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Author Topic: Looking for help to finish 1985  (Read 3177 times)


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Looking for help to finish 1985
« on: March 04, 2015, 11:55:18 AM »

This is what i need for parts and filecards... Any help would be greatly appreciated
Airtight - FileCard
Alpine - FileCard
Crankcase - FileCard
Dusty - FileCard, Gun Stand
Eels - Airmask
Flint - Shotgun
Footloose - Rifle
Lampreys - Submachine Gun
Quick Kick - NunChucks
Shipwreck - Pistol
Snow Serpent - File Card, Rifle, Backpack, Missile Pod, Snow Shoes, Pack
Tollbooth - FileCard
Tomax - FileCard
Xamot ? Filecard
For figures i need Heavy Metal, Listen N Fun Tripwire, and Keel Haul