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General Joe Talk / GI Joe: Snake Eyes
« on: November 09, 2018, 02:40:07 PM »
So finally some news to report in the land of Joe.  The next movie, apparently titled "GI Joe: Snake Eyes" is in production.  They officially moved from pre-production to production.  Not actual filming yet, but a concrete step to get it going.

Anyone else happy to see the news?  The question now is how will they treat the character?  Will it be a reboot?  Questions, questions, questions....

General Joe Talk / State of GI Joe and Joecanuck.
« on: August 02, 2018, 09:26:29 AM »
So I figured I would start a thread just to see how things are going.

Obviously GI Joe is at one of it's lowest points in the history of the brand.  No toyline, no show, and talk of another movie possibly being worked on but no signs of anything happening.  Hell not even a SDCC exclusive toy like the last few years.  Thankfully the comics are still going, but that seems to be all there is right now.

As for Joecanuck, well I think we (those of us still checking in) can safely say that it is the same here.  I personally still check in from time to time, but I no longer check daily like I used  up until earlier this year.  I miss the old days of course, but I understand why the site has gone so quiet.

I would love it if Hasbro could pull a surprise like they just did with a new round of G1 reissues for the transformer line, on old school packaging.  Do the same thing with GI Joe, even though most of the ARAH molds are gone.  It would be nice, but I know it won't happen due to lack of support, and the lack of interest in selling"war" toys.  Especially without a corresponding media tie-in.

Anyway, anyone still out there who wants to chime in with an opinion?

General Joe Talk / SDCC 2017 Cobra Missile Command exclusive.
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:14:21 PM »

Hasbro has finally done an exclusive that is above and beyond what I thought they could ever do.  Add in that it will only be $50 US and it is incredible!!!!  I don't really collect Joe anymore since there is nothing at retail, but this is a must buy for me, even at the ridiculous after market price we here in Canada will get stuck paying.  Here is a link:

Off Topic / Happy New Year everyone.
« on: January 01, 2017, 06:52:19 AM »
Happy New Year!!

Here's hoping that Hasbro's new shared universe (and IDW's) leads to great new things in 2017 for Joe.

Forgot to add...First post if 2017!!!!!  Haha

General Joe Talk / Channing Tatum hates GI Joe: ROC
« on: July 01, 2015, 04:09:52 AM »

Can you blame him?  Spoiled baby because he is now a successful actor? 

I think most of us agree that ROC was, at best, not good.  However was it as bad as he makes it seem?  Would you prefer more actors be this honest with a project?  How about being this honest when you are still in the project?  It's super easy to bash something you did years after you did it, when you are now a successful actor, but how about standing on your high horse when it actually puts you at risk?

Anyway, wonder if there has been ANY movement on movie #3......hahahaha

As seen here:

Have to say, Kreo is really doing justice to the ARAH brand.  The price is pretty damn good for an exclusive as well.  $50 for 12 figures and the Triple T!!!!

Anyone out there still collecting Kreo, or has the piss poor availability in Canada all but killed it for you?  Love how well the Triple T turned out though.


I am really intrigued by these.  I would love to have the Jumbo figures, but price and space are way too much for me to seriously consider them.

However, these little buggers are really enticing and space would be less of an issue.  My only real concerns would be price and the fact that they state near the bottom that the figures are not articulated.  So I would probably want to see them in person before buying.


General Joe Talk / 50th TRU sets reduced, slightly, again.
« on: June 22, 2015, 05:39:20 AM »
So over on they have reduced some of the 50th stuff again.

The remaining 2-packs are now $9.98 and the Danger at the Docks set is now $19.98.  BBZ and the 3-packs are still the same, but eventually they will probably reduce as well.  Especially since the new sets will be showing up soon (hopefully in Canada).

I actually notice this at my local TRU first, but then saw it online.  Too bad the only 2-packs left that I can find are either Lowlight/Night Viper and BBQ/Heat Viper.  Still, if we get another BOGO on clearance items, it will be worth it for a few extra figs/vehicles.

  Check back for new auctions.

AUCTION(S) END:  THURSDAY AUGUST 13th, 2015 (approximately 8pm eastern)

WHAT IS AVAILABLE: Power Rangers Legacy Morpher, Green/White Morpher, Dragon Dagger, Dragonzord, Megazord

I always get a kick out of finding out numbers for Hasbro, TRU, etc. etc.  When it comes to production runs on different products.  A little while back there was someone who worked at TRU Canada on the Transformers boards and he posted the order numbers for certain products (Masterpiece Optimus Prime being the one I remember).  It was great because it gave fans a chance to see what kind of numbers to expect available for sale in Canada.  It was also bad because it lead to a blitz on MP Prime and there was nowhere near enough product for the country. 

Anyway, to my point. 

I recently made another purchase of 50th items from thanks to the great sale they currently have going (look at my other thread to see).  Well my order arrived today and I got a box with 2 DatD sets, and the 2 BBZ sets I ordered were shipped in their case from Hasbro that was sent to TRU.  The interesting thing on the case was that it clearly states: Port of Vancouver, TRU Canada.  So it wasn't some split shipment with TRU USA. 

Then a bit farther down it had Case: 263 of 450. 

Now I take that to mean TRU Canada ordered 450 cases of 2 (so 900 pieces) of the BBZ set.  I would then extrapolate that out to assume similar numbers for the DatD sets.  For the 2 packs and 3 packs I don't know exactly what their case breakdown would be, so I can't guess as to how many total units. 

Anyway, I find it cool to get an idea of how much product was made available to Canada.  Although I am very disheartened to think that in a country of 35 million people, a large retailer can't move 900 units of a once great brand. 

I guess we really have fallen as a fandom further than I would have expected so quickly.  (remember 2007 when 25th single handedly breathed life back into the brand?)

General Joe Talk / Hasbro will be at Joecon and showing new product.
« on: March 21, 2015, 04:25:02 PM »
So it was posted on another site that Hasbro has confirmed that they will be attending Joecon this year, and they will have new product to show off for 2015 and possibly beyond.

Great news!!!!!  Finally a little light being shone back on the brand.  Granted it won't be anything too spectacular, according to Hasbro, but more along the lines of what we got for the 50th. 

Still, every little bit helps.  It should be interesting to see what they have planned, and it is only a couple of weeks away.

General Joe Talk / 50th TRU sets reduced, plus a bonus code.
« on: February 15, 2015, 06:54:48 AM »

Currently TRU has dropped the prices on the 50th anniversary sets.  On their website the following is the pricing now:

Battle Below Zero set:  $29.98
Danger at the Docks: $24.98
3 packs: $19.98
2 packs: $14.98

Not a bad price drop, especially on the vehicle sets...............HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!

There is a code currently available online for orders of $40 or more to get $10 off.

The code is CineplexHoliday  (type it as I wrote it exactly, capitalization matters).  Apparently the code only works once, but I found that if you do another order as a new customer and just re-enter your info, it lets the code work a second time.

NOW.....the code works for orders over $40, so you can't do $39.98 and get the discount.  However I did manage to get the BBZ set and a 2pack for $44.98, then with the code it was $34.98 and with tax (and free shipping) it came out to $39.50.  Did the same thing for a DatD set and a 3pack, for the same price.

So for $79.00 I was able to get 4 vehicles and 9 figures instead of the original retail price which was $146.85, almost 47% off.


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