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Haslab Classified HISS Tank ($299.99US)

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So let's start the thread now that there was an early leak today.

Someone working on Hasbro Pulse's site is not paying enough attention.   For a brief period there was a listing for a Haslab Classified HISS Tank for $299.99US.  There was no picture, and it wasn't available to order, but still.  Considering it is supposed to be revealed tomorrow, someone is going to get a talking to about duty of care.

Let's hope for that price they include a lot like they did with the Skystriker.

I guess we'll know in less than 24 hours.

Forgot to add.  I did a quick calculation based off past Haslab projects that I bought, and here is what I expect as the final total for the Classified HISS Tank:

$299.99US + $29.99US shipping + $42.90US (Ontario 13% HST) for a final (US) total of $372.88.  Once converted by today's exchange rate, that comes out to $480.24 CDN!!!!!!!


I would say that is crazy, but I have been a sucker for a lot of the Haslabs, so I'll probably cave on this as well.  I'm just hoping they trick it out like they did the Skystriker.

That's a lot of money for a Hiss tank. Hoping it will get functional treads


--- Quote from: martin-montreal on June 29, 2022, 12:38:50 AM ---That's a lot of money for a Hiss tank. Hoping it will get functional treads

--- End quote ---

If it doesn't have working treads for that price it will be a deal breaker for a lot of fans.  I am expecting it to have that at least.

I am also hoping for some kind of support vehicle.   A lot of people are hoping for a tow vehicle (Asp, MMS) but I don't think Hasbro is willing to go that big for an add in vehicle.  However I hope they do some kind of support vehicle like the fueler and weapons cart they did with the Skystriker.

It's live:


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