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For Sale or Trade / Defiant and more
« on: September 09, 2014, 10:00:18 PM »
Looking to sell my defiant, it's about 80-85% complete.
Shipping is not going to be cheap for this, so I would prefer local pick up, but will ship if you want.
Looking for $425 obo.

I have the first 3 gi joe 5 packs 35 each or best offer.
4 of the toys r us exclusive senior ranking officers sets 40 each or best offer.
and 3 gi joe rescue missions packs 15 each or best offer
12" cobra commander 20 OBO
Shipping is extra from thorold Ontario local pick up is available

will be adding more as i dig things out of boxes

Usernames: A-G / GI. Suicide
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:47:10 PM »
Great person to deal with, nice smooth easy transaction, will do it again.

« on: January 14, 2013, 12:45:12 AM »
As you all already know I've decided to sell my entire Gi Joe collection. I've already started a vehicles list and sold a few Now comes the figure's turn, I have lots of 80's and 90's complete characters, as well as modern era figures that I will be posting later on as soon as I finish listing all my vintage stuff. Below is a partial list. More figures will be added in the course of the week so make sure to check this thread again for new posts. Prices reflect what I'd like for my items but are not set in stone, so I will consider reasonable offers. You can find the pictures for all figures by going to my photobucket link here gi joe figures sales Photos by dodge822 | Photobucket. Prices do not include shipping which is extra. Local pick up possible if you're near Niagara Falls. Thanks for looking, and for any support.

vintage figures
-   1983
o   DESTRO- Canadian FC, missing gun & backpack $5.00
-   1984
o   STORM SHADOW- complete, Canadian FC $60.00
o   STORM SHADOW- NFC, missing bow, short sword & nunchaku, loose knees $20.00
o   STINGER DRIVER- complete, NFC $25.00
-   1985
o   TOMAX & XAMOT Canadian FC missing string $35.00
o   TORCH complete US FC $25.00
-   1986
o   STRATO-VIPER complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   MINDBENDER complete US FC Iron on variant $15.00
o   GOLOBULUS complete US FC $15.00
o   NMESIS ENFORCER complete NFC $15.00
o   VIPER complete Canadian FC $25.00
-   1987
o   RAPTOR complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   CROC MASTER NFC missing breathing hose $10.00
-   1988
o   ROADBLOCK Tiger Force complete Canadian FC $25.00
o   VOLTAR Canadian FC missing bird $10.00
o   TOXO VIPER complete US FC $15.00
-   1989
o   COPPERHEAD Python Patrol complete Canadian FC $25.00
o   H.E.A.T. VIPER complete US FC $20.00
o   TARGAT US FC missing hose & one gun $10.00 
-   1990
o   NIGHT-CREEPER complete Canadian FC $20.
-   1991
o   CESS POOL NFC missing air hose $15.00
-   1992
o   DESTRO complete US FC extra disk $15.
-   1993
o   H.E.A.T. VIPER complete US FC $15.00
o   ALLEY VIPER complete NFC $20.00
-   2000
o   ROCK VIPER complete NFC $10.00
-   2003
o   OVERKILL- complete NFC $5.00
Gi Joe
-   1982
o   ROCK N ROLL missing bipod $15.00
-   1983
o   GRUNT swivel arm complete Peach US FC damaged helmet $25.00
o   TRIPWIRE complete Peach Canadian FC $20.00
-   1984
o   MUTT & JUNKYARD Peach Canadian FC missing gun & has loose left knee $15.00
o   BLOWTORCH complete Peach Canadian FC No hold variant $15.00
o   ROADBLOCK complete Canadian FC $20.00
-   1985
o   BARBECUE Peach Canadian FC missing Ax & Hose,$15.00
o   SNAKE-EYES complete Peach Canadian FC Timber has broken leg $30.00
-   1986
o   ICEBERG complete US FC $15.00
o   LIFELINE complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   BEACH HEAD complete Canadian FC $25.00
-   1987
o   KNOCKDOWN- complete NFC 10.00
o   TAURUS complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   BLOCKER complete Canadian FC Non visor variant $10.00
o   RED DOG compete Canadian FC $10.00
o   MERCER complete Canadian FC $10.00
-   1988
o   HARDBALL complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   STORM SHADOW complete Canadian FC $20.00
o   BAZOOKA Tiger Force complete US FC $25.00
o   ROADBLOCK Tiger Force complete Canadian FC $25.00
o   REPEATER complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   HIT & RUN Canadian FC Targat exclusive missing grappling hook & rope $20.00
o   DUKE Tiger Force complete NFC strap on binoculars $25.00
o   CHARBROIL NFC missing hose $10.00
-   1989
o   SNAKE-EYES complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   BACKBLAST complete Canadian FC $15.00
o   STALKER complete NFC $15.00
o   ROCK N ROLL complete NFC $15.00
-   1990
o   BULLHORN complete Canadian FC $20.00
o   STATIC LINE complete NFC $20.00
-   1991
o   SNAKE EYES complete US FC $15.00
-   1992
o   ACE- complete NFC $10.00
o   BIGBEAR complete US FC $15.00
o   ROADBLOCK complete US FC $15.00
o   WET-SUIT Canadian FC missing flipper & missile
-   1993
o   MUSKRAT- complete NFC $15.00
o   FROSTBITE- complete, NFC $10.00
o   GUNG HO complete NFC $10.00
o   HEAVY DUTY complete US FC $15.00
o   BEACH HEAD complete NFC $10.00
o   OUTBACK complete NFC $15.00
-   2000
o   WHITEOUT complete NFC $5.00
o   BIG BEN complete NFC $5.00

i will be adding vehicle pictures this week

more stuff to come

For Sale or Trade / Everything must go!!
« on: January 09, 2013, 08:00:20 PM »
as the title says im in a situation with personal life that requires me to sell my collection, so EVERYTHING MUST GO! i am open to reasonable offers, so if you dont  feel my price is right i am open to offers. prices do not include shipping, i would prefer local pick up but will ship if neccesary

evader complete with complete darklon $30
python patrol asp, missing one blast sheild $20
cobra asp complete $20
Night Raven Complete with Strato Viper $90
Momba complete with gyro viper $65
moray, missing only search light lens $90
thunder machine with thrasher $35
agp with nullifier $35
cobra bunker $25
rage missing 2 mines $40
cobra wolf complete $40
maggot complete with worms complete $80
hiss tank complete turret is loose with hiss driver very nice logo $20
custom hiss tank $15
stinger complete $50

Gi Joe
hammer missing antenna $40
raider broken light on roof $50
snowcat complete with frost bite $40
apc complete $30
ttt complete with sgt slaughter complete $50
armadillo complete$15
L.a.w complete $15
dragon fly complete with wild bill $50
conquest x30 with slipstream $50
tomahawk complete $85
sky patrol sky hawk complete $50
skystriker complete with ace $90
killer whale  need 2 vertical vanes, with cutter (file card for cutter) $85
s.l.a.m complete $20
arctic blast complete $25
persuader complete with backstop missing gun $25
vamp complete $30
vamp mkII complete $40
tiger sting needs steering wheel $30
havoc complete with cross country $30

figures will show up over the weekend some time along with any vehicle  i forgot and newer stuff

General Joe Talk / sears exclusive sms
« on: November 16, 2012, 07:13:12 PM »
I recently got a Sears Exclusive S.M.S., and I'm wondering, is the gun turret on the top of the hiss tank identical to the regular hiss tank?

General Joe Talk / Repro Stickers
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:59:39 PM »
i found that J. Ruben has moved to a actual website now, ( ) and he has added a few more sticker sheets, has anyone used his stickers before?

General Joe Talk / 12 inch joes
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:55:17 PM »
I have recently met a person at my work that is a vintage toy collector, Mostly the 12 inch GI Joes, he has done the con a few time before, but when it was still a joe meet, he would be interested in doing the CJC if their is enough collectors looking for the 12 inch stuff.

he is always interested in trades, buying, and selling, just like most of us.

Ontario / He-Man
« on: March 18, 2011, 12:05:19 AM »
for those of you that like it, I found He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe, at walmart it is a 8 disk dvd set containing all 65 episodes from the 83 season 1, the set was $20, i picked one up, hope season 2 comes out soon.

Off Topic / call of duty black ops
« on: December 30, 2010, 01:21:57 AM »
Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

call of duty black ops is on sale right now at walmart for $39 and change, for both ps3, and xbox360, the wii version is still $49.

Usernames: H-N / nighthawk
« on: November 05, 2010, 04:28:13 PM »
great person to deal with, hope to do it again in future, thanks very much nighthawk

Yearly CanJoeCon Discussion / convention promo flyer cards
« on: November 03, 2010, 05:54:02 PM »
On the back of the flyer cards for the 2010 canjoecon you included a Canadian version of the flag point, is this going to hold a value? for somethign like a Canjoecon/ joecanuck mail in down the road.

General Joe Talk / desert viper
« on: October 22, 2010, 06:51:47 PM »
can anyone tell me what wave this desert viper was relised, i have not seen him before today, i found him at the georgetown tru express.

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