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SPONSOR SECTION / Hub City Toys Closing Early 2014
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:16:22 AM »
Hi everyone, just writing to inform that as of early 2014 I will officially be closing down my web-store. With a full time job and another son born a month ago, I am finding it increasingly difficult to balance work and family. I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all the customers that purchased from me over the years. I appreciate all the business and friendships that ensued!!!! I will still remain a collector of course, ;D  so I'll  be visiting the site frequently and making occasional purchases/trades.  Again, thanks for your business and the great times!!!!!
sincerely, Jody Scott

Hub City Toys

For Sale or Trade / 170 GiJoe figs for sale 1982-1990
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:00:38 PM »
Hi Everyone, I have about 170 figures I am looking to sell. Prices and condition are listed per figure. Please email me with any questions, and discounts are offered for multiple purchases!!!

Spend $200, shipping is free in Canada!!!!!

Shortfuze, c8+ complete with Filecard; 15
Shortfuze, c8+ complete; 14
Breaker x3; all complete- 11/each
Scarlett, c8 (loose legs), c8+; 20

Tripwire, needs 0-ring, missing one mine; 4
Zap, c8 complete with Filecard; 17
Tripwire, complete with Filecard; 13
Tripwire x2, complete; 10/each
Clutch; c8.5+; 10
Cobra Officer, c8+ complete; 15
Cobra Solider, c8+, complete with filecard; 16
Snow Job, c8+ complete with Canadian Filecard; 14
Snow Job, c8 incomplete; 7
Duke, c8+ but needs o-ring, complete with Filecard; 11
Duke, c7.5, incomplete with filecard; 8
Airborne, complete with Canadian Filecard; 15
HISS driver, c8; 10
Torpedo, complete with Filecard, c8+, 13
Wildbill, c8+ complete (nice paint); 8
Doc, complete c8.5; 13
Flash, c8.5+ (really nice!) complete; 16
Major Bludd, c8+ complete; 11
Major Bludd; c7.5, incomplete (accessory pack blaster); 7
Destro, c8+, incomplete (accessory pack blaster); 8
Gung-Ho, incomplete c8+ (missing grenade launcher); 9
Stalker, complete c7.5+ (some paint wear, loose legs); 10

MUTT, complete c8+; 10
Hooded Cobra Commander, complete with Canadian Filecard c8; 12
Hooded Cobra Commander, needs o ring c7 but complete; 6
HALO; c8+ complete; 13
Roadblock x2, complete c8.5; 10/each
Roadblock x1; complete c8.5 with Filecard; 11
BLowtorch, complete c8.5 with Filecard; 12
Blowtorch, incomplete (needs torch, broken mask strap) c7; 3
Scrap Iron, complete c8 with filecard; 10
Scrap Iron, complete c8 with Canadian filecard; 11
Scrap Iron, complete c8; 8
Hooded Cobra Commander; accessory pack blaster; 5
Copperhead, complete with filecard c8; 11
Zartan, c8+ missing blaster; 14
MUTT, needs o-ring, no baton; 4
Stormshadow, c7 (yellowing), 2x bows- both broken strings, one glued; 10

Law & Order- Complete and in really nice shape, but with broken crotch; 6
Ship Wreck- c8+ complete with file card; 15
Tomax/Xamot, c8 complete with Canadin filecard; 12
Frostbite, c8.5 complete; 7
Tomax/Xamot, complete c7.5; 9
Airtight; c8.5+ complete with filecard; 12
Torch, c8+ complete but with damage to axe blade; 7
Roadblock, c8.5+ complete; 9
Ripper, complete c8, 9
Monkeywrench, c8+ complete; 10
Tele-Vipers, c8 complete; 8
Snow Serpent, c8+ complete with filecard; 13
Tele-vipers, c8 complete; 8
Footloose; c8+ complete but tip of M-16 is missing; 8
Snake Eyes; complete but missing thumbs, 22
Snake Eyes; c8.5 complete; 45
Bazooka, c8 complete; 11
Ripper, c8 complete with filecard; 11
Tomax/Xamot, c7 missing zip line; 7
Alpine, c8.5 complete; 12
Tele-Vipers, c8 complete; 8
Buzzer, c8+ incomplete; 7

Dial-Tone, c8.5+; 9
Dr. Mindbender, c8+, complete; 11
Big Boa x2, c8 complete; 9/each
X-Country, complete with filecard c8+; 10
Wet Suit; c8.5+ complete; 13
Lifeline; c8+ complete with extra accessories; 12
Leatherneck, c8+ complete (looks like rifle was slightly painted silver); 7
Skipstream, c7.5+ complete with filecard; 7
Motor Viper, c8.5 complete with filecard; 9
Ice Berg, c8 complete; 7
Brazil Leatherneck, complete c8.5+; 25
Brazil Wet-Suit, complete c8.5+; 25
Brazil Dial-Tone, c8.5+ complete; 25
Brazil Mainframe, c8.5+ complete; 25
Zarana, c8 complete; 12
Vipers, c8+ complete; 13
Wet suit, c8.5 complete; 13
Vipers, complete c8.5 with filecard; 15
Zandar x2, c8+ complete with filecard; 12/each
Hawk; c8+ complete; 13
Lifeline; incomplete with Canadian filecard; 6
Big Boa, incomplete with Canadian filecard; 4
Mercer (1987), c8+ complete; 9
Lift Ticket, c7 incomplete; 3
Dr. Mindbender, incomplete needs filecard; 5

Raptor, c8+ complete but bird is missing talons; 5
Golobulus; c8.5, complete; 10
Fast Draw; c9 complete; 11
Techno-Viper, c8 complete with filecard; 12
Croc Master, c8+ complete; 11
Cobra Commander; missing hose with filecard; 8
Sea Slug; c8.5 complete with filecard; 10
Raptor, c8.5+ complete; 11
Psyche-out, complete with Canadian Filecard; 12
Psyche Out; missing one arm satellite with filecard c8+; 8
Cobra Commander, complete c8+ with filecard; 11
Nemisis Enforcer, c8+ complete; 11
Crazylegs, c8 missing stalk; 5
Avalanche, c8.5+ complete; 7
Croc Master, c7.5 complete; 9
Knockdown, c8.5+ complete; 7
Crystal Ball, c8+ complete with filecard; 8
Gyro-Viper, c8.5+ complete with filecard; 12
Techno-Viper, c8+ complete with filecard; 10
Gung-Ho, c8 incomplete with Canadian filecard; 10
Avalanche, c8.5+ complete; 6
Gung-Ho, c8.5 complete with filecard; 11
Chuckles, c8.5+ compete; 10
Blocker, c8.5+ complete; 8
Techno-Viper, c8 complete; 10
Crystal Ball, c8 complete; 7
Dodger, c8.5+ complete; 6
Blaster, c8.5+ complete; 7
Taurus, c8+ complete; 10
Ice Viper, c8 complete with filecard; 13

Blizzard x2, c8+ complete; 9/each
Blizzard x2, c8+ complete with Canadian Filecard; 10/each
Blizzard, c8+ complete with filecard; 9
Destro Versionn 2, c8.5 complete with filecard; 12
Iron Grenadier, c8.5+ complete; 14
Repeater, incomplete; 4
Muskrat, c8+ complete (broken peg on board); 9
Alley Viper, c8.5+ with filecard, missing gun; 11
unknown figure; 3
Windmill, c8 incomplete; 3
Budo, c8.5+ complete; 12
Stormshadow, c8.5 complete with Canadian filecard; 14
Stormshadow, c8+ complete; 10
Astro Viper, c8.5+ complete with filecard; 10
Muskrat; incomplete with Canadian filecard; 7
Marauder MUTT; incomplete c8+; 7
Repeater; c8.5+ complete; 11
Ice Berg, complete c8; 12
Hydro-Viper, c8.5= complete with filecard; 12
Rock Viper, c8 incomplete with filecard; 8
Hardball, complete c8.5 with filecard; 11
Downtown, complete c8.5; 10
Annihilator, complete c8.5 with Canadian filecard; 11
Hardball x2 complete c8.5; 8/each- one includes Canadian filecard, the other a standard filecard
Spearhead & Max x2 incomplete; 2/each
Tigerforce Duke, c8+ complete with Canadian filecard; 14
Tigerforce Roadblock, c8+ complete with Canadian filecard; 13
Tigerforce Lifeline, c8+ complete with Canadian filecard; 15
Tigerforce Bazooka, c7.5 complete with Canadian filecard; 10
Tigerforce Flint, c8.5 complete with canadian filecard; 14

Pics coming soon!!!!!

For Sale or Trade / GiJoe and other items for sale!!
« on: July 21, 2013, 10:24:47 AM »
Hi readers, I have the following items for sale. Please email/pm me with questions, and/or if you require more pictures. Pricing is noegotiable, especially for bulk purchases!!! ***Pricing includes PP fees***

Gi Joe

- 1985 Snake Eyes c8.5, 100% Complete- $40
- 1986 Terror Drome AVAC Pilot 100% Complete, c8.5+ w/ Filecard- $25
- 1986 Special Mission Brazil "Leatherneck" c8.5+- $25
- 1986 Special Mission Brazil "Mainframe" c8.5+- $30
- 1986 SPecial Mission Brazil "Dialtone" c8.5+- $30
- 1986 Special Mission Brazil "Wet-Suit" c8.5+- $30
- 1983 Skystriker X14, Complete minus Parachutes. Includes Pilot "Ace." - $35
- 1983 MOBAT Complete minus Driver "Steeler"- Still works!!- $20
- 1983 HISS Driver c8.5- Symbol is very nice with minor wear- $15
- 1988 Nightforce "Tunnel Rat" file card- c8+- $12

- I have 100's more complete GiJoe Vintage figures, just ask and I may be able to help you!!!!

Transformers and MOTUC
-Unopened Re-issue Hasbro Optimus Prime- $90
- Unopened Import Henkei Starscream- $60
- Unopened Re-issue Dirge- $55
- Unopened Re-issue Jazz- $60
- MOC MOTCU Grizzlor- $25
- MOC Mattycollector Ghostbusters Ray Stantz- $30
- loose Silverhawks "Quicksilver" c8.5 with Tallyhawk- $35
- loose Silverhawks "Copperkid" c8.5+ -$40

More items and pictures to be added soon!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, in order to honor May the 4th I am having the following sale on ALL in-stock items;
Order $100 (before sipping)or more and recieve 10% off of your order! Refund will be sent via paypal after order is paid for. Please email me with any questions. Thanks!

Hi everyone, I will have the following arriving in stock as of this weeks' end. Prices and pics will be listed on the web-store soon.
EE Knight Rider w/ Michael Knight figure
Retaliation Bravo Vehicles Wave 2
Tenkei Starscream D-02 MISB
Hasbro re-issue Soundwave MISB

As always, please email/pm me with any questions. Thanks!!!

Hi readers, been a while since my last post....
I have recently added 14 loose Marvel and DCU figures to my web-store (see link below)

I will also be getting in some 2013 Retaliation Movie stock in, such as the Wave Bravo Vehicles (Tread Ripper, Fang Boat, Ninja Commando) and a few other items yet to be determined. Keep posted for prices, and email me if you have any questions/want to reserve an item!!
Thanks, Jody.
Hub City Toys

SPONSOR SECTION / Vintage MOC TMNT Added to Store
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:56:28 PM »
Hi everybody, just an update that I have added  seven vintage carded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures the web store. This includes Donatello and Mouser as well as five other figures! Please email me with any questions if you have any. Thank you for reading! Jody.

SPONSOR SECTION / Happy Holidays from Hub City Toys!!
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:36:10 PM »
Hi everyone, just want to throw out a happy holidays to all the board members!! I'll be updating the site with new stock in Jan/2013. Aside from re-stock of vintage GiJoe's, I will be getting the EE exclusive Knight Rider w/ Michael Knight figure; likely in February!! Have a great New Year!! Jody.

Hi readers, I've just gotten in several vintage and modern vehicles and dozens of complete vintage GiJoe figures this week! They will be added to the web store this weekend and I will update this thread with examples of the new stock after it has been uploaded!! Please check the store out and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks! Jody.

SPONSOR SECTION / Hub City Toys Fall Facebook Contest- Toy Giveaway
« on: September 09, 2012, 11:31:30 AM »
Hey everyone,

If you haven't already, please consider checking out Hub City Toy's Facebook page.  Becoming a fan will not only keep you up-to-date on pre-orders and new stock, you will also have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming Facebook contest.

Here's the link, I hope you "like" it!

Thanks for supporting a Canadian, home-based business.  Cheers, Jody.

Hi everyone, just got some more POC figures in; specifically the harder-to-find figures such as Life-line, Air-tight and even the USA Spirit and Quick Kick. All are at least c8++ and carded. Please check out the store for more figures too!!

SPONSOR SECTION / Vintage Stock Added Today- August 9/12
« on: August 09, 2012, 07:29:00 PM »
Hi everyone, I just picked up some vintage re-stocks for the store. Here are a few examples:
1983 Gi Joe Headquarters
1986 Tomahawk
1985 Cobra Night Landing Boat
& More!!
Please email me with any questions. Thanks!!

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