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FS: GI JOE ARAH (Vancouver)


Link to Craigslist:

Have the following ARAH for sale or trade for other ARAH, Transformers G1, MASK, Dino Rider, etc.

I do have pics, please reply with email if you'd like them.

 Lowlight (complete, has the bi-pod) $20
 Lowlight (incomplete, has backpack + uzi) $5
 Hardball (complete) $10
 Ripcord (complete) $20
 Tunnel Rat (incomplete, one flashlight missing) $15
 Falcon (complete with filecard) $20
 Dr Mindbender (complete with filecard) $20
 Dr Mindbender (incomplete, missing pistol) $15
 Gung Ho (complete with filecard, broken crotch) $10
 Spirit (complete with filecard, Freedom is not broken) $20
 Law & Order (complete) $15
 Salvo (complete) $15
 Crazy Legs (complete, rifle stock is there) $15
 Crazy Legs (incomplete, has parachute) $5
 Leatherneck (complete with filecard) $15
 Airtight (complete with filecard) $15
 Sneak Peek (incomplete, has filecard, scope, binoculars) $10
 Roadblock V1 (complete with filecard, still have broken crotch piece) $10
 Quick Kick (incomplete missing nunchuks) $15
 Downtown (incomplete, missing helmet) $10
 Downtown (complete) $15
 Red Dog and Mercer (complete with filecards) $25
 Hawk V1 (complete with full uncut filcard) $30
 Hawk V1 (filecard, incomplete, missing pistol) $15
 Snake Eyes V3 (incomplete, missing sword, one nunchuk link, broken backpack, very loose joints) $5
 Golobulus (complete) $15
 Nemesis Enforcer (complete) $15

Pm sent


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