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Author Topic: For Saskatoon locals:  (Read 8151 times)


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For Saskatoon locals:
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:57:59 AM »

Just a heads-up for anyone local to the Saskatoon area: Toys R Us is setting up a Toys R Us Express outlet at the Lawson Heights Mall area, as of today. The store is going in the old Rogers Video location, on the mall property. The store is expected to be opened around the 18th of November, and its expected to carry a sizeable, though smaller amounts, of the usual TRU selection. I do not know, as yet, if they will be stocking any GIJOE product at this store.

 The current plan is for the store to remain open for the Christmas season, but its also a test location to see if it becomes a permanent outlet. Of note is that across the parking lot the old Zellers store inside the mall is undergoing conversion into the first Target store in Saskatoon.   The TRU set-up may be a strategic placement at that location, to try and syphon off some of the business before Target fully establishes themselves.