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For Sale or Trade / Clearing out a good chunk of my collection.
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:41:06 AM »
Hey guys, going to be a father in Feb so I'm clearing out a good portion of my toy collection.

Any of the GI Joe vehicles, I'm asking $10 and any figures $4 + shipping. As far as I can tell, unless something is listing what is missing, everything should be complete with the exception of file cards/blueprints/any other papers. If you absolutely need those I can try to find the box they are in.

I apologize now if I don't get back to people quickly, I don't read the forums as often as I used to but I will try and check back regularly.

GI Joe items:
Battle Hornet with Neo Viper 8
Neutralizer with Backblast
A.W.E. Striker with Pathfinder
Shock Viper
Cross Hair
Big Ben V3
Sand Scorpion V1
Road Pig (Funskool)
Croc Master (Funskool no hose pice)
Roadblock V3 Tiger Force
Slice V5
Dr Mindbender V5
Firefly V6
Cobra H.E.A.T. Viper V3
Tunnel Rat V4
Agent Faces
Ripper (Funskool)
Headman V2
Chief Torpedo
Balrog (Street Fighter)
Sidetrack V2
Gung Ho V8
Shipwreck V6
Beachhead V5
Sgt Hacker
Buzzer  (Funskool)
Hard Drive
Zartan V3
Duke V9
Snake Eyes V10
Dart V2
Cobra Moray
Razor Trooper
Iron Grenadier V3
Heavy Duty V4
Beachhead (Funskool)
Gnawgahyde (missing boar & bow)
Recondo V4
General Tomahawk
Bat V4
Gung Ho
Cobra Moray
Bat V4
Zartan V7
Zartan V4
Coil Crusher
Agent Jinx
Wild Bill V9
Alpine V2
Swamp Rat (missing tail)
Baroness V5
Beachhead V7
Bat V10
Cobra Commander V11
Wetsuit V7
Destro V7
Frostbite V4
Storm Shadow V7
Alley Viper II V8
Heavy Duty V8
Depth Charge
Zarana 2
Barrel Roll
Agent Faces CG Disguise
Cobra Viper V12
Sand Viper V2
Sand Viper V2
Iron Grenadier V2
Cobra CLAWS Commander
Sand Viper V3
Overkill V2
Overkill V3
Dr Mindbender V4
Ripper V3
Baroness V4
Duke V11 Mission Disc (missing disc)
Cobra Commander V13
Nunchuk V3
Dusty V8
Dusty V7
Neo Viper Commander
AgenT Scarlett (Missing backpack)
Recondo V3
Sgt Stalker V2
Flint V7
Snow Wolf
Neo Viper
Neo Viper
Neo Viper V6 (missing ghillie suit, sound attack pistol)
Vega (Street Fighter)
Ryu (Street Fighter heavily yellowed/browning on the plastic)
Chun Li (Street Fighter, yellowing plastic)
Blanka (Street Fighter)
Ken (Street Fighter)
Dhalsim (Street Fighter)
Serpentor’s Air Chariot
Destro’s  Despoiler
Scrap Iron (Funskool)
Big Boa (Funskool)
Mainframe (Funskool)
Zarana (Funskool)
Barbecue (Funskool)
Frostbite V2 Tiger Force
Major Bludd V4
Serpentor V2
Scoop (missing mic, camera, hose)
Tomax & Xamot  V2
Shadow Viper
Rock Viper V2
TARGAT (No accessories, mask paint is damaged)
Duke V8
Shipwreck V4
Lady Jaye V4
Sgt Slaughter V3
Heavy Duty V5
Destro V8
Roadblock V9
Snake Eyes V13
Wild Boar

Ontario / ML Fantastic 4 Boxset at Giant Tiger
« on: July 07, 2006, 10:27:05 AM »
Hey guys, I saw the Fantasic 4 box set at Giant Tiger yesterday. They had about 7 on the shelf at the time and they did not have the variant box set (different Torch and clear Sue). Price was 19.99.

May get one if I can save up the money for it.

Off Topic / 10th Anniversary Beast Wars
« on: February 07, 2006, 07:11:27 PM »
Hey guys, I have a question.

Today I ended up buying a BW Waspinator. Never seen the show but was killing time this morning at WalMart and thought he looked cool.

Posting over on a TF site, someone suggested I watch the included video to better understand the character. Problem is it didn't have a video. I didn't know at the time about any videos and I didn't see anything on the package indicating it would come with one.

Has any other fellow Canadians bought any of these figs from a store in Canada? If so did it come with the video?

Introductions / Let the Blud Bath begin
« on: June 07, 2005, 07:56:46 PM »
Hey, just found out about this site thanks to BHT posting the url over at wfigs.

I collect GI Joe, Jakks WWE figs (RA and CS), Transformers (G1, Alternators, Energon, Universe), Lego, and a whole lot more that I can't think of at the moment.

I've been avoiding the Joe communities ever since my falling out with the GI Joe Zone (which thankfully tanked afterwards). For any of the ex-Zone members, I was Heavy Duty there. Nice to be back in the loop on stuff, especially with a community that is geared towards us Canucks.

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