  Also the price is stretched way too far now.  I get that it is 2021, and that everything costs more, but +$20, after tax, for a single figure is too much.  You can get most of the 25th/ME figures for less than that on the secondary market.

Also I think it was a missed opportunity to reissue the ARAH molds.  I know that most of the molds are gone, but with other lines doing the retro reissue (TMNT, He-Man, Transformers) thing, I think more people would have been interested in near identical reissues.  Especially since the ARAH line has such limited reissues, at least when it comes to figures, over the past 20 years.  And compared to other toy lines.

I meant Classified looks crap. Whoops.

If they want to do modernised ARAH retro stuff, they ought to hire Marauders and use their methodology for non o-ring/non-fugly chest hinged figures.

I actually don't mind Classified.  I think some of the looks are overly busy, but overall I like the majority, especially the Cobra Infantry.  I understand wanting to capture the look of the recent game, but I think they should try the ML formatt of throwing in classic looks along with newer takes in every wave.

What did everyone, meaning just you apparently Sundance, think of the movie reveals?

I like that they are doing a cheaper 6" line for the kids.  It shows they are at least still trying.  The movie classified figures are ok, but kind of meh to me right now.  I find it funny that they are numbered like the rest of the classified line, but at least that explains the missing numbers after the CI exclusives. 

Definitely not a fan of the beige Storm Shadow, or this new female character.  Also hate the Baroness' hair.  However, I guess it is a case of wait and see the movie before making a final decision.

Also love those kid role play items.  I mean different bo staffs that can convert to other weapons?  Yes please!!!  Now do them ala ML role play for adults.

Retro/Vintage is still going so we will see more in June during their Yo Joe June reveal event.  Hopefully they do more vintage vehicles, especially if the rumour of a vintage boxed Vamp Mk2 is true.


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