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Author Topic: GIJCC 2012 Soviet Convoy Truck  (Read 2453 times)


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GIJCC 2012 Soviet Convoy Truck
« on: July 31, 2012, 04:30:41 PM »

Well if you own the Cargo Truck from the Indian Jones line then you pretty much got yourself the GIJCC Soviet Convoy Truck.

The Soviet Convoy Truck (SCT) is made from the exact same mold as the Indian Jones Cargo Truck (IJCT), but is lacking some of the details and play factors the original had.

The original IJCT had a working grill that would fall down when you touched the hood ordainment and a small rope that came from the rear axle of the truck for Dr. Jones to hang from behind the truck.

Those play features were not included with the SCT. Also missing was the paint application on the windshield, so there is nothing separating the "glass" panels on the front window.

I can understand the GIJCC removing the play features the front grill and the rope off the back but when a large part of their reputation is the amazing paint applications on the figures, leaving something missing from the front windshield really is dropping the ball.

The vehicle itself is a nice toy. It's very large and chunky feeling and really makes you want to load it up with figures and go "vroom vroom". The back is a nice layout and the majority of the paint layers look nice.

However, it's not worth the $100 they charged for it. In my opinion a fair asking price for this truck (that came with no figures) would have been $50.00. They didn't have to do much to it. Just stripping down should have helped on production costs.

It does come with 3 different canopies which look nice once installed. The problem is the plastic on them was very stiff and all 3 of mine were bent in, so I had to flex the plastic really hard to get them onto the back of the trucks.

In my pictures the truck with the Oktober Guard canopy is the SCT. The Iron Grenadier canopy is the IJCT.

So this is the new truck:

This is the old version:

The funny thing to note is none of the convention Iron Genadier figures can actually sit in the front of the truck. They all have swords or skirts on.

No whip / string:

Warped canopy:

Side views:

Night Force, the exact opposite of everything chrome.


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Re: GIJCC 2012 Soviet Convoy Truck
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 05:19:37 PM »

Thx for the review, it's a nice truck to add to your Cobra forces.. I would like to find some IJ trucks for cheap, I don't know how much they go for?


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Re: GIJCC 2012 Soviet Convoy Truck
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2012, 05:36:10 PM »

Thanks for the review.  This truck is cool but i will never pay 100+ for it.  As usual, the US Con exclusives are awesome but too expensive in my opinion.