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Author Topic: Vintage Review - THUNDER MACHINE - By Request  (Read 1720 times)


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Vintage Review - THUNDER MACHINE - By Request
« on: February 07, 2010, 02:11:07 AM »

The Dreadnoks have always been favorites among Joe fans for quite a few reasons.  Outlaw biker gang members and for the most part not too bright (which usually led to some hilarity), the Dreadnoks lived for mayhem and destruction.  As the Dreadnoks gained popularity, they gained members...and as they gained members, they gained more vehicles and weaponry.  One of the best and most memorable of those vehicles was none other than the Thunder Machine.  The Thunder Machine was so well received that it was even featured in its own issue of the GI Joe comic.  

What makes the Thunder Machine such a great Dreadnok vehicle (and a great vehicle in general) is that it looks the Dreadnok part.  This thing looks just like the Dreadnoks got hopped up on several dozen chocolate donuts and a few cases of grape soda and then broke out the MIG welder.  Cobbled together from parts of several different vehicles, the various parts actually combine pretty well.  The very front of the TM looks like the front end of a late '70s Pontiac Firebird.  There's a protective cage on top of the front end that protects the twin 30mm gatling guns mounted on the front.  The gatling guns provide the only firepower for the Thunder Machine...but that's a lot of firepower!  

The midsection of the Thunder Machine appears to be part destruction derby racecar.  The cockpit is surrounded by a racing-style roll cage, onto which various panels are placed for the protection of the occupants.  Comfortable-looking bucket seats keep the Dreadnoks' butts comfy during mayhem.  Running boards let some of the braver Dreadnoks hold on for the ride.  One of the panels, on top, has lights from a police car...placed probably both as a humorous touch and as a way to clear the highway for the Dreadnoks when the authorities are in the pursuit of them.  The rear of the vehicle looks like it is pirated from some kind of truck or SUV.  Removable panels on the sides of the rear protect large off-road style tires...useful both for off-roading during pursuits and for driving through Zartan's favorite swamps.  On top of the Thunder Machine's rear deck is its mighty power plant...none other than a turbo jet engine.  Complete right down to the afterburner, this not only looks powerful and cool, it also totally fits the Dreadnoks' over the top personalities.  If you're gonna build a Frankenstein machine like this, why not just throw a jet engine on it to power it?

Complaints are few...while the gatling cannons on front provide plenty of firepower, it would be nice if the TM had a secondary weapons system.  While fitting for the Dreadnoks (very fitting) this particular vehicle doesn't otherwise fit well in the Cobra ranks, color scheme notwithstanding.  This vehicle may just be too over-the-top for some.  The steering wheel and antenna are easily lost, and the cage on the front of the vehicle is fragile and prone to stress marks.  The other big complaint I have (and it probably can't be helped) is

The Thunder Machine is a neat Dreadnok vehicle that won't cost you a lot of scratch.  Complete or almost complete (usually missing the antenna) TMs will run you anywhere from $15-35.  So if you don't have the Thunder Machine and want it, or if you need something to haul around your Dreadnoks, this little beast is well worth the money.


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Re: Vintage Review - THUNDER MACHINE - By Request
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2010, 03:24:30 PM »

Quote from: "olyeller01"

Complaints are few...while the gatling cannons on front provide plenty of firepower, it would be nice if the TM had a secondary weapons system.

It does, line it up and pin it. I'm sure a jet engine thrust is going to have some effects. ;D
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