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Author Topic: Looking back at the collection  (Read 630 times)


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Looking back at the collection
« on: April 03, 2020, 04:39:26 PM »

I'm going to say right up front, this message is going to go all over the place.

So with the whole Covid thing going on its kind of slowed life down a little bit and I managed to pull the ol' joes from the bins tucked under my stairs.
Started sorting through the figures again and it was great. I kind of laughed as the condition of some of the figures is worse then I remember, and way better then I remember on others. I actually have a lot less of the vintage 3 3/4 then I recall and way more of the more modern figures then I remember. Looking at it all I really am just loving the older stuff more and more. The sad part is the crazy prices that the figures are going for today. Getting a good deal is a lot harder for me to find as I like to go local. I don't have Ebay and I'm not into social media. I hadn't bought in awhile besides my recently acquired Flagg and just to see figures go for as much or more then some vehicles is crazy to me. It makes me wish I should have chased the old stuff harder way back in the early 2000's. :)

Anyways, it all brought back memories of childhood again. also brought back memories of the old yojoe-the pit yahoo mailing group. Then moving here in 2009(?) to connect with fellow canucks, which sadly I never really took the opportunity to really get to know. Family life took over and collecting took a back seat.

Anyways, I packed everything all back up for now (even the flagg) for another day.
Maybe a question for those who are still around somewhere; Is anyone still actively collecting the old stuff? Or is everyone moving to the new 6" stuff. Does anyone see the price ever coming down on the older things?

I've enjoyed watching some of the YouTube channels of HCC788,  Michael Mercy, Retro blasting, and Formbx257 (who I believe was (is?) a member here) but I still miss reading the new messages here. Where has everyone gone?

enough babbling for now.

Stay safe everyone.



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Re: Looking back at the collection
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2020, 02:31:56 PM »

I haven't bought any classic stuff for literally years after losing my job and other changes in life other than an odd figure here and there and even that was several years ago now. I did buy my first MTF figure and am currently debating buying some more when the relevant stock returns.

I won't touch the new 6in line with a barge pole as they've got the hideous chest hinges I despise in modern figures.

How can a buncha guys on the net do figures so well and a actual toy company do them so badly?
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Re: Looking back at the collection
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2020, 06:31:11 AM »

I did not play with the 6-inches, so I can?t say.... but it would have been cool to make a 3-pack of exclusive oring figures (billy, pythona, dr venom). This would have been fantastic.

I took out a few of my collection out as well (they are under my stairs as well). I can?t say I need another hiss or another awe striker,  but it?s fun to see those being made again. I might dust off my collection just for the fun of it.


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Re: Looking back at the collection
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2020, 09:12:26 AM »

I haven't touched my collection in a couple years outside of moving the boxes.  I have a bunch of ARAH vehicles and a bit of ME figures.  However it is mostly stuff I never got around to selling when I was reducing my collection.

The new 6" has got my attention, so I'll probably get into Joe moreso again.  The Retro line is cool, but also disappointing because it is just ME figures updated rather than a true full retro line.  Still cool to see the old style boxes/cards again though.

As for the board.  Well let's be honest, just like Thundercats, the fandom has shrunk greatly.  Especially in Canada.  I'm always surprised when I come back here that the site is still active.  It cost money to keep this board going and I don't see the owners post pretty much at all.  With the new movie and toys it does give us a boost for the next 2 years.  Hopefully there will be some new blood drawn into the community.  But yeah the heyday of Joecanuck, canjoecon, and the online mag are long over.
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Re: Looking back at the collection
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2020, 10:33:41 AM »

It's been a while since I bought anything GI JOE related.  Pretty sure the last thing I bought was some bootleg figures in the spring.  I want to see the new product in stores to see if I would have any interest in it. 

As for vintage, the last thing I bought was a Mexican version of Shipwreck to complete the entire Mexican 3 3/4 line.  That was around 8-9 years ago.   Getting Shipwreck was my last holy grail.  Already had the complete run of 3 3/4 figures from Argentina and Brazilian and the rare European figures.  So that thrill of the hunt was done.   

The only other figures I would have a mild interest are the rare funskool figures.  However, getting married (don't want to explain to the wife I dropped a couple grand on a toy from India) and buying a house in Markham 10 years ago were the final nails in the coffin in terms of going after the rare Funskool figures.  Getting rid of my mortgage became the new goal. 

I have only displayed a small portion of my collection.  I have two small kids and don't want them near my vintage figures.  I am in no mood to re-buy them as the vintage market has gone stupid in terms of prices.   

The one thing I am glad is that I was able to get all the vintage figures with their original accessories before this bootleg crap started happening.  I have zero interest in fake accessories to replace the real mccoy ones.
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