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Author Topic: Rules & Guidelines for the BUY/TRADE section.  (Read 3314 times)


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Rules & Guidelines for the BUY/TRADE section.
« on: June 07, 2005, 02:42:54 PM »

There have been some issues to arise, mainly with pricing and 'stealing'. Unfortunately it is time to implement some rules that are to be followed from now on.

If you have items for sale, you obviously have an idea of what you want for them. Name your price with your items, and then people will know if they wish to PM you an offer or not. Asking for offers is not 'selling'  This isn't ebay.

Speaking of ebay, links to ebay auctions are allowed, however if you start posting replies in your auction thread to 'keep it up', then your thread will be locked. The site doesn't get a TON of posts, and people will see your original post within the week anyway.

Also not allowed will be links to your own online 'stores'.  I have been trying to get sponsors for this site for awhile now to help pay for it. If you have site you want to promote, email or PM me about it and we'll discuss it. No one will ever pay a small fee to sponsor the site if they can do so for free.... and if no one helps pay, then the site will go bye bye. This rule is simply to make it fair to any new sponsors that would like to join up. If you want your store to be advertised, please contact me.

Please be generous and post multiple items within one general post. This will leave room on the main page of that section for everybody to Buy/Sell/Trade.  For example, do not add a NEW post for every item you want to Sell/Trade, etc.  This will allow viewers to see more posts, and view your own posts more often.

I also do not want "best offer" type posts within the forum. Please post prices for each item you want to sell.  This practice is essentially the same as an ebay thread, but to a smaller viewing audience.

*The penalty for violating these rules will be a three-step process*

A first-time offender will be sent a friendly reminder, and a link to these rules, giving the benefit of the doubt that they are unaware of their violation.  Their post will be edited to remove scalping prices, ebay links, etc.

Step two will be a 'ban' from the BUY / SELL / TRADE section for one month.

Step three will be a ban.

During this transition and implementation of the new rules, any existing threads will be unaltered.  These rules apply to any new posts.

I know it may seem like I'm being a prick here, but all I'm doing is trying to make less work for me.

In the few (9) times that people have been ripped off, or pissed off by people here, I've lost time working on my site or store. The MODS are here for a reason, if you have a problem, please take it up with them and if they can't resolve it, they'll contact me.

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