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It's a good time to be joe fan! The old designers are assembling to create new joes-like figures. Retelo is very nice and from a concept that was submitted (and politely rejected) in the 80s. It's great to see the steps on how joes were made.


amazing opportunity that we probably won't see again in my lifetime. Hope the fans support.

Looks great, and you can't beat the team behind this idea.

Big thing will be the price, and possibly Hasbro. 

With prices the way they are now at regular retail, I hate to think what they will have to ask for this line to get it in our hands.

Hasbro may also try and pull a Mattel and issue a Cease & Desist to hurt their chances of getting off the ground.  Granted Hasbro hasn't been known to do that as much as Mattel. Mattel recently did just that (C&S) to FORMO Toys who were doing the same thing as these guys (MOTU sytle figures from some of the original creators).

Still excited to see what they do, and you can't go wrong with a pigeon companion!!!

I've submitted an idea after I saw it on HISS Tank.

I've always thought the joes needed a quarter master/supply guy - a mix of klinger/Radar from M*A*S*H in their wheeling and dealing  and Macguyver. A guy who could get all sorts of things and knew how to macguyver almost anything from whatever he could get.


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