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Items Wanted / 80's Snow Cat
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:49:02 PM »
Hi Guys-
Been away from the site for a while but I'm glad to be back!

Feb 4th my younger brother died. 😟
He was 35.

Anyways his very first Joe toy was the Snowcat
I already have Frostbite and his gun and just looking for a complete Snow Cat.

My postal code for shipping is:

A2B 1C7

I could really use the help.

Yo Joe!


Off Topic / Hi guys sorry it's been so long
« on: October 22, 2015, 04:04:43 PM »
Hey joe bros I thought the site was down.
I'm glad others have kept the site going
I've mostly been on Facebook and almost
forgot about things.

I'm glad to get back and reconnect with
The awesome pees here!

Items Wanted / HELP!! Want 30th Anniversary General Hawk
« on: August 25, 2015, 01:45:24 AM »

Hey joe bros,

I'm looking to buy the v6 General Hawk. Please see link above.

He don't have to be on card but if loose I would want him with his file card.

Can someone please help. I have doubles of O-ring joes and modern era. So maybe a trade or trade and add funds. It all depends on the situation. That make sense?

Please by all means drop me a line to say hello or with a lead or with figure.
Really appreciate your time.

Yo Joe!!

Items Wanted / 82 Snake Eyes Arm and Ammo belt
« on: January 21, 2015, 06:47:59 PM »
To complete my original straight arm joes I need the 82 snake eyes straight arm and ammo belt. I have all my original first line joes in the collector's case and they all look so awesome minus my fave joe of all time.

It's his right arm, and I could also use legs. Mine are loose in the knees.

Thanks JOE Bro's for any help! So much appreciated!


Items Wanted / Help! Thundermachine minus Thrasher.
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:29:33 PM »
Hey My fellow Joe bro's.

I'm looking to buy a Thundermachine, minus Thrasher. Also looking for a good price. Must be complete. Will go to a great home in my JOE ROOM filled with Shelves of Joe.

Drop me a line.

Thanks for your time!


General Joe Talk / What Joe stuff did you get for Christmas?
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:14:46 PM »
Hey guys

I don't know if someone already posted a thread like this but I'm just setting it up so we can share what and any Joe stuff we got for Christmas. Pics are awesome.

Santa brought me somethings in an awesome trade and somethings I got for gifts:
(all modern era..)

- Skystriker
- Crimson Hiss Tank
- VTOL Black Dragon

- Renegades Duke
- Renegades Snake Eyes
- Renegades Firefly
- Ace w/Skystriker
- Cobra Air Trooper w/VOTL Black Dragon
- Steel Brigade Delta w/VAMP II
- Steel Brigade
- Retal. Wave 3.5 Ultimate Storm Shadow
- Retal. Wave 3.5 Kwinn
- Retal. Wave 3.5 Budo
- Hazard Viper

I will post pics here soon...

Please feel free to share!


Items Wanted / Comics IDW GI JOE v2 ARAH NEEDS...Help please.
« on: September 20, 2013, 08:18:54 PM »
Hey brothers,

I was wondering if anyone had a run of IDW GI JOE ARAH v2 (From the marvel run - Larry Hama and SL Gallant) of issues from #164, 165. And #171 -#182.

If you can help that would be awesome.

Contact me by PM (personal msg) ONLY on this.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Items Wanted / WANTED: ROC Volcano Viper
« on: August 11, 2013, 08:28:05 PM »
A trade a while back bro gave me a ROC Lava Pod. Here's the link:

I'm looking for the driver of the lava pod. The Volcano Viper. Here's a link:

I need him complete if anyone if willing to part with one. He comes with a helmet, vest and rifle. Right now I just got a ROC Nano Viper in the VP.

Can anyone help?

Thanks dudes,
Barrie :)


Hi Guys,
Looking for joe stuff i don't have or Transformers
I have the following old school GI JOE vehicles in doubles. Please ask for photo's. Will be posting photo's soon!

- Dragon Fly Helicopter
- Vamp Jeep (Complete)
- Conquest Jet (complete)
- MOBAT 1998 (Complete)

- Rattler (Compete)
- Serpentor w/ Air Chariot
- HISS Tank
- Ferret Atv (Complete)

- Road Block v1
- Mutt & Junk Yard v1(needs face mask and batton)
- Cross Country v1(HAVOC DRIVER)
- Serpentor v1 (needs cape, broken tooth)
- Sgt. Slaughter (Mail away, Mint, Missing batton)
- Hooded Cobra Commander (complete with gun)
- Airbourne (Has backpack)
- Recondo (needs o-ring)
- Blowtorch (complete)
- Flint (w/ Backpack minor head wear)

Figure parts:
- Breaker V1(complete figure, Needs O-ring and weapons)
- Zap (no arms, has weapons, no helmet)
- Backblast (All parts minus head, head as red paint)
- Scrapiron (All parts head has wear)
- Clutch (head and chest)
- Clutch ( All part, broken thumbs)
- Televiiper (Head has massive wear, rest of body good)
- Sci-fi (all parts missing waist)
- Barbeque (all parts)
- Zartan Legs (Broken heels)
- Footloose (Torso, head, and arms)

- Dusty (Backpack, and gun with bipod, greay)
- Torch (weapons complete)
Massive bag of weapons.

General Joe Talk / Scramble's WOJM? Reviews...
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:54:32 PM »

I have to say man I'm really enjoying the thought and well put together reviews on the job Scramble does on the WOJM? podcast. It's awesome. Totally some valuable MEAT to an the awesome pod cast we all love. Very professional bro!

KUDOS Scramble man!! ;D

Joe Bro 8)

Transformers for doubles of mint joes and vechiles

Hi Guys-

I have doubles of the folllowing joes in mint condition: All are complete
- Snake Eyes V1 Straight Arm
- Snake Eyes V2
- Shipwreck v1
- Destro v1
- Baroness v1
- Tomaxt & Zamot v1
- Quickkick v1
- Hooded Cobra Commander V1
- Doc v1
- Lady Jay V1
- Flint V1
- Zeranna V1
- Serpentor V1 with Snake Chariot
- Roadblock V1
- Sgt. Slaughter (No Batton)
- Blowtorch v1

- Killer Whale
- Dragonfly
- Ferret
- Hiss Tank
- Conquest Jet
- Rattler

Pics are available upon request :)

The \'Show\' Room / FINALLY!! Crazylegs COMPLETE Collection!!!
« on: April 21, 2013, 09:29:07 PM »
Hi Guys took the time tonight to crack a few photo's of my collection and how I have curated it since I moved into my new apartment. Please take time to review it and send along comments. This was not a planned thing so keep that in mind. Just FINALLY want to share all my joes with all my joe bro's!

Does anyone one extra figure stands that you are willing to sell? I sure need them to complete the rest of my figures sitting on the shelf. :)

Man, there are sooooo many people on here that I need to thank for getting me to this stage in less then 2 years. I"ve made some awesome friends on here that have my back if i need anything and they know that goes for them as well :) JOECANUCK Kicks ass man... The people that have helped me on here have been just the best, I don't need to mention names (I'd be afraid to leave someone out)...but you all know who you are.

Also I have to mention, I started doing this listening to WOJM, I had it on my ipod and listening to it on my ipod dock the whole time. It was a great motivator....the guys are just soooooooo funny...thanks WOJM!!

Living with my illness has really helped me focus on my passion, vintage O-Ring Joe's. I have a nice collection of Modern Era but I just cherry pick. Even though I have some real gems in there, Like Renegades Storm Shadow and Low Light.

If anyone is interested in trading or buying anything on here drop me a line. Not that I'm willing to sell, but some things I have doubles of and would let go for the right trade or price.

1. Tried to get the widest shot I could with my camera. The Helmet you see in the middle of the shelf is from the following play-set. A friend dug it up from his basement and stuck it with my collection. I love it.See:

2. The left side of my collection set up. My Modern Area joes are in the smaller 4 tier shelf on the left:

3. Left top. I've always loved the artwork from the GI JOE comic #1....brings so many memories with the comics. My GI JOE comic collection is not shown here, I think I'm going to try and find a way to add it to the display, or make a place on the shelf it's self. Larry and Herb does Robert Atkins!:

4. Trying to get as much as I can into one shot! :P I used the packaging of all the joes that I have as a part of the design of the display.Thinking of posting comics up....but not sure. NOTE: See the Retaliation Paratrooper hanging from the Rattler. :D

5. I'm going to be setting up some lights, another little project to shine on the collection in the night time.

6. Modern Era: 25th Anniversary joe with some movie joes in the background. Kamakura in the background :)

7. Modern Era: POC Joes and Renegades. As well as Resolute and Retaliation. POC Low light! New movie Snake Eyes, as well as Avengers, Nick Fury & Black Widow :) Use her as my ME Scarlet. Her and Nick Fury look like joes and fit in so well.

8. Modern Era: Renegades Storm Shadow... Resolute Cobra commander with Megatron Gun...Mainly Resolute, Rise of Cobra..POC and Retaliation. Love the POC Zartan and the Cobra Jungle Viper. 25th stuff there as well. The POC Firefly Rocks, and love the cobra vipers in the background. I really enjoy the ROC Destro...looks so awesome an Nazi brutal like in that uniform. I stuck a big black and silver star wars laser in his hand. It helps make his look so mean...

9. Modern Era:
Ghost Hawk with Tomahawk. Ashiko with Cycle Armour, also AWE Striker, with Night Fox. I love that figure, one of the best figures ever in a long time, in Modern Era to be so awesome.

Cobra Viper w/ Cobra CLAW and Retaliation Trooper on the 25th VAMP

10. Hit and Run hanging with the HQ security team Law & Order, Mutt & Junkyard. Dusty helping Clutch in fixing the VAMP.

11. Vintage JOE & Cobra figures w/ Sunbow episodes, w/ Dic and the GI JOE Movie. These are some of the best and my fave joes of my collection. 82-85. Brought Zartan to the front and had Doc using the bivouac with Lifeline.
Also have one of the Vintage joes, he looks like from WWII...all I have is his rifle, don't know his name. Love that figure. NEED MORE STANDS FOR MY COBRA!!

12. Hit & Run taking the line light! Some 86' and 90's Joe's. Some of my fave 90's joe's, Big Bear, Ambush, Big Ben, Rampart and Pathfinder. I need help with weapons for my RED Star, all I have is hat and black thing in his hand.

Above this figures are the awesome 86-87 JOE line. I still think that the original Jinx kicks ass and that Chuckles is one awesome fugure. Oj yeah I need the Sword that comes with Spearhead. Missing parts on Psyche-Out. Also need the small gun that comes with Ambush. Does anyone have a spare Sgt. Slaughter baton? :/

13. The right part of my GI JOE Display. Need more stands to show off my late 80's and early 90's joes. I've tried to lay them out in order of year and line:

14. Lower right side of the display...joe's in bags that I need stand for and the entire file collection of 2012! My Resolute dvd and Renegades are in the living room. Need to put them in the collection.

15.The bottom left side of my display. I set up the JUMP with my Stalker figure with backpack and gun. Using that and the Sign, ammo dump and Howizter as a centre peice for the rest of my figures. NEED STANDS!

16. Sorry for the blur of the HQ and early 80's joe's

17. The middle right of the display, 2nd VAMP, WHALE & Dragonfly:

18. The middle left of my display.

19. Top right middle of display. My old poster from membership. This level is for air vehicles:

20.The middle top left of my display. Love my Sky Striker & Ace. The Dragonfly is brand new, right out of the box.
with Lift Ticket driving and Crazy Legs (That's me....LOL....joke!) ready to drop.

21. Add my Conquests, Mauler, APC...New Version of a MOBAT, VAMP and Slaghter's Tripple T!:

22. Major Blood, for some reason to me always owen the FANG... There's the gold Destro and Serpentor. The one missing is in my mint joe collection.

23. This be my Rattler Collection. As well as my HISS Tanks, Sting Ray (Need driver) with ASP and Ferret's.

24. These figures are my doubles figures and are mint. Just like they have been removed from the packaging. This is my little treasure in my big treasure my collection.

Crazylegs :)

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