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Author Topic: Mint GI Joe Space Shuttle Complex Defiant for Sale!  (Read 1601 times)


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Mint GI Joe Space Shuttle Complex Defiant for Sale!
« on: May 01, 2009, 09:47:42 AM »

Hey There...I have a mint condition Defiant Space shuttle circa 1987 for sale to a collector who can provide a good home for it.  This thing still smells new, it was assembled by me in 1988 and has sat inside my various bedroom closets (no musty Attic smell here) safely tucked under a dust cover.  There is absolutely no yellowing on the shuttle or the booster/station.  The wheels on the gantry have been protected by never being stored with any weight on them.  The crank system works perfectly.  This is 100% complete with Box (including outer liner), blueprints, figures Hardtop (with mic and gun) and payload (with rocket pack and helmet).  The only issue on the shuttle iteself happened during assembly where the one of the tabs that hold the shuttle arm snapped...however the arm holds in place perfectly so it is a minor issue at best.   Stickers have been applied and some have a slight amount of residue on the outer edges that can be cleaned off...nothing major.  I have loads of pictures and have been very meticulous in the care of this toy over the years.  This is as close to mint in box as you can get, one viewing shows that instantly.  Some loose pieces are not shown in the posted pic but trust me I have everything for this thing.  I am located in Mississauga, which is just outside of Toronto and would love to do a pick up sale on this item in the next few weeks. Please msg me and I can give more details, I will also be going to the show in Hamilton this weekend...I am asking $650CDN for this, but I will consider reasonable offers. Yo Joe.
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