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Author Topic: it's your Friendly neighborhood Spiderman  (Read 1914 times)


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it's your Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:41:18 PM »

yes yes bad joke.
bleve it or not i was named after my dad who's name is peter parker,my Biological fother that is .i was adopted back in 79 and rased bye hes dad.he was the older peter was like 17 wean the comic came out lol.
you can look me up on face book i am real.i want too millwood high in the 90's and I jokingly referred to as one of the survivors of the class of 96 do too the nomber of us that are dead+ my bad habit of not staying did!just a little warning paramedics dont like when you get up after the big black bag is out! this all so is a sign of just how badly trained some emt's are thay cant find a heartbeat and run screeming like a 12 year old girl ranting but hes dead hes head was facing the wrong way.
i have 1 foot in the grave! if you cant tall from my spelling i am falling apart!
i use voice too txt but it mass up too.
i have a problem with slow Portions of memory loss over time. it gotten to the point it's affecting spelling, long-term memory and other fun things. i am not forced gump yet and I can still give Ken Jennings a run for hes money if you get hem a bit drunk first;).
in the 90's i cod have gone tow too tow with hem;).
I fix and work on a lot of different toy's and i bye/sale alout of toys.

i mosty stick too gi joe and Transformers and mego wean it comes too . What I'm looking for for parts but i sale jest about everything I can come across if i can pick it up cheep and sall it to people who happen to collect that particular toy line.

you name it ouds are i have some;) or sold some.
i dont pay alout do too i dont have jack for a income and frankly, a lot of the stuff i fix . I don't usually sell onlass i have 2 or 3 of it.
i work with the old 12 inch joe too from old too new but the old stof is way too Pricey. Unfortunately.i have a old at jeep i hope to at some point find the part's for! i had 1 wean i was a kid and it get trased :( but i found 1 like it 10 year's back missng most of it's part's. payed 10.00 for it at a yard sale.
 i am 35 live in tatamagouche my My adopted parents died a few months ago so i am a home owner of a more or lass worthless home lol.i dont have too pay rent but the bills wood kill you;) add to it i still have no car lol and i live 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere, if you happen to ever pass through where I live, feel free to look around and see how many might be a redneck if things you can point out! . At one point the standup comic brent but I think is the spelling of his name ended up stuck out here at the local hotel lol. he was on the TV series, corner gas it is spelled his name wrong. This place is so bad thay film a reality TV show here for CDC;).

Things I could tell people about this place would make your hair stand on end!

ive bin tirnd down for job's do too . Business owners think only rednecks live hear;).
ide love it if not for 1 my namber's and 2 all the crap i can see from my land. i have a nice view on 2 of 5 Sides;).

like i sade i dont know how long till ill have a car agan Which all so limits my income.

i work in cgi thow the stof i can do ive not found work in.

if god for bid youve bin in the places i have 10 too15 years ago you wood know me as peter10ns
or spiderman-jr  for my other work i used too do befor my hand gat real bad.
i can still do that stof but it's so hard and it's a lost art form. i still do cgi but now There's thousands of people who can do the same quality or better than I do.i did some G.I. Joe related test work a few months ago. Nothing really major. i have a few transformers cgi model's i bout hear and thar or had gaven too me.
i mayed 1 of the barness and started doing one of dastrow. i have the part's too do COBRA commander but never got around to it.

i work on jeep grand Cherokee's and wean i am dring askeddrive 1 i have part's if any 1's looking for part's for a 9 asked3 too 98 or if you have 1 too gave away or sale couldn't cheep i use tham for parts lol.
you'd be surprised that some people hate tham and will mass 1 up but it can be couldn't salvage but you look at 10 that are overpriced and rotten to the point. You can't do anything with them. The one I was driving we payed like 500 for it and rust wasn't the problem it was .  blatant abuseand i had 1 my dad rolled so i used it for part's.
I was rear-ended in Halifax about a year ago and still haven't gotten the vehicle fixed yet. Which is why I haven't got a vehicle.

If anybody's looking for a list of the things I have up on the Internet for sale or there's something you're looking for, feel free to ask in case I've got it. I've got 4or 5  containers of a bit of everything you could imagine not including the 1950s dolls that belonged to my mother that I have to catalog and list on the Internet.

i live Along and i am Single male if thar's any women with bad Taste in man come look me up lol.
I try to have at least a good sense of humor about things.
i am in too furry too and i dabble a little bit in the 1/6 scal thing but not done much in year's do to not had the money.
i found a action figure that some obscure toy line made that looks like me wean i was yanger;) found 2 or 3 of it.
But so far haven't found a particular company that makes 12 doll heads so i can get 1 mayed too look More Like me  on Model.

I also fixed vacuums.
Probably should upload a picture at some point of the action figure i did some work on that looks like me .the other 1 or 2 i nover get round too . And don't really have the money anyway.
Looking for birds for a planet of the apes 1970s mego or jest a brown mego body.
I've got one that needs an arm and leg so I can fix it.did a few old mego's over the years.

i am all so a gamer;) and into comic books little bit,hell i had a bit part in demi book 5 lol.
Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask. I don't bite.



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Re: it's your Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2013, 11:48:48 PM »

Hi, Peter.

Welcome to joecanuck.
I oppened the drawer and there it was "" GONE ""