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Ontario / PoC at TRU
« on: March 11, 2011, 08:46:55 PM »
Yup, saw wave 3 today! They had 2-3 of each.

Bad news is... $9.99! :(

They do tend to have sales from time to time so the $9.99 might not be too bad a thing. Anyways, hopefully this means we'll start seeing new Joes at TRU regularly again. Too bad they weren't in time to bring in the QK and Spirit figures though. :(

For Sale or Trade / Kamakura for Trade
« on: April 20, 2010, 08:59:08 PM »
Hey folks,

Since noticing this guy is hard to find for some, I found one and am offering it up for trade, if anyone is interested. My want list is below.

AWE Striker with Crank Case
FLAK w/ Outback & CLAW w/ Strato Viper

Loose Complete Figures with File Card
Grand Slam from Night Spectre
Slipstream from Conquest X-30
Rampage (Heavy Metal) from RHINO
Dusty from DVD Pack
Quick Kick from DVD Pack
Alpine from DVD Pack

Comic Packs (Mint in Package)
Shockwave & Pilot Destro
Storm Shadow (Training) & Tunnel Rat

Attack on Cobra Island
Defense of Cobra Island

Star wars Legacy
  BD28: Ugnaught II
  BD36: Boba Fett
  BD40: Concept IG-88
  BD48: Snowtrooper (Concept Art Series)
  BD49: AT-AT Driver
  BD50: Cloud City Wing Guard I (Sgt. Edian)
  BD50: Cloud City Wing Guard II (Utris M'Toc)
  BD51: Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot)
  BD52: R2-X2
  BD53: Willrow Hood (Ice Cream Maker Guy)
  BD54: Zuckuss
  BD55: Snowtrooper

Sounds like everyone had a great time at the con this past weekend. That's awsome. Too bad I couldn't make it.
I've been reading through the various posts about the con and I really haven't been able to pull out any news and noone's really posted a full recap. Given that Hasbro Canada had a presence and they had a Q&A, I was hoping there would be some news on upcoming product, particularly as pertaining to Canada. Last year they revealed a wave before anywhere else and we found out that the vehicles were indeed coming to Canada (and boy did they come! Wave 1 that is!).

Anyways, if anyone has any news on stuff or a summary from the Q&A for us non-attendees that would be awsome!

Hey folks, here's my list of stuff for sale. Trying to get rid of more, and get a few $ to help pay for school.

All prices are in Canadian $ and prices are negotiable. If you're interested in something just let me know. I can provide more detailed descriptions and photos on request. Buyer pays shipping, but if you're in the GTA, we may be able to arrange a meeting to save on the shipping.

I don't have many posts here, though I have delt with TheMike before, and I've got solid 100% feedback on both and ebay if you would like references.

Thanks for looking!

Also check out my Star Wars stuff for sale here: ... ic=18689.0

Transformers - Robots in Disguise

Optimus Prime ? Fire Truck $50.00
Ultra Magnus $50.00
Or both (to make Omega Prime) for $80. I think I paid $50 each for them when they came out. They?re mint in the boxes (Canadian packaging), never been open and in nice shape. Don?t really want to part with these but I need the money, and they take up a fair bit of space.


25th Anniversary - US Cards
Cobra Trooper Wave 1 $10.00
Python Patrol Officer $10.00

DTC US Cards
Range Viper x3 $4.00 ea.
Snow Serpent x6 $5.00 ea.
Salvo x2 $3.00 ea.

Comic Pack US Card
Issue 9 Breaker, Scarlett, Cobra Commander (Hologram) $10.00

GI Joe vs. Cobra
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Version 1 Loose $2.00
Cobra Commander Version 13 Loose $2.00
Cobra Moray Version 1 Loose $2.00
Wetsuit Version 7 Loose $2.00
Destro Version 7 Loose $2.00
Duke Version 11 Loose $2.00
Neo Viper Version 1 Loose $2.00
Destro Version 11 Loose $2.00
Frostbite Version 4 Loose $2.00
Zartan Version 4 Loose $2.00
Kamakura Version 2 Loose $2.00


Royal Guard TIE Interceptor US $10
Clone Wars Republic Gunship US $10

3 3/4

TAC 2007

#39 Lando Smuggler US $10
#41 4-LOM US $10

Celebration III Exclusive Darth Vader $40

SAGA 2006
SAGA-010: R2-D2 US $6
SAGA-031: Momaw Nadon US $6
SAGA-033: Hem Dazon Can $6
SAGA-038: Darth Vader US $6
SAGA-044: Luke Endor US $6
SAGA-047: Obi-Wan Kenobi US $6
SAGA-054: Chewbacca with C-3PO US $6
SAGA-061: Super Battle Droid US $6

Demise of General Grievous

Anakin Skywalker ROTS #2 Canadian $10
Clone Commander (GREEN)   ROTS #33 Canadian $10
Clone Commander (RED)   ROTS #33 Canadian $10
Clone Pilot (BLACK)   ROTS #34     Canadian $10
Clone Trooper ROTS #41 Canadian $10
Destroyer Droid ROTS #44 Canadian $10
Hologram Yoda ROTS Canadian $6
Hologram Emporer ROTS Canadian $6

12" Boba Fett $40

C-3PO   VOTC   Canadian   $18.00

SAGA 2003
Han Solo Hoth Blue Coat Saga 03#13 U.S. $5.00
Princess Leia Imperial Captive   Saga 03#26   U.S.   $5.00
Han Solo Flight to Alderaan   Saga 03#27   U.S.   $5.00

SAGA 2003 - Clone Wars
Saga 2003 Clone Wars Troop Builder Pack - Blue $15

2003 Holiday Edition Yoda $20

Silver R2-D2   TRU Exclusive   U.S.   $10.00 Not Mint

SAGA 2002
Jango Fett Kamino Escape   Saga: 02#13   U.S.   $8.00
Endor Soldier No Beard   Saga   Canadian   $12.00

Attack of the Clones Sneak Preview
Zam Wessel $5.00


Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Old man Ben) POTJ Canadian $4.00
Biker Scout POTJ Canadian $7
Duros POTJ US $4.00
Han Solo Bespin Capture   POTJ   U.S.   $7.00
IG-88   POTJ   Canadian   $4.00
Ketwol   POTJ   U.S.   $4.00
Luke X-Wing   POTJ   Canadian   $4.00
Obi Wan Jedi   POTJ   U.S.   $4.00
Sabe   POTJ   U.S.   $4.00
Sandtrooper POTJ US $5

POTJ Deluxe
Luke Deluxe Bacta Tank   POTJ   U.S.   $4.00

Anakin Naboo Pilot   Episode I   U.S.   $5.00
Darth Maul Sith Lord Soft Goods   Episode I   U.S.   $5.00
Yoda   Episode I   U.S.   $5.00
Yoda   Episode I   Canadian   $5.00

Mace Windu Mail Away   Episode I Sneak Preview   U.S.   $4.00

POTF Commtech
Han Solo   Commtech   Canadian   $5.00

POTF Flashback
Anakin Skywalker Flash Back U.S. $4.00
Aunt Beru   Flash Back   Canadian   $4.00
C-3PO   Flash Back   U.S.   $4.00
Luke Skywalker Flash Back Canadian $4.00
Yoda   Flash Back   U.S.   $4.00
Princess Leia Ceremony   Flash Back   U.S.   $4.00
Obi-Wan Kenobi   Flash Back   Canadian   $4.00

POTF Cinema Scenes
Cantina Aliens   Cinema Scene   Canadian   $10.00
Cantina Aliens   Cinema Scene   U.S.   $10.00
Jabba's Skiff Guards   Cinema Scene   U.S.   $10.00
Tatooine Showdown   Cinema Scene   Canadian   $10.00

POTF Complete Galaxy         
Endor with Ewok   POTF2   U.S.   $10.00
Tatooine with Luke   POTF2   U.S.   $10.00

POTF Expanded Universe
Kyle Katarn   Expanded Universe   U.S.   $10.00
Luke Skywalker Dark Empire   Expanded Universe   U.S.   $10.00

AT-AT Driver   Freeze Frame   U.S.   $15.00
C-3PO Removable Limbs   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $10.00
Death Star Trooper Freeze Frame U.S. $12.00
Lando General Freeze Frame Canadian $4.00
Leia Endor Celebration  Freeze Frame   Canadian   $4.00
Leia New Likeness   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $5.00
Lobot   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $5.00
Luke Bespin   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $5.00
Luke Blastshield Freeze Frame Canadian $5.00
Mon Mothma   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $5.00
Pote Snitkin   Freeze Frame   U.S.   $12.00
R2-D2 w/Data Link   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $7.00
Wicket & Logray   Freeze Frame   Canadian   $7.00

Weequay   Freeze Frame   Canadian   Trade/Offer


Princess Leia   Red Card   Canadian   $4.00
Luke X-Wing Long Saber Red Card U.S.   $15.00

Dengar   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
EV-9D9   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Garindan   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Grand Moff Tarkin   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Greedo   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Lando Skiff Guard   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Luke Hoth   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00 - Damaged Card
Princess Leia Green Card NO Hologram US $4.00
Princess Leia Slave  Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00
Sandtrooper   Green Card Hologram   Canadian   $4.00


Palm Talkers          
C-3PO Palm Talker   POTJ   U.S.   $10.00
Chewbacca Palm Talker   POTJ   U.S.   $10.00
R2-D2 Palm Talker   POTJ   U.S.   $10.00
Padme Amidala   Attack of the Clones   2003   
Yoda   Attack of the Clones   2003   
Jedi Council Members   Yoda, Saesee Tiin, Ki-Adi Mundi   2000   
Gungan Submarine   The Phantom Menace   2000   
Anakin Skywalker   The Phantom Menace   2001   
Battle of Naboo   The Phantom Menace   2001   
Queen Amidala   The Phantom Menace   1999   
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter   A New Hope   1999   
Micro Machines          
Endor Playset from Empire Strikes Back  (no not a typo)       $15.00
Trading Cards         
Topps Star Wars Widevision         $15.00
Topps Empire Strikes Back Widevision         $15.00
Various Chase Cards         
Miscellaneous Star Wars          
Star Wars Tazos from Australia Several individual tazos       

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