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Red and white once again! We've restored the classic look of JoeCanuck.

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General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: January 25, 2022, 07:21:38 AM »
So the Fan First Friday really was great.

I wish more Fan Firsts were like the Joe team.  Quick and to the point, no extraneous fluff to pad the stream.  Just show and tell me the new stuff and anything else I need to know.  Emily and Lenny did a great job as well.  Lenny being a big Joe fan, and right there with us in the collecting community/age group really shows in the line.

Tomax and Xamot look great.  Perfect Classified updates of the original look.  I like that the sash and shoulder pad are removable.  People are saying they look a bit like Tom Cruise, but I don't really see it myself.  Also that the scar is on the wrong side, but it is toy accurate as far as I can tell. Anyway, great debut.

Stalker looks great.  A nice mix of old school with modern touches.  The only thing I don't like is the colour.  It seems a bit too dark for my liking, but I guess that can change before release.  Or it can be done in the retro classified line.

Nice to see an army builder pack with the Vipers.  Also a nice nod to the 97(?) TRU packs.  The blue versions are good enough, especially for those who missed out on the CI exclusive version.  I was never a fan of the grey/red/gold look, but at least it is different enough to give options. 

Retro Classified.  All of these look great, and have managed to evoke the old ARAH line even though most use the more modern molds for Classified.  Destro is hilarious.  The slight tweaks to his colours does give him a bit more of the cartoon look, but it is still Classified in my mind.  Those eyebrows though.  Hilarious!!

Lady Jaye is the weakest of the lot for me.  More show accurate colours, and a new head make it somewhat better/different? but overall still a good figure.  That's the great thing about this sub line, most seem to be "nice to have" but not necessary if you have the first version.

Baroness looks great.  It really does make a difference eliminating all the gold highlights, and two tone colours (grey/black).  Instead this all black, with gloss paint on the armour bits really does evoke the original look.  The added bonus is you don't need to get the Baroness/Coil pack anymore to get her.

GUNG-HO!!!!!  GUNG-HO!!!!!  YES!!  This is the version we need and wanted!!  Great update to the old ARAH look.  Can't wait to get this bad boy.

Overall a great start to the new year for Classified.  Now if we are talking the retro sub line, give me a more ARAH looking Beach Head and Firefly please.

As for the Retro O-ring, I like the looks of the new 2 packs.  Great to have an army builder pack.  I like what Lenny said about not putting a "name" character in troop builder packs so collectors don't get stuck with a dozen Chuckles just to build their army. 

I was surprised by the CC/Duke choice.  I thought that Super7 had the market on Sunbow accurate looks for figures?  I guess not.  If that is the case, then it might be a bit of a hit on their ReAction line.  Just wish I had gone in on the SE/SS pack, but I waited and now it is sold out on Hasbro Pulse.


I slept on this set and missed out.  My only hope now is for a restock.

I'll definitely not make that mistake again with the new reveals (CC/Duke, Cobra Officer/Trooper).

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on ReAction line
« on: January 15, 2022, 08:12:37 AM »
Yeah price and lack of articulation are the real killer for me with the ReAction line.  I get the whole nostalgia aspect, and that Super7 isn't going for the O-ring style (that belongs to Hasbro now for 2022).  So I am fine with what they are doing, and I know that their target audience for ReAction is usually someone who doesn't open them, but rather displays them in package.  That is why the art on the cards across the line is so great. 

However I would rather have them open to go with my other, limited as it is, 3.75" figs.  They don't quite line up because of their articulation and cartoon look.  However that is one big positive to me about the line.  I love the fact they are doing the Sunbow look instead of the toy look.  Bludd looks great, and right out of the cartoon.   Same with all of them really.

Also I love the deep dive that Super7 does with their lines, something I think the big guys could take a cue from going forward.  I mean I never would have thought in my lifetime that we would see the Cobra Shocktrooper (R.I.P.) from the Mass Device!!!!!  How about the Gamemaster's Drone!!!! (Snow Serpent obviously coming soon).  Then you get the utterly ridiculous amount of variety in their army builders.  Green Shirts?  Yes please.  Cobra Troopers with both "Y' and "H" back straps??? Really??  That is the utter definition of a deep dive to me.  Now add in the sailors (Shipwreck obviously coming soon)!!!  Then Bazooka in his snow gear??  Man it doesn't stop with them.

Now let's toss in the Arctic Rescue Vehicle!!!!!????!!! 

I mean really?  The blind Woodsman and his dog sled team?  With his stun gun/rifle?  A glow in the dark Snake Eyes to try and mimic the radioactive look, and a canister that actually opens??!!?  C'mon man, that is some great stuff.

I actually went in on the Arctic Rescue Vehicle set.  My first ever ReAction purchase.  So I will give you an update when I get it in hand.  As to the price, it actually works out to be a bit cheaper than what you could get separately from Super7 for ReAction figures.  You get 2 figures, the sled and accessories, and the 6 sled dogs, which actually have 6 POA(?) and are roughly equivalent in size to the figures.  So I guess to be generous you are getting the equivalent of say 5 figures (maybe more) and the sled and accessories.  It was just over $90CDN plus tax.  A single ReAction figure is usually around $22CDN, so 5 would be about $110CDN +tax.

That's how I justify it to myself anyway ;)

Still they are definitely overpriced.  I get the whole "niche" and low production run, combined with licensing fees from Hasbro.  So I can understand why they cost what they do, but I don't see the value currently.  Except in those rare occasions where they do something so unique that I can't help but  get one, like the Arctic Rescue Vehicle.  Or possibly something like the sailors, if I had a USS Flagg to use them on.  Otherwise I'll keep an eye out for any that might go on sale for a better price in the future.

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas All!
« on: January 15, 2022, 07:52:28 AM »
Belated Happy New Year to any, and all, still lurking here on the boards.

Looks like this will be a pretty sweet year for Joe.  From Classified absolutely killing it, the return of O-ring, and the new 6" Retro carded line (basically Classified on retro cards), 2022 should be a great year to collect.  If you can afford the stupid price increases that is.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: December 15, 2021, 06:32:52 AM »
To be honest. I'm ripping those boys open.

To me the beauty of the 3 3/4 is that they I can play with them so not keeping these carded. That's what i love about the smaller 3 3/4 size. you get the vehicles as well. I just can't see a huge line of 6" vehicles. If your going to do classic o-ring you need vehicle support.

My only concern is that I won't be able to actually keep up to this line. Just no more money unless i sell my LotR figures but they pretty much can be sold for what I bought them all those years ago...maybe even cheaper. haha.

Anyways how would you guys like to see these released? do you want some cross sell on the back? would you like little pamphlets? How many figures per wave would you release? What years would you focus? what vehicles are a must? Tell me everything you would like to see and at what price point do you see this happening at.

Maybe your LOTR figs will see a bit of an uptick once the Amazon(?) series comes out.  That should provide a boost in interest for the franchise in general.

Yeah I am torn of opening the figures.  I want to keep them carded, but playability!!!!  Anyway I'll probably end up doing the whole "slice the bubble" thing to keep the cardbacks looking nice while still playing with the figures.  Although I do know that the carded figures on the secondary market will be going for stupid high prices.

Unfortunately O-ring is going to be Pulse exclusvies only.  So no retail support.  That limits what/how much product will be made, or released.   On the flip side the Joe team did mention that they will be able to do some never before made characters in the line.  So a classic ARAH O-ring Kwinn please!!!!  Also I would love to see some more cartoon characters that never received a figure.  Hopefully Hasbro can find that sweet spot that Super7 seems to know, where you have your expected characters/sellers, and throw in the "out of left field" choices no one expects.

Oh, also give me a multi-pack set of Cold Slither!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for vehicles, I don't expect anything new, except through Haslab, unless the line does extremely well.  It just isn't cost effective for Hasbro to make new molds for a Pulse only line.  So I expect to see a lot of rehashing of vehicles in the future.  So whatever they released in the 25th/ME line that can be ported over to the vintage O-ring line. 

Let's just hope they get that this new O-ring line is similar to the Masters Of The Universe: Origins line for fans.  Basically a slightly modernized release of the classic toys.  So sorry, but I don't want the updated Fang, Skyhawk, Firebat, etc. with the extra parts, updated designs.  I want the classic molds to go with the new classic figures.  Update the plastics, or if necessary the designs to prevent breakage.  However keep them looking like the originals on the outside as much as possible.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: December 12, 2021, 06:23:52 AM »
Beauty! it made up to ripcord. Very excited although this will be a long wait.

Now I'd like some more details about the o-ring line. They said its coming now give me some details.
Clearly we're getting a cobra officer/trooper and cobra commander again. With Ace and Scarlet probably not far behind. That's already a good chunk of the first 2 years of the original line. I would love for them to release the figures (and vehicles!) exactly as they did in the 80's.

Also does anyone actually care about the o-rings being made of silicone? As long as you can take your figures apart the o-rings should last years.

So I stayed up to watch the end, and man talk about a fun ride.  I really thought we might make it to "ketchup & mustard" at the end, but it was not to be.  Oh well, I know that they will show up on Pulse, most likely around the time of the Skystriker shipping.  Hell Hasbro will probably sell more units than what they would have in the Skystriker.

I'm happy that it made it by a nice margin, and we get 2 extra figures through the tiers.  I really hope what Emily, the marketing rep for Joe, said is true.  She mentioned in one stream/interview that Ripcord's card would be in the traditional Night Force colours/design.  So the black background, etc.  That is a nice touch.

Overall it was pricey, but I couldn't pass it up.

As for the O-ring figures.  I expect there will be more announcements in the new year, probably around the time of New York Toy Fair (Feb). 

I like that they went with the food grade silicone for the rings.  That will last a lot longer than the rubber bands.  I get that you can just open up the figures to replace them, but I really like that I shouldn't have to do that now.  Also I am happy that they went with softer plastic for the hands to try and address the thumb breakage of the old figures. 

But yeah, bring on the new O-rings, and any vehicles you want to include Hasbro.  And yes put them in vintage style boxes.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: December 07, 2021, 10:39:12 PM »
Haslab SKYSTRIKER has been funded!

Ordered 1 Skystriker. Final damage was $293.78 US.

Yeah it is a kick in the nuts at that price, especially after the exchange rate.

However it has become a pretty crazy project in the last 5 hours.

With 1 hour and 23 minutes to go it is at 14,400.  So Scarlet is unlocked, and with the pace it is going right now Ripcord should unlock.  The Pit Crew probably won't make it, but man if it does that would make 9 figures, all carded, on top of the Skystriker and all the accessories.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: December 03, 2021, 04:27:36 PM »
Well well. Hasbro sweeting the deal

Damn they are sweating a bit methinks.

That is some sweet, sweet extras being thrown into the mix.  I would imagine 5 figures, all carded, at the base price should be enough to get a bunch of people off the fence.

General Joe Talk / Re: Favourite playset
« on: December 03, 2021, 04:24:56 PM »
Well I got the Flagg for of course that is my favourite.

Second would be the Defiant.  I actually got one about 15 years ago complete and in great condition so it was a joy to......enjoy as an adult.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:36:27 AM »
Well its done. Sold off my MOTU 200x stuff and now I have officially placed my order and backed the skystriker. Also ordered the SS & SE set too. I'm pumped. Can't wait.... <squeal with delight>
It would be amazing if this hit all tier unlocks.  A bit expensive otherwise but I don't care. I'm a sucker for sure. HAHA

you guys pull the trigger?

Welcome aboard. 

It is definitely expensive, and I'm a little worried at the slow pace now.  I am not worried it will fund, but I am worried about how may of the tiers will be hit.  In 2 weeks it went from 50% backed to only 56% backed.  That is a big slow down.  Thankfully there will be a big jump in the final days.  So as I said I am not worried about it funding.

General Joe Talk / Re: Arah Pricing
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:25:39 AM »
Take anything Bobby Vala has to say about Hasbro, or anything in general, with a grain of salt.

As to the 10,000 number?  Who really knows?  Any number, even from Hasbro, would be a guess.  No one I know of is going out there and trying to survey the general population for their interest in ARAH figures.

The reality is that the ARAH line was a huge hit in the 80s.  They literally made millions of most figures, and some vehicles.  If you check out any retro toy store they will have some ARAH toys guaranteed.  Same with any general toy show/convention.  That means there is a high likelihood that there are at minimum 10,000 collectors still out there actively collecting.  Add to that some small amount of non-fan buyers (store, general collectors, etc.)

Now of course out of all those toys made in the 80s, how many are still circulating?  How many are long dumped in the garbage?  How many are still in serviceable condition?  Then add on the idea of how many collectors out there actually need any of these toys in their collection?  I'm sure the hardcore ARAH collectors already have most of the toys, and it is only the super rare items they want. 

Then let's add on time.  We are talking about a 40 year old toyline now.  I'm almost 50 and my priorities have changed from even 10 years ago.  As the number of fans dwindles due to age/death there will be more toys available for the remaining fans as well.  However will people be interested in 20 years time?

There will always be high value items from the line, but in general the prices will fluctuate for some time, but eventually fall as the demand wanes.

So pay what you are comfortable with paying, but I wouldn't go over $20 for a complete figure, outside of super rare/MOSC obviously. 

As for the new O-ring, this is the new pricing structure.  All new figures have gone up way too much in just the last 2 years.  $20 at retail for a 3.75" figure?  I just don't see the value in that, especially when I was getting the 25th/ME for less than $10. 

Anyway, long winded answer over..........power off poindexter.

General Joe Talk / Re: Where can I find Mark Bellomo's book?
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:12:50 AM »
Probably your best bet is to ask/look on different boards and see if anyone is selling.  That or try a show, whenever they are running again.

Otherwise you probably won't have much recourse.

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