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General Joe Talk / Re: FSS 7.0
« on: November 13, 2017, 04:56:42 PM »
If I could afford it, I'd be in for this set. Only FSS series I ever signed up for was the one with Bomb Strike. Unfortunately due to the delays on it being shipped, which delayed when they took the payment, the last payment unfortunately ended up being when we needed the money due to the birth of our 3rd son. As an unfortunate side effect, it soured my wife's attitude towards the Collector's Club and the FSS. Unfortunately I haven't been a member since and am trying to talk her into letting me join back up for the Rock & Roll membership figure since his V2 figure is and has been for as long as I can remember my favorite figure.

Off Topic / Re: Problems connecting to
« on: October 10, 2015, 08:12:38 PM »
Been a while since I followed anything Star Wars related, but I just went to the website and got the following

"Table './yabbse/yabbse_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired"

Someone who knows what this means might be able to tell you what is going on with the website.

Off Topic / Re: Combiner Wars
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:14:54 PM »
Slingshot and Wildrider? They are being released later this month as Quickslinger and Brake-Neck as online available only. Not 100% sure but I think I read somewhere May 22.

Never ordered from BBTS myself, but my experience from ordering from anywhere outside Canada, I would recommend on planning on getting hit with taxes.

General Joe Talk / Re: Movie trivia:
« on: March 18, 2012, 01:50:41 PM »
I'm ashamed for knowing this but I believe it is ... She's The Man....... My wife watched it the other day.

Usernames: A-G / Re: duffmann
« on: June 22, 2011, 06:39:15 PM »
I had the opposite experience. He was supposed to buy a bunch of figures off me back in Feb. No payment, no follow ups to the 3 or 4 e-mails I had sent since. I'm just glad I didn't send the package.

For Sale or Trade / Re: Clearing out a good chunk of my collection.
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:45:09 AM »
Here is my non-Joe figures for sale, same pricing as above, but I am asking $15 for the Turtle Battle Shell and X-Jet. Not sure how complete alot of these figures are. Most Jakks WWE figures are missing the accessories.

Electronic X-Jet         X-Men 2 ($15)
Battle Shell van         TMNT 2003 ($15)
Donatello            TMNT 2003
Leonardo            TMNT 2003
April O’Neil         TMNT 2003
Splinter            TMNT 2003   (Broken Tail)
Raphael            TMNT 2003
Michelangelo         TMNT 2003
Shredder            TMNT 2003
Casey Jones         TMNT 2003
Foot Soldier (x2)         TMNT 2003
Fugitoid            TMNT 2004
Shell Cycle         TMNT 2003
Commander Mozar         TMNT 2004
Hun            TMNT 2003
Razorfist            TMNT 2004
Moloch            Mutant Earth
Torrie Wilson (GAB)      Jakks WWE
Matt Hardy/Lita         Jakks WWE
Sgt Slaughter         Jakks WWE
Animal (LOD 2000)         Jakks WWE
Scott Steiner         Jakks WWE
Brutus The Barber Beefcake      Jakks WWE
Triple H            Jakks WWE
The Rock            Jakks WWE
Undertaker (Classics)      Jakks WWE
Tommy Dreamer         Jakks WWE
Devon/Bubba Ray         Jakks WWE
Edge            Jakks WWE
Tazz (DA)         Jakks WWE
Mtch/Johnny         Jakks WWE
Lita (removable black pants)      Jakks WWE
Batista (DA black shorts)      Jakks WWE
Undertaker (DA Best of 2006)   Jakks WWE
Big Show (DA)         Jakks WWE
Booker T (DA)         Jakks WWE
Rey Mysterio (DA)         Jakks WWE
John Cena (DA)         Jakks WWE
Ric Flair (Classics red robe)      Jakks WWE
Kane (DA Best of 2006)      Jakks WWE
Shawn Michaels         Jakks WWE
Shawn Michaels (DA)      Jakks WWE
Batista (DA white shorts)      Jakks WWE
Matt Hardy (white pants)      Jakks WWE
Matt Hardy (DA)         Jakks WWE
Paul London (DA)         Jakks WWE
Goldberg            Jakks WWE
Iron Shiek         Jakks WWE
George The Animal Steele      Jakks WWE
Goldberg (black shirt)      Jakks WWE
Yokozuna            Jakks WWE
Jamie Noble         Jakks WWE
Rico            Jakks WWE
Kane            Jakks WWE
Devon            Jakks WWE
Bubba Ray         Jakks WWE
Superfly Jimmy Snuka      Jakks WWE
RVD            Jakks WWE
Shelton Benjamin         Jakks WWE
Godfather         Jakks WWE
APA            Jakks WWE
Randy Orton (Evolution)      Jakks WWE
Rey Mysterio (purple)      Jakks WWE
Ultimate Warrior (green)      Jakks WWE
Ultimate Warrior (orange)      Jakks WWE
Rhyno            Jakks WWE
Junkyard Dog         Jakks WWE
Jake Roberts (w/cobra)      Jakks WWE
Christian            Jakks WWE
Mankind            Jakks WWE
Dude Love            Jakks WWE
Million Dollar Man         Jakks WWE
Andre The Giant         Jakks WWE
Stone Cold Steve Austin      Jakks WWE
RVD (blue)            Jakks WWE
Big John Studd         Jakks WWE
Undertaker            Jakks WWE
Rey Mysterio (purple pants)      Jakks WWE
The Rock (Smack Down preorder)   Jakks WWE
JBL (GAB)            Jakks WWE
Ultimo Dragon         Jakks WWE
Trish Stratus            Jakks WWE
Torrie Wilson (white)         Jakks WWE
MagnetMan (cartoon)         MegaMan
ProtoMan (cartoon)         MegaMan
MegaMan (cartoon)         MegaMan
Cyborg (cartoon)         Teen Titans
Robin (Cartoon)         Teen Titans
Bruce-to-Batman         The Batman
Manbat            The Batman
Killer Croc            The Batman
Joker               The Batman
Killer Moth            The Batman
Riddler               The Batman
Fathom            MAC
Kenneth Irons (missing acc)      MAC
Ian Nottingham (missing acc)      MAC
Medieval Witchblade         MAC
Witchblade            MAC
Lady Death (GitD)         MAC
Lady Death (Battle Armor)      MAC
Evil Ernie            MAC
Jade               Dark Alliance
Chastity            Dark Alliance
Astroboy (light up eyes/flesh-clear chest pieces)
Sir John A MacDonald      Canadian Legends
Andromeda Shun         Knights of the Zodiac
Dragon Shiryu            Knights of the Zodiac
Muradin Bronzebeard         WarCraft 3
Orc Warchief            WarCraft 3
Night Elf Arch Druid         WarCraft 3
Rikku               FFX2
Batplane            Batman TAS
Batsignal Jet            Batman TAS
Ra’s Al Ghul            Batman TAS
Terrorcast Joker         Batman Spectrum of the Bat
Robin   (glider)            Batman TAS
Freestyling Skate Batman      Batman Mission Masters 3
Anti-Virus Batman         Batman Mission Masters 3
Night Fury Robin         Batman Mission Masters 4
Night Shadow Batman      Batman Mission Masters 4
Rocket Blast Mr Freeze      Batman Mission Masters 4
Bootleg Devastator         TF Bootleg
Bootleg Menasaur          TF Bootleg
Optimus Prime w/Sparkplug      TF Armada
Optimus Prime Deluxe      TF Armada
Megatron            TF Armada
Starscream            TF Armada
Sideways            TF Armada
Red Alert            TF Armada
Demolishor            TF Armada
Cyclonus            TF Armada
Scavenger            TF Armada
Laserbeak            TF Armada
Blurr               TF Armada
Hotshot            TF Armada
Sideswipe            TF Armada
Smokeskreen            TF Armada
Space Team Minicons         TF Armada
Air Defense Team Minicons      TF Armada
Race Team Minicons         TF Armada
Street Speed Team         TF Armada
Land Military Team         TF Armada
Officer Kroenen         Hellboy
Anung Un Rama Hellboy      Hellboy
Link               Legend of Zelda
Officer Marge            Simpsons
Lionel Hutz            Simpsons
Princess Kashmir         Simpsons
Dr Marvin Monroe         Simpsons
Disco Stu            Simpsons
Bart Simpson (broken skateboard)   Simpsons
Hank Scorpio            Simpsons
Homer Simpson         Simpsons
Stonecutter Homer         Simpsons
Sunday Marge & Maggie      Simpsons
Scout Leader Flanders         Simpsons
Sunday Grampa         Simpsons
Busted Krusty            Simpsons
Lou               Simpsons
Herb Powell            Simpsons
Twister Strike Scarecrow      Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Ghost Rider II            Ghost Rider
Jean Frey            X-Men Battle Blasters
Juggernaut (Orange Boots)      X-Men
Beast               X-Men
Cyclops (Blue & White)      X-Men
Sabertooth            X-Men
Wolverine            X-Men
Sabertooth            X-Men Movie
Battle Attack Logan         X-Men II
Superposable Wolverine      X-Men II
Optic Blast Cyclops         X-Men II
Nightcrawler            X-Men II
Magneto            X-Men Movie
Dr Octopus            Spider-Man
Green Goblin            Spider-Man Movie
Attack Armor Martian Manhunter   Justice League
Mega Armor The Flash      Justice League
Superman Vs Lex Luthor      Justice League
Attack Armor GL         Justice League
Mission Vision GL         Justice League
Attack Armor Superman      Justice League
Mega Armor Superman      Justice League

For Sale or Trade / Clearing out a good chunk of my collection.
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:41:06 AM »
Hey guys, going to be a father in Feb so I'm clearing out a good portion of my toy collection.

Any of the GI Joe vehicles, I'm asking $10 and any figures $4 + shipping. As far as I can tell, unless something is listing what is missing, everything should be complete with the exception of file cards/blueprints/any other papers. If you absolutely need those I can try to find the box they are in.

I apologize now if I don't get back to people quickly, I don't read the forums as often as I used to but I will try and check back regularly.

GI Joe items:
Battle Hornet with Neo Viper 8
Neutralizer with Backblast
A.W.E. Striker with Pathfinder
Shock Viper
Cross Hair
Big Ben V3
Sand Scorpion V1
Road Pig (Funskool)
Croc Master (Funskool no hose pice)
Roadblock V3 Tiger Force
Slice V5
Dr Mindbender V5
Firefly V6
Cobra H.E.A.T. Viper V3
Tunnel Rat V4
Agent Faces
Ripper (Funskool)
Headman V2
Chief Torpedo
Balrog (Street Fighter)
Sidetrack V2
Gung Ho V8
Shipwreck V6
Beachhead V5
Sgt Hacker
Buzzer  (Funskool)
Hard Drive
Zartan V3
Duke V9
Snake Eyes V10
Dart V2
Cobra Moray
Razor Trooper
Iron Grenadier V3
Heavy Duty V4
Beachhead (Funskool)
Gnawgahyde (missing boar & bow)
Recondo V4
General Tomahawk
Bat V4
Gung Ho
Cobra Moray
Bat V4
Zartan V7
Zartan V4
Coil Crusher
Agent Jinx
Wild Bill V9
Alpine V2
Swamp Rat (missing tail)
Baroness V5
Beachhead V7
Bat V10
Cobra Commander V11
Wetsuit V7
Destro V7
Frostbite V4
Storm Shadow V7
Alley Viper II V8
Heavy Duty V8
Depth Charge
Zarana 2
Barrel Roll
Agent Faces CG Disguise
Cobra Viper V12
Sand Viper V2
Sand Viper V2
Iron Grenadier V2
Cobra CLAWS Commander
Sand Viper V3
Overkill V2
Overkill V3
Dr Mindbender V4
Ripper V3
Baroness V4
Duke V11 Mission Disc (missing disc)
Cobra Commander V13
Nunchuk V3
Dusty V8
Dusty V7
Neo Viper Commander
AgenT Scarlett (Missing backpack)
Recondo V3
Sgt Stalker V2
Flint V7
Snow Wolf
Neo Viper
Neo Viper
Neo Viper V6 (missing ghillie suit, sound attack pistol)
Vega (Street Fighter)
Ryu (Street Fighter heavily yellowed/browning on the plastic)
Chun Li (Street Fighter, yellowing plastic)
Blanka (Street Fighter)
Ken (Street Fighter)
Dhalsim (Street Fighter)
Serpentor’s Air Chariot
Destro’s  Despoiler
Scrap Iron (Funskool)
Big Boa (Funskool)
Mainframe (Funskool)
Zarana (Funskool)
Barbecue (Funskool)
Frostbite V2 Tiger Force
Major Bludd V4
Serpentor V2
Scoop (missing mic, camera, hose)
Tomax & Xamot  V2
Shadow Viper
Rock Viper V2
TARGAT (No accessories, mask paint is damaged)
Duke V8
Shipwreck V4
Lady Jaye V4
Sgt Slaughter V3
Heavy Duty V5
Destro V8
Roadblock V9
Snake Eyes V13
Wild Boar

General Joe Talk / Re: Ever been embarrassed by your hobby?
« on: August 11, 2009, 12:49:24 PM »
Embarrassed? Why. It's my hobby, so what if its toys. Heck I even still play with them at the age of 30. My inner child still knows how to have fun, why should I care if others don't like it.

Most of my family hates that I'm a toy [s:196dtzey]collector[/s:196dtzey] enthusiast.

Besides, the best part is when I'm able to go on a toy run with my girlfriend. Its fun watching the looks on another toy guy's face when not only am I there with a beautiful woman, but she is also actively trying to find items I need.

Great magazine as usual. I'm blown away by the HATE. I just wish I had the money and means to get to the convention (well that and the day off)

General Joe Talk / Re: 25th Anniversary rumoured list
« on: January 16, 2009, 03:58:13 PM »
Quote from: "Realboss"
I wouldn't mind seeing Mindbender in both original form and in his lab coat form from the V vs V days.  But original Mindbender first.  Zap--I hope they just don't use an old mold head coloured different, it kind of worked for Short-fuse/Doc  but for Zap I don't know.

I would love to see the V v V Lab Coat version of Mindbender down the road. I love the original look but the lab coat would look better in a lab display.

General Joe Talk / Re: Scrap-Iron and Cobra Ferret Image
« on: January 01, 2009, 10:48:19 AM »
I don't mind the paint scheme on Scrap Iron. It would look better on the Ferret if the light/powder blue parts were pained a color that blends in with the other colors well. And whats with the power scissors/stapler/whatever on the side. It looks ridiculous.

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